How Are Aupres Best Quality Mink Lashes Produced?

Aupres lashes is an industry and trade company, we are lash manufacturer, eyelash vendors USA.  We focus on 3D Mink Lashes fashion study, design and producing, sell it to USA and Europe country midlle east country.Our 25mm Mink Strip Lashes are famous in USA, our 20mm mink eyelashes  also warmly welcomed by our clients. How does these popular styels mink lashes produced?   Now Aupres lashes use her own experiences tell  you how are the best quality mink lashes produced.

25mm mink strip lashes  DH013

eyelash vendors  wholesale mink lashes

Eyelash Manufacturer Wholesale Mink Lashes Suppliers

Aupres lashes is one eyelash manufacturer with 12 years mink lashes producing   experiences. 

Gained believes and supports from millions of mink lashes  vendors own its high quality mink stip lashes,

Aupres Lashes Sample pack 6

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100%Handmade Craft, Make Perfect Quality Mink Lashes

Ten years mink strip lashes  producing experiences, Aupres lashes trained many skillful workers, they handmade 3D  mink lashes, guaranteed the best quality of mink lashes.

                                                           eyelash vendors usa 20mm strip lashes

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Aupres lashes now Wholesale mink lashes, 25mm Mink Strip Lashes. These styles are very popular in USA


25mm lashes DH013


25mm lashes DH008


25mm lashes DH005


25mm lashes DH004


25mm lashes DH003

  eyelash vendors  wholesale mink lashes  

25mm Lashes DL13
25mm Lashes DL03
25mm Lash DL08
25mm lash DL07

Best Eyelash Vendor Credible Wholesale Mink Lashes Suppliers

We continuously improved our mink lash, please see Why we choose innovative lash vendor?  Including using good materials, improve

producing skills, training factory workers,so on, we developed the quantity of our mink lashes.Hundreds of test, hundreds of improvements, we

successfully produced suitable mink lashes with high quantity. became world famous  wholesale mink lashes suppliers.

3D Mink Lashes DM02
3D mink lashes DM07
3D mink lashes DM08
3D mink lashes DM10
3D mink lashes DM12

wholesale mink lashes suppliers  lash vendor

Aupres Lashes sample pack 4

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An Innovative Mink Lashes Vendors  Lash Vendors Wholesale

Aupres lashes as an innovative mink lashes vendors,  a liable 3d mink lash vendors, has their own design team, and every year update 30 styles

fashion false eyelashes.attracted much new customers, make our clients growing up.


3D mink lashes DM10



.                                                             mink lash vendors  eyelash vendors wholesale  

2017 Top 3 Selling Styles

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 1 /2017

lash vendors  mink lashes wholesale

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 2/2017

3D62 mink lashes

mink eyelash vendors  eyelash vendors usa

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 1 /2017

3D98 mink lashes

mink lash vendors  eyelash vendors wholesale

2018 Top 3 Selling Styles

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 3 /2018

3D22C mink lashes

mink lashes vendors  lash vendors wholesale

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 2 /2018

25mm Mink Strip Lashes DH003

mink lash vendors wholesale 25mm mink strip lashes

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 1 /2018

25mm lashes DH008

eyelash manufacturer  mink lashes vendor

2019 Top 3 Selling Styles

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 3 /2019

25mm mink strip lashes DH013

wholesale mink eyelashes 3d mink eyelash vendors

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 2 /2019

DN16 22mm mink strip lashes

eyelash vendor

3D Mink Lashes Popular Model Top 1 /2019

DN09 22mm mink strip lashes

lashes vendors  mink lash wholesale

                          To Create Your Private Label You Must Choose Aupres Lashes

Best quality mink lashes support you to create your private label, low price, best quality, you are with enough competiting advantage, you must win the future.

DM16 20mm mink lashes

                                                           mink lash wholesale  mink lashes wholesale vendors  

Safty And Quickly Payment Channel 

We support:

paypal: gaosensen@163.com

Western Union And Money Gram:
First Name: Chengjie
Last Name: Gao
Country: China
City: Qingdao
Zip code: 266061

   Fast Shipping Safty Delivery

We get good cooperate with world famous express company,FEDEX, UPS and DHL, 3-6days our mink lashes will deliver to USA and all over the world.

                           We Can Provide You  Custom Lash Packaging Boxes

When you need your own brand, Eyelash Packaging is necessary, we can provide you with customized lash packaging boxes, print your LOGO on the packaging, let  your 3D mink lashes hold their own brand.

lash packaging boxes  eyelash packaging eyelash packaging box

 How To Place An Order?

WEBSIT: http://www.aupreslashes.com


WHATSAPP: +8615318782783

INSTAGRAM: @aupreslashes2019

We Also Provide Website Construction Service

If you are a social media make up celebrity, surely you want let your followers become your customer, best way is invite your followers view the lash website, a several times, they will definitely fall in love with our mink lashes faithful audience.

We provide website construction services, cost is 699$ one year, we can show the effect to your website, and then you can buy it after you are satisfied.

If you order our website, we will install and customize the design by our designers, then we will make the product pictures and upload to the website, and we need you to provide your LOGO, information, contact information, and each page needs,we can complete the website within 3 days. and we give you the website login information, so you can accept the order by yourself, don’t worry about the operation problem, if you will operate Facebook to send dynamic messages, you can use our website to receive orders and operational shipments in the background, making it your own website.

We are professionally providing one-stop service on mink lash website, under our help, your eyelash business will get bigger and strong!

Win-win is best collaborate relationship between lash vendor and customer, come on friends, let us get together, to win the mink lash market!

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  1. Hello I’m interested in starting a lash company and need a wholesaler! Please dm info

    1. Hello dear, we are lash vendor from China, with lash factory and wholesale lash vendor.

  2. I would love to use you guys as a lash vendor and sell your lashes . I want to purchase some 3D mink lashes and model them and try out before i sell them . Is that okay ?

    1. Yes, it is okay, thank you for care our business and let us get a good cooperation. You can see our 3D mink lashes on home page top line, to find what you like it, and then i will give you a good quotation.

  3. You guys make good mink lashes, i love them all, i tried my best took some styles,
    3D22YL 3D35YL DH001 DH003 DH005 DH010 DH011 DH012 ML05 ML44, but i can only take 5 styles to start
    my mink lash business, could you give me more informations on it?

  4. Hi dear very glad you have taken with what your love styles, as a lash vendor, we really know what styles are popular in the recent past, so we can recommend you popular styles. These styles are different on face color and consumer habits, 3d22yl and 3d35yl are with length of 18mm, can be use by all color face, DH003/001/010 are more popular 25mm mink strip lashes, they are warmly welcomed by black face, ML05 and ML44 are 16mm length, they are our basic mink lashes styles.
    I can only give you this advise, you can pick those according your clients habits.

  5. Hi guys, i am coming across IG, your profiles on mink strip lashes are really pretty good, i love all the 25mm mink strip lashes you posted, i am gona to decide you aupres lashes as my lash vendor, i am gona to order 3 styles of them, you guys recommend your popular ones to me, i know you are wholesale lash vendors, so please give me a discount, okay?

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