Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Aupres lashes is one eyelash manufacturer and wholesale lash vendors with 12 years mink lashes producing   experiences. Aupres lashes gained believes and supports from millions of mink lashes  entrepreneur own its high quality mink stip lashes, quickly delivery,and also its considerate after-sale service. Aupres lashes now produce silk eyelashes, 3D mink lashes, and released  18mm mink strip lashes, 25mm mink strip lashes, very popular in USA and middle east country,  now launched 20mm mink strip lashes as 2019 new styles. Aupres lashes as an innovative mink lash manufacturer,  a liable 3d mink lash vendors, became world famous mink lash brand, especially in America, we are continuously update our designs, create much new styles, make our clients growing up.

How Are Aupres Best Quality Mink Lashes Produced?

There are many kinds of mink lash styles all over the world, but we often listen some complaints on false lashes from some lash lover, why bags we have LV brand, cars  we have BWM, false lashes only have ordinary kinds, what is the problem? Now Aupres lashes use her own experiences tell  you how are the best quality mink lashes produced.

Clients Required To Provide Higher Quality Mink Lashes

In the past few years, many clients continuously required us to provide higher quality and new styles mink lashes, and some clients clearly require make the mink lashes up to top-level in the market, then our client can be more competitive, to be in an invincible in an increasingly competitive market! As a liable  mink lash vendors, we are seeking to produce and wholesale mink lashes absolutely different from the wholesale market.

We Continuously Improved Our Mink Lashes

We began to produce 3D mink lashes three years before, we produce more than 100  pairs 3D mink lashes every batch in the beginning, then we give the sample to our staff,our friends and our customer free of charge, let them to test every batch of mink strip lashes, so we can get test reports from these tester caring such as: how about the mink lash quality? Do you feel satisfying or not,if not satisfy, what reason? facing the mirror,do you feel natural or not, if not what’s wrong? How about Its softness? Through analyzed these test reports, we continuously improved our mink lash, please see Why we choose innovative lash vendor?  Including using good materials, change producing skills, training factory workers,so on, we developed the quantity of our mink lashes.Hundreds of test, hundreds of improvements, we successfully produced suitable mink lashes with high quantity.

When We Get 90% Satisfaction Of Retail Testing, We Release It To The Market

Then we submitted sales questionnaire to get following information: ”how are your feeling when wearing this mink lashes ?  will you recommend this style to your friends and your folks?” When we get up to 90% satisfaction of mink strip lashes testing, we started release the mink lashes to the markets. We are eagerly to get comments back in time, from the tester alongside and also our customer, then we revising, improving. So after two years hard and complicated work, we produced best mink lashes, we succeeded.

 If You Wholesale Cheap But Inferior Mink Lashes, You Never Can Be Succeed

In fact, as a  wholesale lash vendors, its not difficult to buy one style mink lashes, but its difficult to buy one style which is good quality and suitable for you, this is very important for your eyes and healthy. As a mink lashes wholesale, not difficult to wholesale mink lashes, its difficult to find a credible mink lash vendor to provide best mink lash to you.

This is very important, suppose if you wholesale cheap but inferior goods, seems simple in the beginning, but its very complicate in after-sale part.You shall give much explanation, you will get the return back mink lashes, even if claim for compensation,then your customers go away, and you will despair in selling mink lashes, please remember,if you always sale mink lashes to new customer ,without regular customer, you never can be succeed.

Without Good Quality mink lashes, How To Create Famous Brand?

Why some entrepreneur’s business continuously increase others continuously decrease? They all tried their best, get different results. Why?  we give you the answer, because they choose the wrong management concept and wrong mink lashes from the beginning, even if they paid much more effort, can not succeed. Eyelashea are goods with brand characteristic, customer custom-made package boxes with his own Logo, but without good quality, how to create famous brand? without famous brand, how can you get more faithful customer? how can you get great profits?

No matter how many customers you hold, if your mink strip lashes quality are poor, they will not repeat purchase again, same time they will not recommend your mink lashes to others, your mink lashes always be return, you lost time, lost money, lost your customer. On the other hands, you holds seldom customers, but you got best quality mink lashes and soled to your customer,you can guess the results: first, the customer firmly will repeat purchase; second,the customer shall recommend to others, then the business getting simple, this is called viral marketing, but viral marketing really need superior false eyelashes to support. without superior products, you can’t create a famous brand.

 If You Want To Create  Your Private Label,You Must Choose Superior Mink Lash


If you really want to create your private label,you must choose superior mink lash, if you only choose cheap products, and try to create your private label, suggest you don’t waste your time,because you have 99% probability defeat,you only waste your money and time. This is our sincere advice,because we have encountered too many customers to do this. I hope you to do much preparation before you decide on the wholesale mink lashes,such as think about it, do market research, investigate mink lashes, and test the mink lashes.

Why Can’t We Wholesale Cheap Mink lashes (low quality eyelashes)?

  1. The sample eyelashes you purchased for the first time may not be the same as the quality you purchased in batch later on!

  2. The sample eyelashes style you purchased may differ greatly from the size you purchased in batch later on!
  3.  A cheap eyelash stem you bought  is very hard your customer wears it like a wire. I believe he will not buy your product again in the future.
  4. The eyelashes you purchase are asymmetrical, because the price is low, the supplier will not pick out the defective products at all, and sell them to you in with the normal products!
  5. The tip of the eyelashes you bought is inconsistent with the hair root and is very unattractive!
  6. The hair of the eyelashes you buy will fall off because of the low-cost glue used by the factory.
  7. The eyelashes you buy smell like chemical materials, this is the smell of perm, which is carcinogenic.
  8. The mink lash strips you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machines. You can do more than 100 pairs a day. Our mink lash strips workers are handmade. One person can only produce 10 pairs a day. Do you think that the mink lash strips produced 100 pairs a day and 10 pairs in one day are the same using effects?  click here tell you:《What is a good mink lash?》

 We Only Make Best Quality Mink Strip Lashes!

Of course, the above false eyelashes defects will not appears in our mink lashes,  because we have been revised in the past two years.We already improved these defects, we only make best quality mink strip lashes, we focus on luxury mink lashes produce and luxury mink lashes wholesale, be sure we are using good material  and more time to produce them, then the costs must be several times higher than the low-quality mink strip lashes, of course the price should be higher!

What Is 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Let me introduce 3D mink lashes, What is 3D mink lashes?

The Mink Hairs Perked Up With Different Degree and direction, Shows 3 Dimensional Effects

Compared with other types of false eyelashes, our 3D mink lashes are handmade, they are made of mink hairs, full of mink naturally,cruelty-free.  It  contents black protein that looks very natural when wearing. The mink hairs warp with different degree, shows 3 dimensional effects, so it is called 3D mink lashes. These mink strip lashes are the best eyelash and the most expensive.

The 3D mink lashes we made are with 4-8 layers, it looks more thick and fullness, and it has a 3D effects, also some clients call them 4D, 5D, 6D mink lashes, only according to the layers. Once the customer like,they are eagerly to buy and wear it without hesitation. There are many styles of 3d mink lashes, The different styles are different effects. Some are more natural and some are very charming. Once you compare our mink eyelashes with cheap eyelashes, I believe you will definitely not use cheap mink lashes again. Don’t tell me that cheap mink lashes also have a market, because the market will always change, you should not starting to promote high-end mink lashes until all customers are transferred to high-grade mink lashes, right?

Our mink lashes Styles Covers Natural, Dolly, Wild To Dramatic, Every Kind We Have

There are more than 100 styles of mink eyelashes, and we are constantly designing new styles, Aupres lashes is an innovative lash vendor  Aupres lashes products styles covers from natural to more open to more dramatic eyelashes. Recently we have designed 10 large styles eyelashes 20mm mink strip lashes, are very popular on the market! If you are looking for a more dramatic appearance, then you will like it, it looks very full, as credible mink lash vendors we hope to provide you more style to select. Let your customers daily wear different false eyelash style. Different styles give you the different feeling every day.

Our mink lashes are very durable. We recommend that you wear them 20-25 times, and you can wash them with water. Then use a hair dryer to dry them again. The 3D effect is still so good!

Start Your 3D Mink lashes Brand Business!

We have our own design team in the factory. You can buy 3D mink lashes directly from us to make your lash line business very smooth! We support sample order and mink lashes in bulk to let the beginners with a low cost starting their test order, only test, you can know our 3D mink lashes are the best quality, you can retail it as luxury mink lashes, and you have enough confidence to create your luxury mink lashes brand. And you can customize the eyelashes according to your own requirements, the customized style is only for you!

Our 3D Mink lashes Is A Hot Sale Can Also Bring Good Profit And A Lot Of Customer 

The general US retail price of 3D mink eyelashes is $20-30, so you have enough profit margins to wholesale our eyelashes to earn 4-5 times profit, meantime we provide logistic solution from our retail website platform and if you are selling the business, we strongly recommend that you add 3D 20mm mink strips eyelashes to your collections. 3D mink eyelashes now is a hot sale product,and can also bring you a lot of customer traffic on false eyelashes.

We Can Provide You With Customized Packaging

Most important, when you need your own brand custom eyelash packaging, we can provide you with customized packaging, print your LOGO on the packaging, let  your 3D mink lashes hold their own brand, and our customize minimum packaging is only 60. It is a very low gate. We do not recommend using a plastic transparent box and then attaching a plastic label. The packaging grade is very low. The customer will not think that your eyelashes worth $20-30. Please remember that even the best products also need good packaging!

We Also Provide Website Construction Service

We also provide website construction services,if you have a beautiful website to show your quality eyelashes then you can get a lot of traffic and more important,you get orders. If you need 3D mink eyelashes website, you can also contact us directly. The cost is 699$ one year, we can show the effect to your website, and then you can buy it after you are satisfied.

If you order our website, we will install and customize the design by our designers, then we will make the product pictures and upload to the website, and we need you to provide your LOGO, information, contact information, and each page needs,we can complete the website within 3 days. and we give you the website login information, so you can accept the order by yourself, don’t worry about the operation problem, if you will operate Facebook to send dynamic messages, you can use our website to receive orders and operational shipments in the background, making it your own website.

We are professionally providing one-stop service on mink lash website, under our help, your eyelash business will get bigger and strong!

Win-win is best collaborate relationship between lash vendor and customer, come on friends, let us get together, to win the mink lash market!

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  1. Hello I’m interested in starting a lash company and need a wholesaler! Please dm info

    1. Hello dear, we are lash vendor from China, with lash factory and wholesale lash vendor.

  2. I would love to use you guys as a lash vendor and sell your lashes . I want to purchase some 3D mink lashes and model them and try out before i sell them . Is that okay ?

    1. Yes, it is okay, thank you for care our business and let us get a good cooperation. You can see our 3D mink lashes on home page top line, to find what you like it, and then i will give you a good quotation.

  3. You guys make good mink lashes, i love them all, i tried my best took some styles,
    3D22YL 3D35YL DH001 DH003 DH005 DH010 DH011 DH012 ML05 ML44, but i can only take 5 styles to start
    my mink lash business, could you give me more informations on it?

  4. Hi dear very glad you have taken with what your love styles, as a lash vendor, we really know what styles are popular in the recent past, so we can recommend you popular styles. These styles are different on face color and consumer habits, 3d22yl and 3d35yl are with length of 18mm, can be use by all color face, DH003/001/010 are more popular 25mm mink strip lashes, they are warmly welcomed by black face, ML05 and ML44 are 16mm length, they are our basic mink lashes styles.
    I can only give you this advise, you can pick those according your clients habits.

  5. Hi guys, i am coming across IG, your profiles on mink strip lashes are really pretty good, i love all the 25mm mink strip lashes you posted, i am gona to decide you aupres lashes as my lash vendor, i am gona to order 3 styles of them, you guys recommend your popular ones to me, i know you are wholesale lash vendors, so please give me a discount, okay?

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