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20mm mink strip lashes all 13 styles, here show you popular styles , if you are skillful enough, please see my YouTube channel, choose others through the DM03 link .


DM01 20mm mink  lashes 

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DM01  20mm mink strip lashes,5 bunch mink hairs, each open from middle and cross,overlapping to others each side, constructed a fluffy but outstanding 3 dimensional effects, so attractive.



DM07 20mm mink lashes  


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DM07, 20mm mink strip lashes, A round eyelash styles, thicker mink furs with single mink furs interval each other,and wispy eyelash with mink furs across from the middle.


      DM07 Make Up Picture

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DM10 20mm mink lashes  

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      DM10 makeup picture

DM10 20mm mink strip lashes, wispy lashes, thick mink hairs cross from middle, with good perky up tending degrees, attracting looking.


DM02 20mm mink lashes 

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DM02, top selling 20mm mink strip lashes, No.1 choice for start up lash line.


DM03 20mm mink lashes  

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DM03  20mm mink strip lashes, mink furs slim bundle crossing and growing up formed new bundles with good perky up effects.

20mm DM05 mink lashes 

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DM05, Round eyelash styles with length of 20mm,  mink furs crossing up to both side and meet together on tip side, very dramatic style.



DM15 20mm mink lashes 

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DM15 , 20mm mink strip lashes, round eyelash styles with a playful looking.

DM16 20mm mink lashes

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OMG, Have you ever seen this fluffy mink lashes? It start curl from the root near band, till end of mink hair tips, always climbing. Remember this style called DM16 

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