6D Siberian Mink Lash

What Are 6D Siberian Mink Strip Lashes?

Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes are made of selected mink tail hairs, and is made of many layers, mostly are 6 layers and some styles even

reach to 10 layers, so many lash lovers call them 6D dramatic mink strip lashes, to show they are thicker and longer than 3D basic mink lashes.

Aupres lashes launched these 7 styles, to meet the requirements of long and dramatic lash lover  lashes, they are released on April,2018.  warmly

welcomed by vast  lash lovers and now are popular styles, styles DH002 and DH003  often out of shocks. Because they are our exclusive mink strip

lashes, so less competitors and you can sale it without discount, bring more profits for our partners, they are the best styles for start a new lash line

business, so beginner of lash line come to collaborate with us.

We know traditional false eyelashes are seeking a natural effects, they  make your eyelashes little longer, little thicker, little dense, but on the final

they are seeking an feeling of natural, their final and best effects are like not wear any fake eyelashes! But 20mm dramatic mink strip lashes, on the

other hand are already  break away from natural style fake eyelashes, they take much more fashion elements on it, and you can see the girls who are

wearing fake eyelashes far away. it still have some eyelash characteristic, but they run on another way. They are make up tools combined with false

eyelashes. They are give an Queens dramatic, exaggerate fashion  effects,  and are increasingly popular, if you start you mink lash line on this, you are

be more benefited, welcome to start your lash line from retail our 25mm mink strip lashes.

Material made of: mink hairs cruelty-free

Suggestion: reuse 28 times proper care

Wholesale price: 8 dollars one pair

Shipping: 25 dollars to USA, 3-6days shipping

Sample order supported, 1 piece start.

More photos see google album