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Why Choose a Single False Mink Eyelashes?

Why Choose a Single False Mink Eyelashes?

As to say the most natural effect ,it should be a single false mink eyelashes. But this is a very complex project. Gluing a root false eyelash onto the root of real eyelashes with glue results in prolongation, even if you have such a time may not have such patience and skill. The entire row of false mink eyelashes is simple. The mirror is very suitable, but dating is easy to see clues. In this way, the effect of a single bunch of false mink eyelashes are more natural and true, not complicated to paste. If you are only a few parts of the eyelashes sparse, you can also use a single bunch of false mink eyelashes to fill.

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Step1 Eyelashes False Will Be Posted On The Eyelashes Roots

As shown, first squeeze the eyelash glue a little to the left hand back (assuming you’re used to the right hand), and then use tweezers (we recommend beveled tweezers, some like sharp tweezers, as you like) Pick up some of the roots of the glue on the back of the hand, put it aside for 5 seconds and then attached to the roots of eyelashes.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Step2 Give Corner Of Eyelashes a Flipping Effect

You can put it in your sparse lashes, but also can focus on the corner of the eye to create eyelash fluttering effect.wholesale mink lashes vendors

The Most Common Mistake:

  1. Use oily skin care products or face wash within 24 hours (only water does not work!). On the other hand, when you want to remove the false mink eyelashes, you can easily remove the eyelashes by applying a cleansing oil or olive oil.
  2. When the glue is dry dip,most glue out of the beginning is white, but after drying it becomes transparent, so do not worry there will be white residue.
  3. Worried about the glue dry so soon as a squeeze stick. We recommend that the roots of eyelashes stained with glue after standing for 5 seconds, waiting for the glue half-dry stained eyelashes roots. Time just glue completely dry, firmly attached to the roots of eyelashes. If the glue is very wet when placed on the roots of lashes, no effect of the glue can not play the role of reinforcement, tweezers loose a false mink eyelashes will fall.
  4. The use of false mink eyelashes before the eye is not completely clean, if the eye oil will affect the durability of the glue.wholesale mink lashes vendors

How Many False Mink Eyelashes Should I Use?

It depends on the size of your eyes, usually about 10 – 20 beam.

More information click our blog.wholesale mink lashes vendors

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Ten Tips Of Helping You “Subdue” False Mink Eyelashes

Ten Tips Of Helping You “Subdue” False Mink Eyelashes

False mink eyelashes are the strongest props to change the entire eye makeup, if you can master it, it can be said that your big-eyed beauty has been half successful. Today, Editor will paste 10 small false mink eyelashes tips to share with you, be a beautiful “electric eye doll.”

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Tip 1

Do not talk about eyelashes before you have thoroughly cleaned the eye area. Cleaning eye skin can make false eyelash adhesion longer.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 2

Eyelashes different style means the makeup created by different. You can choose from a few brands of different styles of false mink eyelashes, makeup before standing in front of the mirror, take the box mounted false mink eyelashes next to the eye, a lot more contrast in order to pick the shape for the day eyelashes.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 3

While attaching the false mink eyelashes, do not forget to take good care of your real eyelashes. First eyelash curler clip real eyelashes one or two times, make the eyes look more smart, and then apply some eyelash growth fluid to make real eyelashes full of moisture, it is conducive to false mink eyelashes fit.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 4

If it is a long false mink eyelashes, it must be properly trimmed before use. Few false mink eyelashes without length suitable for trimming. You can first take false mink eyelashes close to the eye to measure the length of the required pruning. Firstly trim from the outer edge of the start, so that from a more precise point of view of the false mink eyelashes trimmed in a short length. Pruning outside the short pruning method is not desirable, it will make false mink eyelashes seem very unnatural.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 5

If you want a little retro effect, you can choose the lower part of the eyelashes and single-type false mink eyelashes as the lower eyelashes decoration.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 6

Apply the glue to the bottom of the false mink eyelashes and wait for 15 to 20 seconds to make the glue sticky and dry. Then, use the false eyelash adjuster to gently push the false mink eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye toward the outer corner of the eye to fix it. The beginning may be difficult to get started, but practice makes perfect. Do not worry the first time you stick is not perfect, the glue is not dry will leave you with time to adjust.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 7

After applying the false mink eyelashes step is to draw eyeliner. After finishing the eyeliner, do not forget to curl again with the eyelash curler, curling your eyelashes, including real eyelashes and false mink eyelashes, false mink eyelashes naturally.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 8

After applying false mink eyelashes brush mascara, because it can make your own lashes and false mink eyelashes naturally fit.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 9

A complete set of false mink eyelashes can be recycled. Remover will be false mink eyelashes along the inner corner of the eye to gently pull down the outer corner, and remove the glue. A pair of false mink eyelashes can be reused 10 times, if every remover is stressful, you can even recycle more times.wholesale mink lashes vendors

Tip 10

If you want to create dinner eye makeup, you can try to embellish your eyelashes with crystal, the effect is absolutely dazzling.

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Mink Eyelashes Are The Most Important Part Of Eye Makeup

Mink Eyelashes Are The Most Important Part Of Eye Makeup

Do you know if you want to create a different eye makeup effect, mink eyelashes is a good choice. The same eyeliner, eye shadow, as long as the paste on a different mink eyelashes, you can create a variety makeup. Paste mink eyelashes and not so difficult, 5 minutes can be posted charm of the big eyes, Editor will teach you how to draw mink eyelashes.

Automatic eyebrow pencil with a gentle feeling of use and excellent persistence performance appropriate color and natural make-up effect.

Inspired by the gradient of light brown and different light colors, is to create three-dimensional eye shadow composite eye shadow 4 color combination. Highlights, shades of color, respectively, by the three gradient composition, then you can more enjoy the charm of light and shadow.

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Eye Shadow And Eye Line Painting Method Before Mink Eyelashes Paste

If you want 5 minutes to finish eye makeup, it is necessary to focus on the mink eyelashes, as far as possible weakened eyeliner, eyeliner gently depict it, eye shadow also weaken.

The first step, first with the eyeliner from the eyes to the end of the eye, draw an eyeliner, slightly upturned eye tail on it, and then brush mascara.

The second step, use earth color eye shadow, fill the eye socket with high light first, and then fill the eyelid folds with brown, eye makeup is completed, to this step only two minutes.

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Wild Natural Makeup Mink Eyelashes Paste Method

The first makeup is wild natural makeup sense, suitable for any occasion, the choice of mink eyelashes can choose natural paragraph transparent stem mink eyelashes, transparent stem mink eyelashes can create a very natural effect.

This mink eyelashes moderate density, no exaggeration, you can naturally blend with their own eyelashes, any occasion are suitable. Compare with your own eye shape first, if the stem is too long, you can use a pair of scissors to cut off, and then brush the false eyelash glue, a thin layer of brush just fine.

And then along the roots of eyelashes, from the eyes to the end of the eye began to paste, after the sticky and other mink eyelashes dry mascara after brushing, so that mink eyelashes with their eyelashes a better fusion of this natural fresh eye makeup is completed La!

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Japanese Innocent Drooping Eye Makeup Mink Eyelashes Paste Method

The second paragraph is the makeup of Japanese innocent droop eye makeup, mink eyelashes choose to use the end of the eye lengthened, and a little stick out the end of the eye, so there is a cute feeling.

Eye lashes slightly sparse, focus on the end of the eye dense, and longer, with this mink eyelashes, eyes immediately become particularly cute, is to play tender essential to sell Meng models!

If you choose the end of the eyelashes longer mink eyelashes, the lower lashes must also be better with a more natural, choose a lower eyelashes, cut one-third down, highlighting the end of the eye on it, the location of stickers can be slightly out of their eyelashes A little, as shown, it looks bigger eyes.

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Nightclub Party Queen Makeup Eyelashes Paste Method

The third eye makeup is run Party, Party Queen must-have makeup, choose a thick exaggerated eyelashes, and eye shadow metal will be strengthened, the entire eye makeup can highlight the feeling of charm, the gas field is also stronger!

Thick mink eyelashes should be noted before the paste, the first false eyelash back and forth a few times to bend, let it be gentle with the eye-shaped fit more perfect, this eye makeup can be slightly prominent eye shadow metal color, and the eye liner lengthen Go out, a sense of charm came out.

Aupres Lashes

Finally, makeup remover is actually a strength to live, if life rip down will not only hurt the eyes, the skin will be relaxed. The best way is to use a cotton swab dipped in eye and lip remover, first repeatedly applied at the mink eyelashes, and other glue to gently melt down, you can proceed to the next remover.

Mink eyelashes, the natural length, slender, these can be made by handmade charm mink eyelashes easily achieved. Each one of the eyelashes style and design are perfect, so the effect is also excellent.

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Daily Mink Lashes Style Recommendation

Daily Mink Lashes Style Recommendation

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Create The Most Fascinating Eyes

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress up effect: Because it is the length of eyelashes intertwined, so it is thick but did not feel exaggerated.

Usage: Because it is thick enough, so do not brush mascara, eyeliner can also give up!

The Clearest Style

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress up effect: This is a very natural effect of mink lashes. It can create a seemingly makeup effect!

How to use: Because it is too natural, so if you are not so confident about your eye shape, still have to use eye liner slightly modified.

Create a Sense Of Natural Mystic

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress effect: This unique shape of mink lashes, can show a full three-dimensional eye makeup effect. Mesh-shaped eyelashes, so that the sense of expansion of the eye more intense.

How to use: This eyelashes can create a large doll-like effect, do not forget to brush the next two lashes under the eye, up and down more echoes the eyes of God.

Dress up effect: silver edge makes it extremely shine, while the mink lashes texture is quite soft, and the effect of natural, balanced silver exaggerated effect, but let the eyes look very shining.

Usage: In order to make silver does not seem too unexpected, may wish to dazzle a little silver eye shadow on the upper eyelid, mink lashes and eye shadow so there is a perfect transition, a lot of natural.

Really Supernatural Mink Lashes

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress up effect: This is the most common mink lashes, is essential in daily life, it’s soft texture, and slender upturned.

Usage: It is suitable for the whole degree of thick paste in the eyes, it should be noted that this natural sense of mink lashes, before use must be trimmed to fit their own eye-length.

Dress up effect: Because the texture is very soft and light, so it is natural and gentle curl radian, so thick sense of multiplication, create the natural abundance of moving beauty eyelashes.

How to use: A little bit of mink lashes and luxurious feeling, may wish to match earth color or matte makeup effect, make the whole feeling more exquisite and charming.

Just Like Natural Eyelashes

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress up effect: This is a very delicate mink lashes, a closer look you will find that it lashes staggered, and the tail is more dense, its effect is moderate, nature is not an exaggeration.

How to use: Because it is too fine, so before using your eyelash curler up to the natural extent, so that mink lashes look more natural.

Dense Local Eyelashes

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress up effect: It makes the eyes more attractive. Gradually elongated by the roots of mink lashes, look more charming. It even modifies the shape of the eye, lengthening the shape of the eye visibly, and at the same time making the eyes look slightly upturned.

How to use: It is a paste on the local mink lashes, just attached at the end of the eye, you can create a natural upturned effect.

Transparent Bottom Eyelashes

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Dress up effect: it’s root is transparent, completely can not see is false.

How to use: You can stick the entire eyelid, if you pursue more natural results, you can also cut it into a bunch of a beam affixed to the lower eyelid 1/3.

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Why the mink lashes are pricey?

Why the mink lashes are pricey?

I try to gear towards beginners because you are pretty much if you know how to apply false lashes, or you are fairly new than you will be considered a beginner, and hopefully my tips and tricks can help you learn how to apply false lashes easily. They don’t have to be scary! You’re not going to glue your eyes together or anything like that.
If you follow these steps you will come out pretty good every time! So the first thing you wanna do before applying your lashes would be to find out what your lash style is.
There are a ton of different lashes types, lash styles. There could be synthetic lashes, mink lashes, natural hair lashes, and even silk lashes.There are half lashes which are lashes that just go on the outer part of your eyes. And even individual lashes. Then you have to decide what style of lashes you would like. Do you want something more natural, or whispy? Do you want something more bombshell, and like voluminous lashes? You just have to choose the style you would be interested in. There are also a ton of brands you can choose from.
There’s some really great drugstore eyelashes you can wear. My personal favorites would be the Aupres lashes They are made of mink tail hair, 100% hand made. Mink Lashes are on the pricey side. They range between $25 to $35 depending on the brand. The ones ‘m wearing today are actually cruelty free. They use the fur that is shed from the mink. They don’t harm minks in any way. They consider themselves cruelty free and they’re also really really soft and hand made. A lot of mink lashes are like that. So you will get more for your buck; they are pricey but they will last you longer, better quality, you can wash them and reuse them 25 times at least. So some tools you want to have would be a lash curler, Mascara, mirror and tweezer. You definitely want the lash glue. This is the duo eyelash adhesive. You want some tweezers just to make applying the lashes a lot easier. And than a little scissors or any pair of scissors to do some trimming. Optional would be some eye liner just to apply over the top; and I will talk about that in a little bit.
Now were getting into the steps.
Step 1 is you want to curl your lashes, and then apply a thin coat of mascara. By doing this you will kind of add like a nice base to your lashes. Your lashes will be curled and they wont be weighed down by the false lashes because that can happen. Next you want to grab the false lashes that you choose, and then just line them up with your own lash line see how long the band is.
If you find that it’s way too long for your eye, you’ll want to trim them. These particular ones were not too long for my eyes, so I just trimmed the two end pieces. Because there was a little extra piece. It’s important that you trim them because I’ve had lashes that are way too long for me and they would like poke me in the inner part of my eye. And it was not comfortable. You want to make sure they fit, and that way they also look more natural and they look better.
Next you want to apply the eyelash adhesive of your choice. I’m using the duo lash glue in the white clear. So you want to apply a very thin layer to the band of the lashes and then just let it dry. What I like doing is shaking it in the air just to make sure that it gets a little bit tacky. And by applying a very thin layer of glue it wont take long for the glue to be tacky. If you add too much glue it’s gonna take forever. Then you want to take your tweezers and make sure you use that to apply. You can use your fingers or like an eyelash applyer as well. I find tweezers to be the easiest thing to apply my lashes with. And, a tip is to just grab them in the middle and apply them right in the center of your eye. Once you do that you want to take it and slide the band all the way to the outer most corner of your lashes.
that way they look more natural and they are not all concentrated on the center of your eyes. And, they should fit every single time by doing this trick. Once I started doing this, they almost always looked the way they were supposed to. When I first started applying false lashes they always looked very center heavy because I had no idea what I was doing. So once they are dry some tips you can do to kind of blend them in with your lashes a little bit more would be to take a liquid liner of some sort and just run it along the lash glue.
Anything that could have happened to the glue you can fix with the eyeliner. So I just like to take any liquid liner and just run it all along the lash band, that way it blends it in with your eye more. And then you can also take a little bit more mascara and just add it to the bottom coats to blend in.
That way you dont have that double lash effect, and it blends with your eyes perfectly. So that is my How To Apply False Lashes video. I really hope you all enjoyed it. Hopefully it was very easy to follow! And hopefully you learned some new tips and tricks on applying lashes. I figured I would do this video because I rarely ever apply lashes on camera in tutorials. I need to be like this close to the mirror so that I can see what I’m doing.
Especially these Everblinks because I really love the lashes that I’m wearing now. They’re called Lash Whisperer is the style so i’ll have that listed down below so you guys can check them out if you love wispy lashes like I do.

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How To Pick  False Eyelashes You Need?

How To Pick  False Eyelashes You Need?

Curly and long eyelashes are the hallmarks of beauty, some ladies do not have long  and dense natural eyelashes ,no matter how brush,it can not brush long and dense eyelashes effect. In this time false eyelashes is your savior, how to pick false eyelashes you need? Choose according to the eye-shaped fake Eyelash style, what kind of material is better false eyelashes? false eyelashes how to paste it natural? Editor immediately analyze the skills  and share with you how to  pick  false eyelashes you need.

Types Of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes according to the material points can be divided into synthetic fibers or natural hair; stems generally divided into fish line stems, cotton stems, plastic stems three.

Because of the very soft cotton stalk, it will not tie the eyelid after fitting, is not easy to tilt, but the disadvantage is easy to bend after tearing the stem deformation.

Fishing line wins better in makeup effect because of transparent and invisible, which is easy to cut a bunch of beam stickers, can also maintain the original curvature after tearing , but the disadvantage is easier to fall off and tilt.

Plastic stem is relatively hard, comfortable, no fish thread stems and cotton stalks are good, but for the single eyelid and double eyelid MM is a good choice, because the hard point of the stem can eyelid hold up, the styling effect is better.

1.Stem is too thick, too hard, flashing plastic light. Terrible thick stems must be drawn thick eyeliner hidden, accidentally become a big strong makeup. Too thick black eyelashes in the light will be reflective, revealing a sense of plastic.

2.Hair too thick, too Alice, exposing the illusion. Daily wear false eyelashes, after wearing the “curling degree, length” over the eye socket ! Fast top to the eyebrows, look OMG! Surprise!

3.Soft stems naturally comfortable. Eyelash stem thin and soft, when paste can be pleasing to the eye type range, head, eye tail is not easy to Alice up.

4.Thick, long, not too much, a sense of gap. Remember to choose the conditions with their own great difference false eyelashes section, than the original eyelashes, “thick, long, dense,” a little more like trying to compare their own eyelashes, the closer the more realistic.

Which one suitable for you?

Generally double eyelid false eyelashes is nothing special picky, any section or any material can manage. Especially big eyes, of course, with a suitable makeup friends. Editors recommend that you choose the cotton false eyelashes, cotton false eyelashes stem is not easy to tilt, although not transparent, but paste it to the more invisible, do not draw eyeliner OK, so do not worry about eyeliner removal.

The MM who have Single eyelid in the purchase of false eyelashes need to choose a little rough, like a comfortable cotton may not be suitable for single eyelid MM slightly! Because the single eyelid mm usually belongs to the eyelid fat is relatively thick, cotton may not stand eyelids. Bubble MM choose transparent eyelash false eyelashes, not only false eyelashes can hold it up, and many MM can hold up double eyelids, as naturally formed, plus make-up techniques such as eyeliner, often make the eye more than zoom doubled.

More information click our blog.


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Custom your own eyelash packaging box

Custom Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box

   Why you should custom your own eyelash packaging box?

Nowadays false eyelashes have become a luxury and necessary beauty products for many women. Over the past few decades, this particular product has swept the fashion world and get a huge success across the makeup industry. Almost  everyone from entertainment celebrities to YouTube bloggers wearing false eyelashes.

Fashion and luxury eyelash must need a beautiful packing, and to show your eyelash is beautiful and different from others, and different fashion element need various style box to manifest, so every lash seller need to custom your own eyelash packaging box.

  Where can you get your custom eyelash packing?

Auspreslashes provided the best packaging solution for customized eyelash box packaging. With exquisite printing and various styles, our designers can design the most beautiful eyelashes for you!

Custom eyelash packaging box is our specialty! From the structural design, packaging design and material selection, we can create the perfect packaging for your brand!

Can’t find the packing product you want?

Please contact our product manager by

WhatsApp +8613181150736 or


with your specifications.

Aupreslashes guaranteed the quality of every order from you!

Producing perfect eyelash box for your product is not as complicated as you might think of.You can visit ,and you have opportunity to cooperate with our packaging experts. From logo idea, then to the box shape, different sizes, styles and prints,color requirement, we can give you better guidance at every steps. In addition to the normal service, we can also provide additional processes such as bronzing, embossing and dent to add different features and values to your brand box.

More important is that we supplied our best services,  our price is still the lowest in the market.

Customize eyelash packaging box with your own Logo

Are you still seeking custom your eyelash package?

People want to have beautiful eyelashes, but some people’s eyelashes are not perfect, so they have to wear false eyelashes.With the increasing huge demand of false eyelash market, customized eyelash packaging box is becoming more and more popular in the market. False eyelashes usually need to be packed in custom boxes because they can be easily wrinkled or damaged.

We provide high quality eyelash packaging box, very suitable for protecting eyelashes from any hurt. Own our box, you don’t need worry about being damaged or scratched.

We customize various styles, sizes, colors, finishes and other printing eyelash packaging boxes according to the needs of customers. .Eyelash box is one of the most popular packaging boxes. You only need to send a request or email to consult our professional team, then you can get the best eyelash packaging solution.

Customized eyelash packaging box with printing:

  • all sizes, colors, shapes, surface treatments, etc. are manufactured to order.
  • MOQ: 500 PCS
  • printing: CMYK color or PMS color
  • draft format: AI, PSD, PDF (at least 300 DPI)
  • sample time: 3-5 days
  • production cycle: about 10-15 days, depending on the order details.
  • Shipping: by sea, air express, it depends on your requirements.

Our packaging factory is a manufacturer and supplier of customized printed eyelash packaging boxes, which can be completely trusted. According to your requirements, we can use different materials, surface treatment technology, logo printing and other means, to produce a variety of styles, sizes, colors of high quality customized eyelash box.

Elegant box can show your eyelash perfectly

To differentiate your brand from your competitors, cosmetics companies need to choose new marketing strategies. Easy and externally methods is improve their brands and boxes. Do you care about your eyelash brand? Want your regular eyelash box to be special? Eyelash box is not only protecting your eyelashes, but it’s also a great way to promote your brand. You can get extra income by designing eyelash boxes here. Every business wants to customize their fake eyelashes in a different box. We require ourselves to print on the box to the highest quality standard to meet the requirements of customer. The custom cartons should be marked out and made of firm materials. The eyelash brand on market is countless, want to stand out from among them, you must have the eyelash box of high quality, individual character.

Aupreslashes is one of the most experienced eyelash box suppliers in China. We have been committed to providing our large and high-quality customer base with exquisite eyelash packaging boxes. We provide customized design for customers, so that you have the most perfect packaging box. Our experienced staff will guide you how to customize advanced packaging boxes, our professional designers will provide you with the perfect design. We will provide you with 3D images to meet your requirements for the design, until you are completely satisfied with our design, we will start to produce your packaging boxes, and the box will be delivered to your home in the shortest turnover time.

Cosmetic companies produce eye products in the form of eyeliner, mascara and eyelash extensions.We provide you with a variety of color independent display box.You can add die-cut Windows, gold/silver foil, embossed and ribbon or bow options to the box to make your false eyelashes more distinctive.**** Packaging provides box manufacturing services to meet the needs of the cosmetics  and provide new creative boxes to make your eyelash products more attractive.

Place an order for custom eyelash box details.

Only you can not think of the style, there is no design we can not do out. These companies have been looking for the right box manufacturer. Most of them are either of poor quality or cost too much. We are proud to facilitate our valued customers at every stage. We provide exquisite design and high quality printing boxes at the lowest price in the shortest time. Nowhere else can such high standards of service and unexpected prices be found.

From our exquisite customized eyelash box, you can obtain greater sales benefits, but also can choose the best box for your brand. You can select special inserts and separators of custom shapes and sizes. You can use a box with a transparent window to show the true shape of your eyelashes. You can easily get your quotation by filling in your specifications on a given form. We tend to process short-term orders and deliver them as quickly as possible. We can also deliver it to your home.

If you have a new design idea, please let us know and we will turn it into a real product. In addition to high-quality printed eyelash boxes, we also use 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable box materials. We are professional and slow down the pace of global warming by recycling boxes. Please feel free to email and learn more about custom boxes. You can also contact us to place an order. We will make it to your satisfaction. You can also chat with us in real time about our standards and rates.





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Why does consumer like mink eyelash?

Why Does Consumer Like Mink Eyelash?

These years, eyelash market there are grafting synthetic eyelash, human hair eyelash, horse hair mink lash and faux mink lash, mink lash and so on, but mink lash gradually became main product, why does consumer like mink eyelash?

Grafting eyelashes is popular in before mink eyelashes appear, because at that moment growing eyelashes looks more natural than synthetic eyelashes on the market. But along with the social progress, the life rhythm speed up, grafting eyelashes is gradually replaced by false mink lash, because grafting eyelashes need too long time, this greatly increase the time cost of consumers.
The Internet age, the time is money, grafting need at least 1-2 hours at a time, time cost is too high!
Grafting eyelash is to stick the case-hardened single chemical fiber eyelash on his eyelash, it is very natural at first, but the body owned eyelash is timely reborn, the eyelash will change every 2 months, so from the third days after grafting, grafted eyelash will fall down with its sticky eyelashes, you can guess the result, you eyelashes are uneven distributed on each eye, and your two eyes maybe unbalanced, one is with thick eyelash and other have thinner eyelashes, then maybe one eye looks big, and another looks small, what a pity, it will be so ugly.
Long-term grafting eyelashes, will cause their own eyelash upside down growth , or directly grow down side, When it get in touch with your eye, it will be very pain and tears out,hurt your eyes!
Once you grafted your eyelash, you will fixed on a same makeup style for at least 3 weeks, but if you are going to take part in a weekend party, wild style party, then how can you change your eyelash styles to suit your makeup? So when your makeup style changed, eyelash can not change to match makeup, not flexible enough. Fall off after right and left eye begins asymmetry!
The eyelash of chemical fiber on the market, look inflexible, eyelash does not have administrative levels to feel or have administrative levels to feel too inflexible, eyelash of chemical fiber eyelash eyeliner stalk is too hard, take have intense winking feeling, you take uncomfortable, cannot set your mind at work, enjoy life!
Aupreslashes, as the world’s largest lash manufacturer, a credible lash vendor, has chosen the natural animal hair, CRUETY FREE, which is full of spirituality. Aupres lashes produce 3D mink lashes are realistic and natural, with fine workmanship, finalization and flowing. They can be changed at will according to different occasions and makeup looks, whether they are natural or sexy…It’s more expensive, but it lasts 20 to 25 times, so in average every wearing cost is much cheaper than the ordinary eyelash.
Aupres lashes adhering to the quality of our life!
We will treat our products like babies and we will cherish them like birds

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Innovation can bring more business opportunities!

Innovation can bring more business opportunities!

 Lash market are more and more big

  In this era of global more tolerant, all means show women beauty are warmly welcomed by the love of beauty lady, beauty makeup, tattoo, and even the body liposuction, someone even if to do facial plastic surgery. As a good and inexpensive false eyelash, put on and pull off is very convenient, Now spread all over the world from the United States and Australia. Wear beautiful eyelash, dress up oneself, full filled self-confidence and  passing every day, is the favorite of every lady that loves the beauty! As a lash manufacturer, a credible lash vendor, facing such a more and more big eyelash market, how can we make our eyelash business do well, do big, do strong to share it?

eyelashes should add fashion and trend elements

  Being fond of the new and dislike old is the normal state of human nature. Wearing fashionable clothes, wearing unique eyelashes and showing unique personality are the most beautiful modern women elegant demeanor. Adapt to the trend of fashion, constantly changing the model and style of eyelash, so that with the trend and fashion elements of the new style constantly come out, is our eyelash manufacturers and eyelash suppliers should do, only innovation can bring more business opportunities!

Based on this, we not only change design to match the eyelash pursuit of natural realistic effect, but also to the eyelash style innovation, also to add more fashion elements,  to form various styles like natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or clever…Let consumers always stand in the forefront of fashion, the first time to experience the newest products! Constantly design new styles to meet the needs of each consumer on different occasions, such as meetings, parties, stages, lectures, red carpet…Wear different clothes for different occasions, , also we need different eyelash to match different makeup.

Consumers like fresh, like to try new things in the first time, like to stand in the forefront of fashion, constantly design new styles, to bring consumers a different experience in the first time. Winner-takes-all in the Internet era, the first time to get the new model can be the first time in the network launched.Bring the customer website more collectors, resellers, distributors.

We hope that we can be the most reliable design department for customers. We designed and developed mink eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3D velvet eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes, all of which have brought huge business opportunities to customers.

Imitative product is lag, after knowing, it is in the product popularity just begins to imitate, this lost too much business opportunity imperceptibly, such supplier, although the price is cheap, cannot cooperate!

Innovation is our core!  Quality is our life!



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Why is there difference between eyelash same style ?

Why is there difference between eyelash same style ?

Every eyelash is slightly different from others

Aupres lashes as the famous lash vendor, are supported by own lash manufacturer, wholesale 3D Siberian mink lash many years. During the time, we met many funny things, looks very strange, but it has great reason, contents scientific sense, just like below: When receiving the eyelashes, many customers feel the quality of 3D Siberian mink lashes is very good and the like it very much. However, each batch of batch of eyelashes looks different with last batch, and every eyelash of same batch is also slightly different, why is there difference between eyelash same style? Clients ask middlemen, but most middleman don’t understand and don’t know how to explain it to consumers.

Mink hair make the different 

You should know that 3d mink eyelashes raw material is a natural mink hair, animal hair is spiritual, the thickness is irregular, not like chemical fiber, which diameter is fixed.  Every main point of eyelash drawing, we required the workers to put a certain amount of hair numbers, but even so, because each batch of hair thickness is different, each batch of eyelash looks slightly low point, or a little thick. But the original design is the same, and the appearance of beauty effect is the same.

100% handmade, different worker made it different

I hope that the middleman should understand this point, but also hope that the middleman can give customers a good explanation. 3D mink eyelashes are 100% handmade products. Though it a small eyelashes, but need to go through more than 20 procedures, each of which should be fine controlled.  Pure handicraft product has nuance on every pair eyelash, because the natural character of raw material, the product is pure handicraft,  one pair of eyelash will never be identical to another pair of eyelash, this also is the glamour place of pure handicraft eyelash! Just like a group of beauty sisters,they all have beauty gene, but they are all not identical with each other.

Dear customer, the judgment standard for purely manual 3D eyelashes is weather this pair of eyelashes is symmetrical between the right and left eyes. Is the eyeliner comfortable? Is the shape elegant? Instead of each pair of eyelashes to compare is it exactly the same? If we require both of the eyelash exactly the same, that is the requirements of the mechanism product!

3D mink lash, like landscape painting, details different, but all beauty

Art works, just like we paint landscape paintings, face the same landscape, want to come out the effect is exactly the same, is to use a camera to shoot, use a machine to print. The effect is the same.
But when it comes to painting, different painters have different styles on the same landscape.
Even if the same painter at different times, facing the same landscape, the painting effect is not the same.
But aesthetic, the thought is different, every work that draws is high-quality goods!
Aupre  lashes’ 3d eyelashes are purely handmade 3D mink eyelashes, natural raw materials, high-tech treatment of hair tips, and highly selected workers. Aupres lashes’ 3d eyelashes are an advanced lifestyle, a kind of art, and we want high-quality products, not exactly the same products!
Aupres makes your beauty unique!