2019 Popular 3D Mink Lashes

2019 Popular Regular Mink Lashes 


3D22C Siberian mink lashes 

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3D22C make up picture 

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3D09  Miami styles


3D09 mink lashes  

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3D13 mink lashes is typical wispy style, mink furs across from 1/3 from the roots, all the mink lashes full of a feeling of bushy and thicker.


3D13 mink lashes  

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3D13 mink lashes is typical wispy style, mink furs across from 1/3 from the roots,  the mink furs open wide at tips of the mink hairs. All the mink lashes full of a feeling of bushy and thicker.



3D20 Siberian mink lashes, tight from roots of mink furs and then stretch expansion, like a frame fan, mink furs tip rapidly perky up with a great good looking 3 dimensional effects.


3D20 mink lashes 

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3D41 mink lashes  

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3D41 Siberian mink lashes  is a round eye styles, main thicker mink hairs straight ahead, single mink fur between growing across wispy with others and tending at out part of mink furs, its natural

looking,false eyelashes are not more thicker more beautiful, sometime only a few stretch out, you are cute and playful, lovely enough.


3D22 Siberian mink lashes are round eye style false lashes, with longer mink furs wispy, her mink furs tending from middle of the mink hairs, with more perky up, though it is not so thicker but more fluffy.


3D22 mink lashes  

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3D22B Siberian mink lashes is sister styles with 3D22, the single mink hairs formed net shade from the band root, mink furs across in a very low position, the mink hairs curl from early middle of the hairs, it has a great perking up degree, great 3 dimensional effects.

3D98 Siberian mink lashes fluffy styles but not all mink hairs same length so only a few groups are outstanding, more playful and attractive, it also belongs to round eye styles, make your eyes big and round, bright and deep like sea lol

3D98 mink lashes  

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3D62 mink lashes 

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3D62 Siberian mink lashes playful lashes, few long and perky up eyelashes will let you looking playful and cute, every body love you, even if flowers bloom for you.


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