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How To Place A Sample Order To Aupres Lashes?

How To Place A Sample Order To Aupres Lashes?

Aupres Lashes is a  3D mink lash industrial trading company, a lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendor.

There are 5 categories, more than 70 popular styles. We choose 12 styles popular styles for new lash vendors choose from.

DM03 20mm mink lashes $5.5/pair

eyelash vendors  mink lashes wholesale

3D41 3D mink lashes $5.0/pair

lash vendors   wholesale mink lashes

3D22C mink lashes $5.0/pair

mink eyelash vendors  eyelash vendors usa

We are China based lash vendors, most of our customers are from USA, shipping to USA $25, so we do not suggest free samples, our 3D

mink lashes are with great quality, a pair of free sample eyelash you have to pay $25,  it’s a waste of money.

Suggest you take an order more than 8 pairs, then every mink lash share only $3 of shipping cost, you can get every mink lashes at home with

cost not more than $9, believe your eyesight and believe our eyelashes’ best quality, save money and save time.


DC98 15mm mink lashes $4/pair

mink lash vendors lash vendors wholesale

DC66 15mm mink lashes $4/pair

mink lash vendors wholesale  mink lashes vendors

25mm   strip Lashes DH003 $8/pair

25mm mink strip lashes eyelash vendors wholesale

25mm strip Lashes DH007 $8/pair

eyelash manufacturer mink lashes vendor

25mm  lashes DH013

                                              wholesale lash vendor  wholesale mink eyelashes

20mm DM05 mink lashes $8/pair

3d mink eyelash vendors  eyelash vendor

DM03 20mm mink lashes $5.50/pair

mink lash vendor wholesale mink lash vendors

DC104 15mm mink lashes $4/pair

mink eyelash vendors wholesale lashes vendors

DN09 22mm mink strip lashes $4/pair


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Diy Eyelash Packaging Pribate Label Logo

Diy Eyelash Packaging Private Label Logo

CUSTOM eyelash packaging box,  Making eyelash private labels, mini logo stickers,
you can not  do without these eye models!!
These eyelash models plus bushiness informations formed your exclusive private label!!
DIY your logo must be a fantastic acchivement!!
With our perfect  mink lashes   release your eyelash dream!!




























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   How To Get More Eyelash Orders On Instagram?

   How To Get More Eyelash Orders On Instagram?

     To Be A Good Editor Make Quality Posts

When you sell eyelashes on Instagram, you are not just eyelash vendors, but an editor. Only you edit the best eyelash cover, the best eyelash content, then there are readers who like it, generating buying interest. This way you can get more eyelash orders.

20mm mink lashes DM20

When a customer has a demond to buy eyelashes, she will look for lash vendors on Instagram. When she faces a large number of wholesale mink lash vendors, her demand for purchasing eyelashes becomes a selection of posts and v-logs. When she selects a Beautiful posts, basically she chose the supplier behind the post.


25mm  Lashes  DH005

Follow Relevant Hastags, Let Your Post Well Be searched

On Instagram, where did the customer see your post?

Customers are using a way searching eyelash hastags to find their favorite eyelash merchandise, when customers search for an eyelash hastag, what they saw at first sight are top 6 eyelash posts, of course, when they drop the photo wall, they  can also see the posts below, but they generally don’t do this because only the best, most popular eyelash images are at the top.

25mm  Lashes  DH003

So how can you get your posts to climb to the top six of the hastag wall?

First, subscribe to small-scale eyelash hastag walls, such as #lashvendors, which is very relevant to our industry. Customers looking for mink eyelash vendors naturally want to search#lashvendors, follow it, and add it to your post’s tag so that when your published, the hastag lead your post goes up the bottom of the hastag wall. The better the post quality, the easier it is to be noticed, praised, and finally climb up to the top of the hastag wall, and can occupy the top six positions for a long time until Topped out by better quality posts.

When you occupy the top six in the photo wall, it is easy to be found by the potential customers who search for the tag, so that more potential customers can get more attention and get more orders.

By the same token, you can follow, add #minklasheswholesale, only 7,000 photos and videos, #lashcases, #lashbox are related to eyelash packaging; #dramaticeyelashes have a lot to do with eyelash style, #handmadelasheslashes are handmade, etc. Wait, look for the number of photo walls less than 60,000, with the style of the eyelashes, price, packaging, suppliers, quality service related hastags, pay attention to it and mark it under your post. Such a good post can be displayed on multiple photo walls, giving you a lot of attention and more orders.

25mm  lashes  DH013


“Sceneization” Make Your V-Log, Make Your Customer Purchasing 

What kind of post is a good post? There is a very important point here, “sceneization”, simple photos can be enjoyed, but can not be commoditized, so we have to take a eyelash video of 1 minute, the video needs to make mink lash customers feel immersive, customers have The sense of substitution can resonate, and only the same frequency can generate interest in buying, and there are orders.


DM03 20mm 3D mink lashes

When the customer finds you, you complete the conversion from the editor to the lashes vendors, show your product advantage, price advantage, service advantage to the customer, and happily complete your order. The customer also returns to the negotiation of eyelash purchase from the process of selecting the post of the reader, and completes the need to purchase eyelashes.

DM02 20mm mink lashes

Work With Aupres Lashes, Get More Repeat Purchase Customer

Instagram is a social platform with very high traffic and very strong purchasing power. With this social platform, you can quickly complete your eyelash business. Of course, like our high-quality eyelashes, we can receive more customers. Getting better.

25mm  lashes DH008

Welcome to Aupres Lashes wholesale high-quality mink eyelashes, it will bring you a more stable customer group, the longer you have, the more customers you have, the easier it is to do eyelash business, the easier it is to make money.

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How To Enlarging Your Mink Lash Business?

How To Enlarging Your Mink Lash Business?

       Learn More Eyelashes Knowledge, not waste sample time and sample shipping money

Learn more knowledge regarding mink strip lashes, so beautiful and best quality mink lashes in front of you, you don’t know whether it is popular and how about the quality, and want to buy 2 pieces sample do a test,  obviously you are waste 25$ shipping cost!!

You should know at a glance how the quality and how popular the style is, then you can purchase it immediately.

DN04 22mm mink strip lashes

wholesale mink lashes  lash vendors

DN03 22mm mink strip lashes

mink lashes wholesale eyelash vendors


Learn To Settle Accounts And Order Properly

Shipping  cost to Usa 25 dollars one parcel, which can carry 50 eyelashes /30 eyelashes with eyelash packaging case or boxes.

When you order only 5 pieces mink lashes a shippment, then every  mink lashes shared 5 dollars on shipping, your costs on eyelashes are

5 dollars expensive than others, how to make profits?

DN05 22mm mink strip lashes

mink eyelash vendors 25mm mink strip lashes

DN06 22mm mink strip lashes

eyelash vendors usa  wholesale mink eyelashes

Learn To Study Website Of Lash Vendor

Learn to study lash vendors website, study their policy, choose the best policy to save money!  For example, we have a great policy, when you order 60 pieces you can use free eyelash packaging cases from us, this is a great policy to support your lash business, equals  you save one dollar each mink lash!! please see our packaging page and related YouTube video.


DN16 22mm mink strip lashes

eyelash vendors usa eyelash vendors wholesale

DN02 22mm mink strip lashes

3d mink eyelash vendors  25mm strip lashes

Learn How To Place Order Control Stores

When you doing eyelash business, keep a reasonal store is very important.  When your customers asking for eyelashes, you did not have stores, then you must purchase from wholesale lash vendors, and in a hurry, you can not purchase enough eyelashes to share  shipping costs, then you added costs to your lashes, thats means you save less money!!

DN09 22mm mink strip lashes

siberian mink lashes 25mm eyelash vendors wholesale

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How to get custom eyelash packaging box with only 50$?

How To Get Custom Eyelash Packaging Box With Only 50$?

Aupres lashes is a well-known mink lash wholesale vendors. Recently, it has been confused by custom eyelash packaging box.

                                                                     Eyelash packaging box  wholesale lash vendor     

Although the eyelashes of Aupres lashes are well known, customers need to test, need sample orders. The order quantity is between 10-20, basically covered every top selling styles of our mink lashes.

DN16 22mm mink strip lashes

                                                                         lash vendor wholesale 3D mink lashes

The best-selling mink strip lashes naturally have to be graded, but the current eyelash packaging customization mode limits the continued development of this testing and sampling order model.

                                                                   marble rectangle   Eyelash packaging box

lash packaging box eyelash box


The current mode of customizing eyelash packaging box is like this, with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, a price of $2.5  per box. three days for design the processing drawings according to customer requirements, the box will be completed within 15 days.

3D09A mink lashes

  eyelash packaging box diy eyelash packaging

Aupres has found a very good custom eyelash packaging box solution for the eyelash e-commerce traders. We have designed 6 popular eyelashes boxes with different shapes and colors. We invested huge money to construct a box producing line, to provide low moq and quickly producing system to make custom eyelash packaging boxes, we finally get the solution to solve this problem for customers.

Eyelash packaging Box Model


Eyelash packaging  lash packaging boxes

Dianmond eyelash packaging box                     Square lash packaging                         Rectangle marble  eyelash packaging box

This week, we started debug the operation,  finally give a great figure, we can custom eyelash packaging box with only 20 moq and three days producing time, with 2.5$ one box!!!

So the customers who will order a small number of custom boxes are blessed, you can only use 50$, three days get your own brand box!!!

Now we make a review, look at the advantage of this solution to the customer, and the shortcomings of this solution?

From the analysis table you can see very clearly, this solution greatly down the starting cost from 250$ to only 20$, and also shorted the custom eyelashe packaging box producing time, let the new eyelash vendors start up their lash line business with very low cost, it is really a great help to them. 


The new solution will be officially launched next week. Eyelash Line traders who are limited can cooperate with Aupres to shorten test time, enter the eyelashes asap,realize your eyelash dream!!!!

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Eyelash Brand Create And Website Cooperation

Eyelash Brand Create And Website Cooperation

When you become a beauty  media celebrity, you have a lot of followers, and turning your followers into customers will be the most exciting

thing in business planning.

       DM07 Make Up Picture

eyelash vendors  wholesale mink lashes

How to turn followers into customers, you first need to find a low-cost, high-quality goods, and then create your own brand, recommend this quality brand to your followers, this brand is the link between you and your followers on commerical relationship, In this way, your followers will benefit from you, and you will get enough commercial rewards. This product is the Aupres lashes, our eyelashes are comfortable to wear, beautiful and fashionable, and its price is very low.

     DM07 20mm mink lashes

lash vendors  mink lashes wholesale

To turn your followers into customers, you must have a platform to showcase quality products. This platform is website. Let your followers visit the website and experience the beautiful mink eyelashes. If your fans visit our website, she will scream, and will definitely fall in love with the mink lashes, creating desire and impulse to buy. This is the most important step.

3D22C mink lashes    

mink lashes wholesale mink eyelash vendors  


We can provide you with such a business environment, we can do the following:

First of all, we have 4-8 US dollars worthy high quality mink lashes, hundreds of styles are available for you to choose. You can take some eyelashes create your own eyelash brand. These can be used more than 25 times, comfortable to wear, beautiful and fashionable, and its price is very low. this eyelash can only bring a good feeling to your fans, instead of any hurt your reputation;


Secondly, we already have a very rich experience in building eyelash websites. We can provide you with the website of the existing template, and then re-type according to your requirements, complete the construction of the eyelash homepage and sub-pages until you are satisfied. When we update the popular new eyelashes, we will change the content of the website according to your choice.

3D98 mink lashes

mink lash vendors  eyelash vendors wholesale  


Third, we can provide you with complete OEM services, from logo production, packaging, shipping, you only need one email, we can help you get everything, these can save you a lot of money.


                                                                              Eyelash Custom Packaging Box Mink Lash Packaging Box

Fourth: Regular website and product updates.

Website transactions have the following cooperation methods:

Please refer to the website. This website now has very good traffic. The Google engine has already given the ranking and has started to recommend it to customers. You visit the website to see, please watch it on your smart phone, because it represents the user’s experience. Only when the smart phone is convenient to view, the user may have a return visit.

We have two ways of cooperation, one way is you buy out, we set up it for you, we charge a maintenance fee of $50 for each subsequent service, the second way of cooperation is to rent, you give us a monthly maintenance fee of $100. We will arrange website updates according to your requirements.

You should know clearly that we set up and maintain the website, the Beneficiary are you, because you can choose the high quality fashion eyelashes on our website to make the brand according to your understanding on eyelashes.

DN06 22mm mink strip lashes

mink lashes vendors  lash vendors wholesale

    We can help you customize the packaging, arrange transportation, distribute to different places, small orders you can retail in the United States, large orders directly to help you ship, you can save a lot of labor costs, these tens of thousands of dollars a year.

When your reputation is getting higher and higher, you also get a commercial return, and your followers are happy because of low prices and quality products. What Michael Jordan can do, you can do it, but he does sneakers, you make eyelashes, nothing more. The market for eyelashes is much more than sports shoes. You have a future than Michael Jordan.

When you read this business plan, it is estimated that you have made a decision, welcome to cooperate with us and develop together.


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How to make private label on eyelash packaging cases?

How To Make Private Label On Eyelash Packaging Cases?

Today I want to share with you a few tips on how to make pribate label on Eyelash packaging cases,  on these two acrylic eyelashes cases, so that they looks beautiful and can use your mini logo.

eyelash packaging case

lash packaging case  

Eyelash packaging rectangle case

            Glitter eyelash packaging custom eyelash packaging case

Now I will share with you the acrylic diamond round box. Why is this name? Among the three words, acrylic is a raw material, made of a high-quality plastic called acrylic; why is it called a diamond? This is because the lid of this box has more than 10 cuts that reflect light and are as beautiful as diamonds in light.The round box is easy to understand, it is a round shape.

Why is this box popular? Because of the imitation of the diamond face of this box, it is very beautiful and transparent. See the eyelashes inside the box, so that customers can see the shape and quality of the inner eyelashes without opening the box when purchasing the eyelashes; this box can be matched with many materials, such as various glitters on the bottom of the box, and the logo on the eyelashes. , can be seen directly.

There are two places for the acrylic box to fit the mini logo, one is on the eyelash tray holder. Everyone sees that there is a circular plane on the top of the eyelash tray. Here is the best position for the round private label. It is very eye-catching and the customer can see it at a glance. You can see it every time you use eyelashes, so your mini logo  can have a very frequent effect on customers, and your mini logo can’t be eliminated. Once it is torn, it is very It’s ugly, so your customers don’t have to look at it, so the purpose of posting this mini logo  is reached.

Eyelash packaging diamond case

mink lash packaging case eyelash packaging

So what kind of mini logo  is good here? How to design your mini logo ? This mini logo  should be as simple as possible, no complicated patterns, no complicated colors. Too big a mini logo , when it is compressed to such a small size, it is not clear; the color is not as much as possible, the black and white cartoon mini logo  is the easiest to print clearly, the two colors of the mini logo  are easy to make, too delicate mini logo  , the color of the complex mini logo , the square mini logo  is not easy to print.

Another place suitable for placing mini logo s is under the star flash paper, the bottom of the box, see here. . . . Paste and put the bottom of the box.

Eyelash packaging case

lash packaging boxes eyelash packaging

. . . . Ok, a perfect mini logo , eyelashes, and packaging will be done. Look at the eyelashes first, then look at the packaging, then show the box, OK, pretty.

I really like this sliding box. This box is also very convenient to use. I know that many MOST OF YOU GUYS also like this box, but because there is no place to put the mini logo  and give up, now I teach you how to put the mini logo  on this box.

This box is made of acrylic material, the bottom is frosted plastic, not very transparent, but this does not affect the logo here, we are using the mini logo, so this mini logo  has 3 rows to be eye-catching. .

Eyelash packaging rectangle case

diy eyelash packaging  eyelash packaging box

The mini logo  of this position requires bright colors, cartoons, and rough madness. It can attract eyeballs and achieve your purpose. Therefore, friends who like this box can prevent your logo and achieve certain publicity effects.




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How To Start New Lash Line?Real Business Story

How To Start New Lash Line? Real Business Story

  I am an lash manufacturer, a wholesale mink lashes suppliers, we produce eyelashes and wholesale eyelashes.

25mm mink strip lashes DH002

                                                                       eyelash vendors  wholesale mink lashes

   The consumption of eyelashes is in the United States. We cannot establish our own lash brand in the United States because of various factors, so it is through email marketing and media marketing sell ​​our premium eyelashes.

I was in contact with VERO because she saw a video of her 3 eyelash contrasts in the Youtube by looking at her INS connection. She had a short makeup tutorial and a makeup process to confirm that she had an understanding of the eyelashes.

  She was very natural to face the camera. To establish a marketing channel through the YouTube is very simple for her, she is my target customer, I said to myself.

DM07 Make Up Picture

                                                                  mink lashes wholesale  mink eyelash vendors

Through INSTAGRAM contact, VRO has built a very strong confidence in our products. She knows eyelashes, so by observing the pictures i posted on the IG and the videos posted on the Youtube channel, she can judge very easily, the quality of our products. It is reliable, but how do you choose a style?

3D22C mink lashes

                                                                       mink lash vendors  eyelash vendors wholesale

It is easy to choose few styles for us, because we know what is hot sell from daily orders, so i recommend few styles to her, Varo choose 2 in my hot sale,  choose one style herself, a total of three models, 3D22C, DM07 and DM10, gave them a local name of the United States, and promoted sales through IG.

DM10 makeup picture

mink lash vendors wholesale  25mm mink strip lashes

Let’s summarize her shopping list. DM07 and DM10 5.5 dollars one pair, each 10 pieces are, $110, 3D22C is 5 dollars a pair, 10 pieces are 50 dollars, we make mini logo stickers with 250 pieces cost $10, 30 acrylic transparent boxes for $30, shipping costs $30, and two Other styles of eyelashes and 2 boxes, the total cost is $ 235.

  In order to support lash line new starter, we make a favourable policy, Once  purchase more than 60 eyelash products, you can get transparent acrylic boxes free. This policy is very powerful. First, it is equipped with a mini LOGO sticker, and a transparent box can solve the problem of personalized packaging. The transparent box can be free, which is equivalent to saving $2.50 for each pair of eyelashes, and the cost of eyelashes to the United States is less than $7, and the ratio is as high as 30%. With this removed, the customer has a very good competitive advantage, I give VRO The policy is to buy more than 60 pieces of acrylic packaging for free, and 10 US dollars can use 250 mini LOGO stickers, so that you can continue to use.

lash packaging cases

mink lashes vendors lash vendors wholesale

Faster than I expected, the VRO sold it easily on the IG, in less than two weeks without a customer base, and the customer feedback was very good.

A very proud picture of the eyelashes, you can see the photos on this blog is provided by her.

On February 14th, VRO re-booked the eyelashes. This time she added another three models, DM02, DM12 and 3D62. The same way, she give them name  to the three eyelashes. We make new mini logo for her new 3 styles free of charges, the golden glitter paper was also used as the base.


3D62 mink lashes

wholesale lash vendor  wholesale mink eyelashes

DM02/07/10/12 each 10 pieces  cost 220 US dollars, 3D62/22C, 10 pieces each, 100 US dollars, plus 2 eyelashes gifts, shipping costs 40 US dollars total 370 US dollars, because she has accumulated more than 60 sales, so the first The dollar box fee for an order can be returned to her so that she pays $340 directly.

DM02 20mm mink lashes

3d mink eyelash vendors

As of today, VRO’s eyelashes have been sent out and will soon reach his hand. The quality of our eyelashes is very good. With this eyelash support for good eyelashes, she is sure to achieve greater success.

20mm mink strip lashes DM12

wholesale mink lashes suppliers  lash vendors

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Frequently ask question!

Frequently Ask Question On Mink  Lashes!



  Q:How about your company?

 A: Our company mainly produces 3D mink lashes.

  Including 16mm/20mm/25mm length

  Q: What is the price of 3D Siberian mink lashes?

   A:16mm mink lashes are 5$/pair, 20mm mink lashes  are

    5.5$/pair, 25mm mink lashes price are 8$/pair

Q:How long for shipping?

A: 3 to 6 days, the basic shipping cost is $25.

Q:Do you have a moq?

A: Moq 10 pair

Q:  Do you have eyelash packaging? Can I customize my own Eyelash packaging box?

A: There are 5 box styles to choose from and the box price is 1 USD.

Put your logo on it, mop 10 pieces, 1.5 USD, 3 days making logo!!


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Best 20mm Mink Lash Supplier

Best 20mm Mink Lash Supplier

(Why Is Aupres 20mm Mink Lashes The Most Cost-Effective?)

Aupres lashes 20mm mink lashes are popular. This market is not saturated yet. There is no price competition. It can be sold without discount. The suggested retail price is 15-18

dollars. It is a very good variety for e-commerce trader to start lash line!!.



DM04 20mm mink lashes



This 20mm mink strip lashes are made of mink tail long furs, and the false mink lashes  are curved and bright.





DM06 20mm mink lashes


The Aupres lashes are heated to physically correct the curvature of the mink, the 20mm mink lashes are handmade, the hair is naturally bent, and the bending time is durable.



20mm DM05 mink lashes


Aupres lashes offers low-cost Eyelash packaging cases for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. If you work hard, you can pack at 0 eyelash cost

and reduce the cost of customers.



DM16 20mm mink lashes


Auspres lashes offers e-commerce clients logo design, logo stickers, short design time, long use time, $ 10 can be used with more than 200 small logo stickers.

Transparent acrylic  Eyelash cases

Aupres lashes’ 20mm mink lashes are very low cost, eyelash + packaging + logo + transportation, the cost to the United States does not exceed $ 7, 

you can achieve 100% gross profit.

DM10 20mm mink lashes

Aupres lashes 20mm mink strip lashes are the core technology of eyelash bending. Look at our false eyelashes. Some of them start to bend from the eyelashes to the tip of the  false eyelashes. These are fluffy, natural, very fashionable and very popular.

      DM02 20mm mink lashes

Compare to  our eyelashes with the other long eyelashes on the market, you will find that their eyelashes are rigid and the color is dark (they use chemical material  made  bend and cause eyelash damage).

The bending is small, the stem is thick, and it is not easy to wear.


Ordering Aupres lashes’ 20mm mink strip lashes, we offer low-priced 20mm mink stip lashes, fast and low-cost Eyelash packaging, good eyelash quality, high retail price, they are really cost-effective styles, is the best variety for you to start lash line!!!