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Best Mink Lashes For European Promoting

Best Mink Lashes For Promoting Promoting


Each region has its own regional culture, which influences the choice of style for beauty, and thus the choice of eyelashes is very different. Unlike the free and unrestrained African American women, European beauty prefers nature and subtlety, but influenced by the United States, it is relatively conspicuous on the basis of nature. This style is more favored by European beauty.

Following we will list some different styles for European beauty ladies, with different types, it would be great help to you guys if you want to promote mink lashes in European country!

Most Influence Style— Natural style

Second Influence Style—fuller style, replace the makeup saloon

New Sexy Style—Whispy Styles


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How To Pay The Lashes Order Without PayPal Account?

How To Pay The Lashes Order Without PayPal Account?

1.We will send the PayPal invoice to your email, Please Click “View and pay invoice” from email.


2.Please Click “View and Pay Invoice”

3. Please Click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” ,if the web show Chinese ,can be change to English at bottom left of web

4.Please Fill credit card information /address/phone no./email/etc

5. Click “Pay Now” finish payment.

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What Do You Want To Know Before Placing Order ?

What Do You Want To Know Before Placing Order ?

Aupres Lashes is a great quality mink lash vendors and custom lash box manufacturer, we supply tons of best mink  lashes and packaging  boxes to USA, Caribbean countries, Canada, European and Middle East country everyday! Get many praise feedback from our customers.

Recently, many customers asked following Red marked question when they inquire from us before placing order, now we give a standard answer here,

help you know more knowledge about Aupres Lashes and also our company Policy, and explain to your customers in the future!

How do you maintain the quality of lashes with such high demand?

We focus on High quality mink lashes producing and promoting, we use the best mink tail furs, best lash glue To control our best quality mink lashes 

  All our mink lashes are made by experienced and skillful workers, hand made, this ensure the best quality.

  We also have a quality examination system, every batch lashes will take few pairs to check it, these action guaranteed the high quality!

What is the turn around time for processing and shipping?

We have strong service and logistic department,  only Lashes Order, 1 day can ship out your order after fully payment

  If you order custom boxes together with mink lashes, we need 4 days producing lash boxes, then ship out.

How is the mink hair collected?

Mink hairs are collected by Combing hair from the healthy living minks, that is why our mink lashes are full of Soft and tough, full of vitality and shine, 

absolutely cruelty free

Do you accept PayPal ?

 Yes, we usually create paypal invoice to our customers, that is a fully contract between us,  it can protect both of us and customers 

Where is your factory located? Do you have a minimum order quality ?

We are China based wholesale lash vendors, our mink lashes minimum order quantity is 10 pairs, custom boxes minimum order quantity is 24 pieces.

Would you consider your company a smaller business?

We are a medium-sized wholesaler of mink eyelashes, a supplier of custom packaging boxes, an innovative service company, and our eyelashes and packaging

have always led the way.

And how much samples do you get when paying ?

From 65$ to 80$ for the minimum order quantity of mink lashes, Free shipping price!

How much is for samples?

From 65$ to 80$ for the minimum order quantity of mink lashes, Free shipping price! All sample costs can be return to you on the following orders.

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Whose More Dramatic?  Aupres Lashes Vs Lily Lashes

Whose More Dramatic?  Aupres Lashes Vs Lily Lashes

Nowadays, eyelash extension and mink eyelashes are not only to supplement their baby eyelashes, it is more of an eyelash-like ornament hanging from the eyelids.

Therefore, in recent years, the trend of eyelashes has gone from shorter to longer, from rare to Thicker, from straight to across, dramatic eyelashes lead the trend,

and it is foreseeable that this trend will spread from blacks to brown races to whites and yellow races until the next trend.

Aupres Lashes is well explaining this trending on their mink strip lashes, below we get 4 styles mink lashes, compare to world famous mink lash brand, Lily Lashes, Obviously,

styles provide by Aupres Lashes is very similar with the styles with mink strip lashes listed by Lily Lashes, but they are more Dramatic, of course, they are more welcome!

 Aupres Lashes Dc09  Vs Lily Lashes Miami (natural style)

Lily Miami
Lily Miami


15mm DC09
Aupres Lashes DC09

 Aupres Lashes Dc35  Vs Lily Lashes MyConos (make up saloon style)

Lily MyConos
Lily MyConos


Aupres Lashes DC35


Aupres Lashes Dc04  Vs Lily Lashes Doha (wing style)

Lily Doha
Lily Doha


Aupres Lashes DC04


Aupres Lashes Dc102  Vs Lily Lashes Carmel(whispy style)

Lily Carmel
Lily Carmel


Aupres Lashes DC102
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Diy Private label lash box logo

Diy Private Label Lash Box Logo



CUSTOM eyelash packaging box,  Making eyelash private labels, mini logo stickers, you can not  do without these eye models!!
These eyelash models plus bushiness information formed your exclusive private label!!
DIY your logo must be a fantastic achivement!! With our perfect  mink lashes   release your eyelash dream!!













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What is Natural/Dramatic/Whispy/Saloon Style Mink lashes ?

What is Natural/Dramatic/Whispy/Saloon Style Mink lashes ?


In order to help you guys to choose your love lash styles among  hundreds of  mink lash styles,  to help you try out the lash sample easily, i  make  4  sample packs,  each with 6 pairs, only 53$ free shipping to USA 

Dramatic styles sample pack, 6  styles  with different size, only  53$ free shipping to USA

Natural styles sample pack, 6  styles  with different size, only  53$ free shipping to USA

Saloon styles sample pack, 6  styles  with different size, only  53$ free shipping to USA

whispy lash styles sample pack, 6  styles  with different size, only  53$ free shipping to USA

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Top 10 Lash Packaging Box Manufacturer With Low MOQ

Top 10 Lash Packaging Box Manufacturer With Low MOQ 


In this chapter we explore eyelash packaging box, as well as eyelash packaging box suppliers. we have chosen 10 suppliers, with the minimum supply as the

standard, recommend it to everyone, expecting the mink eyelash entrepreneurs can create High-end eyelash brand with a low investment.


The eyelash box is very powerful, and the beautiful packaging can quickly attract the attention of potential users and promote customer purchase.

More than 80% of eyelash suppliers are going to show eyelash products through social media platforms, and this marketing model needs more beautiful

packaging to support.


The biggest problem faced by eyelash entrepreneurs is the small-volume custom packaging box. To be honest, the packaging factory prefers to get

milk, alcohol, and cosmetics packaging orders. Because these products have large orders, the order quantity is more than 10,000, and the eyelashes

box order are smaller. In terms of the lash box, 100 pieces are considered to be  large order, but in the factory’s view, it is still a small potato, and the paper card

box evem has a minimum order of 500, which severely limits the development of the brand eyelashes.


The very exciting thing is that there are some low-order lash box suppliers in 2019. They also provide lash box customization while supplying eyelashes.

Their minimum order quantity is very low, only 30; they have a lot of packaging boxes. more than 100 models; They update the lash packaging box very

fast, updating 6 varieties every month; They has their own design team, who make the customer’s logo picture and brand information onto box perfectly,

they also assist customers to make logo; Custom packaging box production speed is very Fast, committed to 3 working days.


This is a great help for newcomers to start off lash line with personal branded. Such lash packaging box vendors should be known by more eyelash

entrepreneurs! Based on our own statistics and customer feedback, this article has launched 10 custom lash box vendors with low moq, and also will do a

brief introduction on them as well as lash box.

 lash box manufacturer  Category  Minimum Order Quantity Time For Design Logo Time For Producing Boxes
Aupres  Lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box   24 pieces  24 hours   4 working days
Dior Lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box  30 pieces  24 hours  4-5 working days
MIIS LASHES mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
Shalimar Lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
Dunhill lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
misen lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
Garnier Lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
Anr  Lashes mink lashes,tweezers,glue,brush,lash boxes 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
Gianni lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days
Aramis Lashes mink lashee, tweezers, glue, brush,lash box 30 pieces 24 hours 4 working days



Aupres Lashes is a supplier with a low order quantity starting earlier, with a minimum order quantity of 24 boxes;

Custom lash box, need the customer provides logo images and brand information. If the customer orders are more than 30 pairs, they can also help
the customer to design the

logo free charge!  Aupres lashes has its own powerful design team, which can provide the customer satisfaction renderings in one

day. They promise within 3 working days producing all lash boxes!

Aupres lashes’ policy is to pay a deposit of 20 dollars , then start to make simulate pictures till get the customers approval , then start producing box

with logo, Customers can make 3 free changes to their own LOGO!

There are more than 80 types of Aupres Lashes packaging boxes, and the new eyelash boxes are updated every week, so maintaining close contact

with Aupres is very helpful for your eyelash business.

7 days a week, New York time 6:00pm – 9:00 the next day can find them on her Instagram official number and WhatsApp

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A Happy And Profitable Industry  – Eyelash Business

A Happy And Profitable Industry  – Eyelash Business

Mink eyelashes are a very timely feedback product. When my customer receives her mink eyelashes, she must try it on the first time, test and  experience it in first one minute! When she feel it fashion and comfortable, she can not wait to share it with you in time. This is the most happy time for me.

Aupres lashes is a wholesale lash vendors USA, she supply 100% cruelty free mink lashes, 6 types handmade mink lashes with nearly 100 styles, from 25mm lashes to 20mm mink strip lashes, and 3D regular mink lashes, Excellent quality, stylish style, sought after by many American ladies.

15mm lashes DC66


Aupres lashes also is a custom lash packaging box vendors USA, we are unique company all over the world who can supply custom lash box with only 30 minimum order quantity and only 3 days producing time, you can invest very low costs and within a very short time, start off your brand lash business!!


custom lash packaging box

Great praise feedback always give me positive energy, i can do much more works and service to  my customers, help them to create their own famous lash brand, gain more profits, that’s my excited thing!


custom praise

Hope you can same with me, with help of excellent quality mink strip lashes and best lash packaging box, you can happily create your lash brand, get more excited feedback, bring beauty to your customers, get praise comments from your customer, happily gain your profits.

25mm Lashes DL13


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What do I need to start off my own lash brand ?

What Do I Need To Start Off My Own Lash Brand ?

“Hello, my name is Karla Yamada and I am interested in creating my own Lash Line. I am new to this and do not know any information, I was wondering if you can help me out ? I do have a couple questions if you don’t mind.
1) What do I need to start off my own lash brand ?  2) How can I create my own set of lashes ?  3) How does the distribution work ?”

Eyelash line business definitely fired this year, many ladies ask same questions frequently, they want to get a standard answer from me,  honestly speaking, i am very glad to help you to establish your lash line, because on this intranet society, help you help me, you win my win is a common sense.

  You are sooo lucky you meet me, as a wholesale lash vendors USA, based many year mink lash business,  i Summarized  very useful  processes that can help you build your own eyelash brand as quickly as possible. Just follow it the step by step:

1. Get your beautiful lash logo, this is very simple work

Everybody know a brand mink lash at least $3 expensive than bulk mink lashes! Each eyelash brand has its own logo, which will distinguish it from other mink eyelash brands.You are very fortunate!!! Aupres Lashes  can design your logo for free of charge!!! Our designers have many years of design experience. If you don’t have your own logo yet, please contact us.

siberian mink lashes 3D22

2. Know who is your customer, what size and style mink lashes they want! this is a hard work!

When you know who is your customers, you know what mink lashes they want!

Get a comprehensive picture of what styles of eyelashes your customers like and the price they can accept. Accurately locate the market and have more customers.Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelash sales. Recently, the most popular mink eyelash styles are mainly these. You can refer to it.

3. Find a liable wholesale lash vendor

This is pretty important for you, only best wholesale lash vendors can supply you great quality mink lashes and fashion styles. This is the base for you lash brand!

You are so lucky you meet Aupres Lashes, who can do all above and also supply you best quality custom lash packaging boxes!  They can also quickly ship out your

orders, let you first time bring your customers new and fashion lash styles.

4. Promote your lash brand! A Very Interesting And Excited work

This is a long term and continuously fantasy works! Imagine when you sell your best quality and fashion lashes to a new customer, you must get very good and

exciting feedback from her, this will encourage you to get more energy on promoting your lash brand,  you are excited to find more and more customers, then you get

success! When you get enough group customers, you can get your promoting work very easy!

Love eyelashes, love wholesale lash vendors, love your customers, bring beauty to everyone, works with love and patient, three months later, you will find  you successed!

Hope this blogger can bring you to a right direction, lead you to success!

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What Is The Best Way To Start A Lash Business As A Beginner?

Aupres Lashes–A wholesale lash vendor engaged in supply  best quality mink lashes and beautiful lash packaging, help you to create your personal lash Brand!

What Is The Best Way To Start A Lash Business As A Beginner?

No matter what business we do, we are working hard in the direction of success. So what is the success of lash line business?
I personally consider that when you have a lot of loyal mink lash consumers who buy repeatedly from you, then you are succeed.

lash box vendors

In order to achieve this goal, the best way is to continuously develop, consolidate and stabilize the mink lash users, turn the eyelash purchasers you can reach into your loyal users, and they can help you promote your mink lashes and promote your brand!


To do this, first of all you need to find an eyelash vendor like AUPRES LASHES, who can offers you best quality and best-selling mink lashes in USA. When your customers try it, they will definitely fall in love with it and can’t live without it.

15mm lashes DC18

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

Of course, beautiful custom lash packaging boxes are always the best way to attract customers, especially in USA.The pleasing packaging boxes will make your potential customers have the desire to buy eyelashes, so that you can save a lot of work in new customer development.


custom eyelash packaging usa

Anyone, any business will not succeed casually. After the customer purchases your eyelashes, you should call back frequently, give him advice on use, maintenance and new purchases, and let customers become your fans.


lash packaging vendor

Although the network is very developed, and through advertising means, your potential users can access your products, but you must constantly improve the level and ability of your own customer service, do not rush to seek success, use the start-up capital to roll forward, slowly Fermentation, this is the best way for beginners to start eyelash business.

20mm lashes DM26

eyelash vendors usa