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Why 25mm Mink Strip Lashes DH003 So Popular?

Why 25mm Mink Strip Lashes DH003 So Popular?

Since the launch of the 25mm mink strip lashes in August 2018, DH003 has been out of stock, Why is it so popular?

We are lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendors, because we have 10 25mm mink strip lashes styles listed, although the factory has more than 200 workers, the number of workers on DH003 producing line are fixed. We use the best mink  tail hairs to produce mink lashes, 100% handcraft. With the increase of mature workers on the production line, the output of DH003 is increasing, but the market demand is also increasing due to the expansion of product influence, and it is always in a state of shortage.

All of our Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes are purely artificial, no machine selection mink hairs and no machine placement of mink hair layers. Use the most skilled craftsmen, choose the best mink hair tail hairs, use the best glue to paste the eyelashes band,the best cotton thread for eyelash stems, not chemical raw materials to deal with eyelash curling, so all the eyelashes are very good quality, the eyelashes are elegant, the hair is shiny, the curl is natural, the weight is small, the wear and the removal are easy, so our 25mm eyelashes are very popular, Aupres lashes became Best Mink Lash Supplier and Most popular Wholesale False Eyelashes Supplier in the past year 2018.


Then why is DH003 so popular?

But in addition to these above factors, DH003 25mm mink strip lashes has its special fashion elements. People who like long eyelashes like it, when they first see it. Whether she  is Wing eyes or Round eyes, just fall in love with it!!!

Do you know why????

Can you tell me why ????

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Which is best eyelash packaging?

Which Is Best Eyelash Packaging?



Aupres lashes famous lash manufacturer,wholesale lash vendor,our lash mink 3d Supplier price very cheap, some styles only 3.5 dollars one pair.

But why some of our clients can not earn money from the business? Because they always want to order Mink Lash Packaging Box to load the mink lashes,

the box are 2.5 dollars each one, and our popular 20mm mink strip lashes just only with a Lash Wholesale price 5.5 dollars,  Eyelash Custom Packaging

Box occupied 45% of the cost.

We are Best Mink Lash Supplier, we designed one best eyelash packaging method to support lash line beginner, if they can well operating,

they can get free eyelash packaging, in this case, they can earn money, and the mink lash customer can save money, get perfect results.

Now let we use DM03 as an example to say how it was works, we can see the beautiful DM03 mink lashes below.


DM03 20mm mink lashes

Then we compare two different  EyeLash Packaging Box


                                                                Eyelash Packaging Case With Private Label



                                                                     Custom  Eyelash  Packaging  Eyelash Box

This case with mini logo sticker are very cartoon and very beautiful, sticker 10 dollars for 250 pieces, design and print within one day,

when you accumulate order up to 60 pieces, you can get free of them, before you pay only 0.5 dollar one pair.

But for the box, you need three days design a simulate pictures, and they ten days producing the boxes,

MOQ 60 pieces and with price 2.5 dollars each one, you not only pay more money, but also waste much time.

Then we compare the two packaging nearly, to see the really effects of beauty.


You can see the DM03 load into acrylic case shows much more fluffy and long. thick than that in the box, as Wholesale False Eyelashes Supplier,

we know that eyelash are handcraft and appear looking products, so the lash case packaging are more beautiful than in a box, then it must easy to sell with a high price, do you agree ?

If you are going to buy our mink lashes, all mink lashes length less than 20mm, you can use this acrylic cases, we support you!!

Aupres lashes not only wholesale mink lashes, we wholesale services for our customers, packaging, logistic, and so on.

Save money from Eyelash Custom Packaging Box, you win then i win, hope you succeed in every respects.



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How To Start Lash Line Can Earn Dallors?

How To Start Lash Line Can Earn Dollars?(I)


Yuana is my new client, she is gona to start her new lash line, and she selected me as her lash vendor, because she is good at

makeup and she knows that our mink lashes are better than our pictures shows, she is a  great lady, with about 12k followers

on Instagram, and most important is she know how to collaborate with others. See following dialogues you can see what is the

style she treat lash vendor!

(We, Aupres lashes are ten years history mink lash manufacturers, wholesale lash vendors, every month we have new styles

release to the market, we know what mink lashes are popular in the market, so we are always recommend popular mink strip

lashes to our clients, popular means easy sell and profits,  we always recommend new styles, mink lashes are luxury handcrafted

make up product, new styles means you are exclusively get, then you can gain more new customer and sells without discount, so

popular and new styles are always the best choice for mink lashes beginners)

You can see from the dialogue,  Ms  Yuana  only say a few words, then she get what she want, that is within the budgets,

choose 3-5 styles for starting new lines,  one or two month later, when she gathered much faith clients, then she can get more


By the way, Ms Yuana have 12k follower on Instagram, that is a very big sources, and when she start her mink lash business,

i believe she will get more and more follower, you know mink lashes are very easy to let you shout out!!

Remember, when you are not professional,  get suggestion from lash vendors is first step to earn dollars.






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How To Gain Free Eyelash Cases From Aupres lashes ?

How To Gain Free Eyelash Cases From Lash Vendors?

Good Mink Lashes Must Be Packaged

When you start your own lash line, eyelash packaging is a matter that must be well deal with. To create your own lash brand, you can’t use free packaging. It’s just a lash tray. If you use only one eyelash tray for high-end lashes, then just like a beauty lady wore beggar clothes, you don’t want even to take a look at it.Here tell you a tips how to gain free beautiful cases from eyelash vendors china, Aupreslashes.

Good Mink Lash Packaging Must Cost a Lot Of Money

But if you custom eyelash packaging and make a box with your own logo, the cost will be $2.50 one piece, and the minimal order quantity will be 60. In the early days of the venture, are you sure you can sell 60 eyelashes soon? Each plus 2.5 dollars will naturally push your eyelashes to a higher price. Do you believe that your consumers are willing to buy this eyelash at a higher price? If you set the price low, then your consumer will be happy, but can you make money? Doing business does not make money, will you continue to do it?

 You Should Learn To Be a Businessman , Control  Cost of  Eyelash Packaging

Many customers started to do mink lash business, and she still regarded herself as a consumer and did not learn to control costs.  They think that the private label lash suppliers-Aupres lashes mink strip lashes are very beautiful, so high-end, must be equipped with a beautiful custom-made packaging with their own logo, , but they never thought of  this will push up the price of mink lashes, it will be very difficult to sell. If you want be eyelash vendors wholesale USA, Then you must change your customers consumer habits and thinking methods. I can be sure that the mink lashes are not as easy to sell as they thought before. Even if they are sold, because the cost is high, the profits are naturally low. If you don’t have profits, will you return to buy? So you should learn to change from a consumer to an operator and learn to control costs.


    How To Gain Free Eyelash Packaging From Aupres Lashes?

Then how do you control eyelash packaging costs? A very exciting news for you, great news, you can Gain free beautiful lash cases from Aupres lashes, you can also getting with your logo, not exciting?

In consideration of saving money for the new customer, Aupres lashes, best mink eyelash vendors, who has enter into customers eyelash vendors list published  two very favorable policies for the new eyelash operators. First , 10 dollars help you print 250 logo sticker  and can design mini logo stickers within one day. You can get free transparent acrylic Box if order 60 pairs of mink lashes, please pay attention that it is not 60 order one time, it is a accumulative order of 60 pairs. Then you will ask how about less than 60 pairs?

25mm mink strip lashes DH003

OK, there is no moq limitation,  if your order less than 60, you only pay 0.5 dollar for it which is worth 1 dollar. As long as you can purchase 60 pairs of mink lashes in total, return the price of the box of $0.5 to you. Give you none time limits. Aupres lashes eyelash manufacturer china are so high quality, acrylic gemstone boxes are very beautiful, $2 less than other eyelash packaging box, then you have a great competitive advantage. I think even if you are part-time, you can sell 60 pairs of Aupres eyelashes a month.

     Can Such Packaging Affect Your Brand Creation?

Put a logo sticker specially printed for you on the eyelash tray. Okay, then a good eyelash can be seen at a glance. The sticker is clearly marked with your unique logo, the price is reduced, and your profit is also available. You spend less and buy better eyelashes, everyone is happy, right?


Will there be customers who don’t buy your high-end eyelashes because your packaging is not beautiful? I don’t think so, they are definitely willing to repeat the purchase. But suppose you use a high-end box and put on the quality of the eyelashes, so the customer will be disappointed, compared to the box, they care more care beautiful and comfortable mink lashes, right?

You are thoroughly think for the customer, the customer definitely likes, they like the low price but high quality mink strip lashes, then they will spread for you, repeat the purchase, this is the how brand forms, the brand is not only a beautiful packaging, but also a performance you think for the customer.

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how to get your mink lash band soften and flexible ?

  How To Get  Mink Lash Band Soften and Flexible ?


Much clients ask two questions, why some mink strip lashes band so stiff, especially 20mm mink strip lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes?  How to get mink lash band soft and flexible?  How to wash or clean the mink lashes?


Why Are Mink Lashes Band So Stiff And Thick?

This is a very simple thing for us, because we are lash manufacturer, a  wholesale lash vendors, we have 12 years experiences on mink lashes. All mink lashes we produced are with soft band and light weight, but this can not prevent us know why  some mink lashes stiff and thick, because we know every details how to make best mink lashes, we know the reason of it.

25mm mink strip lashes, compare to regular 3D mink lashes, they are at least use 3 times mink hairs, the band, which is made of soft cotton thread, and use glue to stick the mink hairs onto it, turns into  thick and heavy, that is normal situation. So only when we solve the this problem, then you can get soft and thinner lash band.

Some other lash factory, they use machine to lay the mink hairs, this must get some part of mink lash band with more hair root, and they use normal glue to stick it, and the glue also not

well distributed, the workers are not skillful, so the band are somewhere with little knots, band itself stiff, not flexible, and even may hurt your eyelid.

Aupres lashes,  leading lash manufacturer of 20mm mink strip lashes  and 25mm mink strip lashes, never meet this kind complaints from customers. Because we have well trained skillful workers, they select the hairs carefully by hand, and lay every layer by hand, and we use the best glue to stick the bread and hairs, so the results is our mink strip lashes with a lightweight and soft band.

How To Get The Mink Lash Band Soft And Flexible? 

When you bought a inferior quality 25mm mink strip lashes with hard thick band, do not worry,  now as i know why it si so stiff, then i know how to get it soft and flexible, but be careful, pick a lighter and your lashes,  use the lighter to roast around the band, make sure that you do not burn them,  just that you’re standing far away from it as possible and this will just mouth the band on your lashes and it’ll make it a lot more flexible.

As you can see now they are little bit more flexible and you can just pop them on to your lashes and your are good to go now,  if you don’t feel comfortable with applying some heat to the banner of your lashes, or you can do is just make them into a circle ,  you can just leave them on for a while this will help the lash be a little bit more flexible. You can also take a brush whatever an eye bursh whatever you have and just place the lashes around the actual brush and that will also help soften the bands that way, it’s not too thick and it doesn’t poke your eye.

Please remember, when you want to buy 20mm/25mm mink strip lashes, buy it from Aupreslasehs, only Aupres lashes can make perfect 25mm mink strip lashes.

How To Cleaning Your Mink Lashes?

The next tip i have for you guys is if you have some lashes that you love,  and that you just are not ready to part with,  i know that lashes can get dirty with eyeshadow fallout bitter, fallout dirty with glue , don’t throw them away, do not throw your lashes away.  You have to do is grab a little bit of micellar water, this is my faorite one.  it is my Garnier its amazing it takes off all my makeup for my skin,  all i do is i grab a little Q- -tip when it’s back and forth through the lashes, i also use that same q-tip and i just clean around the band eare make sure that you do this a few times.

Remember, our mink lashes are lightweight, so every time you only use very little very little very little glue on it,  this also make your mink strip lashes light, and easy to applying on and take off, do not use powerful glue to apply your mink lashes, unless you want to wearing it to swimming.

Also remember, if you want buy long lashes, Aupres lashes supply you 20mm mink strip lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes with all styles.


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25mm mink strip lashes VS long eyelash extension

25mm Mink Strip Lashes VS Long Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension is a very mature technology, and it is also the favorite makeup of rich women. It can last for half a month to one month.

The traditional eyelash planting is based on nature concept. The eyelashes are selected according to their face color, eye shape and eyelash curvature. They match the face shape very carefully. When  the eyelashes are planted, they are slightly encrypted, lengthened, and the beauty effect is amazing, showing the natural beauty.

Nowadays, long eyelashes are popular, with exaggerated deep makeup, which is very eye-catching. Both the extension and the false eyelashes have the effect of lengthening the eyelashes.

In August 2018, Aupres lashes, a famous lash manufacturer and wholesale lash vendors, successfully launched the 25mm mink strip lashes, immediately it caused a trend of super long eyelashes make up. Beauty salons and beauty artists are required to make long eyelashes extension, but the effect is not good compare to Aupres lashes’ 25mm mink strip lashes. First, they can not make the hairs perked up degree like mink lashes, second, 2 weeks later after planting, eyelashes extension are fall off with the eyelash, left big vacant, and clients only can use mascara  to amend it perfect, this will cost much time and effort.  Then, beauty salons and beauty artists buy 25mm mink strip lashes from Aupres lashes on the request of their long eyelash enthusiasts clients.

Now we analyze the advantages of eyelashes extension and 25mm eyelashes from various aspects, and provide them for  your reference.

 Price Of Eyelash Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

The price of 25mm mink strip lashes from Aupres  lashes is the wholesale price with excellent custom eyelash packaging, cost to US only $11.5, with markets price $25-40, the eyelash extension is $80 one time for lift on only, if same time lift on and lift out, one set service about $120.

Wear Times Lash Time Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Aupres lashes’ 25mm mink strip lashes, after simple training, applying on eyelashes and taking off eyelashes time five minutes a day, it can use 25 times with proper care;  eyelash extension,no need to care within two weeks, very convenient; after two weeks, you need to use a  brush to comfy with mascara. It takes 5 minutes per day. After four weeks, the real eyelashes are basically updated, then extension disappeared. The overall usage time is the same as the time with high quality Aupres 25mm mink strip lashes.

 Care And Maintenance Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Eyelash extension, planting eyelashes for 90 minutes,  must avoid to get in touch with water or moisture within 24 hours after planting eyelashes, allowing the glue to dry out to keep it in use; after 2 weeks, as the eyelashes naturally update, the extended eyelashes also fall, forming The pores of the eyelashes need to be combed with eyelashes every day. Use mascara to close the adjacent eyelashes to make up the pores caused by the falling of the eyelashes. The pores of the large eyelashes are large, and the combing must be done with care. This time lasts for 2-3 weeks, the process is not complicated, waste not too much time;

Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes can be reused for 25 times. Each 6 time you use it, you need to clean it. The cleaning time is 15 minutes. It mainly cleans the glue on the lash band. If anyone likes to use mascara, you need to clean the mascara at the root of the hair.

 Using Occasions Eyelash Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Eyelash extension, can not touch oily cosmetics and tap water with high chlorine content, oily cosmetics will decompose glue, let the extended eyelashes fall off; if the city water supply use chlorine for disinfection, then chlorine water also can hurt your eyelash extension, it will lead to eyelashes extension fall off, you can’t swim in the pool, you can’t dive, and the friction will make the eyelashes fall off. Once you make your eyelash extension, you can’t change the eyelash style within a month, unless you spend money to remove it and do  the other styles of eyelash extension.

25mm mink strip lashes, can be picked up at any time and enter different occasions. This is very convenient; if you are socially needed or tired of one styles,  okay change another style, only five minutes, you can pick it at any time, regardless of location.

Beauty Style Eyelash Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Eyelash extension, once the eyelashes are planted, it is necessary to keep this style unchanged within a month. If you make a short eyelashes extension, you can apply mink strip lashes to change your eyelashes style, but when you make a long eyelashes extension, you can not change any more, which is very rigid.

Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes can be removed at any time for other styles of eyelashes, which is a big advantage over eyelash extension.


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Why only Aupres lashes can make best big mink strip lashes?

Why Only Aupres Lashes Can Make

Best 25mm Mink Strip Lashes?

25mm Mink Strip Lashes Are Very Popular

Since the production of 25mm mink strip lashess by Aupres, the large eyelashes have become more and more popular. The Aupres  lashes have released 18mm mink lashes based on the basic model of 16mm mink lashes. It is very popular. In the popular 2018 style, the 18mm mink lashes style is Occupy six models, such as 3D09B, 3D08A, 3D13YL, 3D22YL, 3D35YL, 3D66YL, on this basis, Aupres has developed and improved 12 models of 25mm mink strip lashes, 8 models of 20mm mink strip lashes, which are favored by long eyelash enthusiasts, and the products are in short supply. Several varieties were out of stock from November 2018 and were relieved in mid-January 2019.

25mm Mink Strip Lashes Must Be Perked Up At The End To Be Perfect

We know that the traditional short mink lashes are natural, you applying the mink lashes like nothing wearing, this state is the highest level of short eyelashes. When the girl who wearing with a pair of best eyelashes, she always proudly said, “My boyfriend didn’t find me with false eyelashes”, this sentence describes the relaxed, natural and comfortable short eyelashes.

The big mink strip lashes are the opposite. The false eyelash is more layers ,fluffy thick, and her style is flamboyant, unrestrained and strong. If you make it the same procedure with  short false eyelash, the eyelash is like hanging a fan on the eyelid. It is very ugly like a big black mass, and the false eyelash are heavy. Your mink strip lashes are not able to support it. You can only use mascara to continue to the forehead with brush, in order to make the mink lashes better combined with their own eyelashes, it looks more natural and realistic, but the quality and weight of the mink lashes have made her dress unnatural already.

The difference between 25mm mink strip lashes and short mink lashes is that there must be a good degree of bending, so that you can find a good support point for the eyelashes. The upturned eyelashes can open the eyes and bring a better beauty effect. This is very important. Why are 25mm mink strip lashes so popular, there is no factory to make this product in the market? no 25mm mink strip lashes to sell this product? It is because no factory can make good curled up mink lashes, this is difficult to do, and it cannot be done without mature technology and skilled labor.


Only Aupres Lashes Make Beautiful 25mm Mink Strip Lashes


After a long period of research, Aupres  lashes the famous lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendors has already overcome this difficulty. Skilled technical workers, according to the technical drawings, manually layered a layer of  mink hairs, and then use the combination of heat and force, using exclusive and unique technology, with a 7-day cycle to meet the bending standards required by the designer. The core technology for making the perfect curl of the 25mm mink strip lashes is only owned by Aupres lashes, so now only Aupres lashes can make beautiful 25mm mink strip lashes.

Beauty Salons And MUA Buy 25mm Mink Strip Lashes From Aupres Lashes


Now a lot of beauty salons, eyelash beauty artists are also starting to buy 25mm mink strip lashes from us, because they can’t make such long  mink hairs with perk up hairs, they give Long eyelashes made by customers must be processed with eyelash curlers and mascara every day to achieve the effect of upturning. This is very troublesome, and no one likes to do so. Because Aupres lashes’ 25mm mink strips are purely artificially placed and purely physical, so its cost is high, naturally its price is also high, and the customer experience is also very good. For a penny, you want to get a good enjoyment, of course you have to pay a relatively high price.

What Is Wrong With 25mm Mink Strip Lashes In The Market?

  1. The mink hairs selected by the machine are inconsistent in thickness, and the roots of the mink lashes are neat, and the gap between the ends of the hairs is messy, irregular, not beautiful.
  2. Bending upturned with chemical dyes, causing damage to the tip of the hair. The gloss of the mink hair itself is destroyed, the mink hairs no longer shining beautiful, but the color of the dark hair is the same as the artificial plastic eyelashes.
  3. The band is thick, the mink hairs selected by the machine, the hairs licking of the machine, semi-manually manufactured, the eyelashes are uneven, the eyelash band are thick, the place is thin, and the support for the eyelashes is not uniform.
  4. Single-layer eyelashes use more eyelashes than Aupres lashes. The number of layers is less, and the whole eyelashes are loose and not compact. The support of these mink lashes and eyelashes is naturally weak. It is necessary to use mascara to adhere to their own eyelashes. The eyelashes are stable, which increases the weight of the eyelashes. After wearing it, it looks stiff, not flowing, unnatural, and uncomfortable for the user.

To Enjoy High Quality 25mm Mink Strip Lashes, Look For Aupres Lashes.

Eyelashes are artificially made products. Exquisite technology, experienced lash workers can make beautiful and beautiful eyelashes. If you only pay attention to the output, use the machine instead of the artificial, you can never make a perfect big eyelash. To enjoy high quality mink lashes, look for Aupres lashes.

Aupres mink strip lashes are of good quality, reasonable price and good after service. Whether you use it yourself or do market operations, Aupres is your most trusted lash vendor.


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How to start up lash line through YouTube?

How To Start Up Mink Lash Line Through YouTube?

Content marketing through social networking sites is a popular trend in business today. YouTube is the second largest social networking site after Facebook, We post videos on YouTube, to show to customers the mink strip lashes and prices they need,so that customers can correctly choose the mink strip lashes they need. This is the best way to get customer consultation and customer orders quickly. Then, how to start up mink lash line business through YouTube?

You should frequently, at least two times one week upload your videos to show following informations:

  Let  Customer Know  You Have The High Quality Mink Lashes

First, by uploading the Mink lashes video, let the customer know that you have the high quality mink lashes they need, and the price is very good. Take our Aupres lashes 5D mink eyelashes as an example. These 20mm mink strip lashes length is between 18 and 21 mm.


Designers pay attention to products quality while adding a lot of fashion elements, which is fatal attractive to long eyelashes lover. And  it’s  price is just only 5.5 US dollars, can be used more than 25 times, even if it is quickly transported to the United States, its cost price is only 7 US dollars. It is quality at least 2 grades higher than the artificial fake eyelashes which priced at 7 US dollars,  so we give it the price with 15 dollar is very reasonable, such eyelashes are naturally very cost-effective, and starting your eyelash business with 20mm mink strip lashes is naturally easy to create commercial returns.

  Your Mink  lashes Are Easy To Wear And Easy To Maintain

Secondly, let the customer know that your 20 mink strip lashes are easy to wear and easy to maintain. To be honest, our 20mm mink strip lashes are made of mink hair and are very lightweight; the cotton eyelashes band are soft and comfortable, very easy to wear, and easy to cross-mix with their own eyelashes. They look very natural and comfortable to wear. Just clean it when use it once every six times, remove the glue residue from the eyelashes, and then blow it dry with a hair dryer. It is easy to maintain and continue to use. The wear and maintenance process is passed to the customer through the video, which can easily lead to the purchase interest of the customer.


     The  Before And After Wearing Mink  Lashes

Of course, you must make a video to show how big different contrast between the  before and after wearing mink lashes, choose the eyelash that suits your eye shape, applying the mink strip lashes, your eyes are big, the eyes are deep, and the makeup effect is very obvious. Our 20mm mink strip lashes are of moderate length. Basically, don’t put too much makeup on the face, so that customers can feel the simple make-up can match this eyelash, so that the customer’s interest will be better, and the desire to buy will be more intense. Everyone doesn’t like trouble. Everyone doesn’t like the complicated makeup like an actor. So it’s as simple as it is. Your video content must pass such a signal so that your customers will like it.

    Update Your Video Regularly Relate To Mink Strip Lashes Or Make UP

It’s very important to update your video regularly. It is recommended that you update it twice a week. You can record a short video, within 5 minutes each time, with one or two details at a time. For example, videos on applying eyelashes, videos for cleaning eyelashes, videos for pull off eyelashes, video for maintaining eyelashes, etc., so that you can attract more eyelash enthusiasts. After a period of practice, you have more subscribers. The comments will let Google Engine recommend your channel to more consumers to search, so you have more subscriptions, your content will be more people to watch, naturally there are consumers. Recording videos must record the content of the eyelashes that consumers care about, starting from the common details, so that there is no preaching, it is easier for consumers to accept, accept you, and accept your eyelashes.

   As Long As You Persist, You Will Succeed.

I believe that if you can persist for a month, you have a very good consumer group, and through their good feedback using our high quality eyelashes, your customer base will grow bigger and bigger; In three month, you will be able to successfully make your own small brand and achieve your normal business goals. As long as you persist, you will succeed.


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Mink eyelashes — the most natural false eyelashes?

Why mink lashes are the most natural eyelashes?

What are mink lashes?

The most common false eyelashes on the market are made of synthetic materials, usually plastic fibers, which look unnatural because they are thicker than normal human eyelashes and have shorter ends. They can also be quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear because of thicker and less ductile straps.

In contrast, minks lashes have light mink hairs and are comfortable to wear because their fibers are softer, lighter and naturally curly. Auperes mink lashes, which we also use handmade cotton straps, are very flexible and offer unparalleled comfort and ease of application. Each strand of his mink’s eyelashes is hand-crafted to create a unique natural effect that no machine or artificial eyelash can emulate. Each hair is super-fine, with tapering ends and eyelashes that are almost identical to your own.

One advantage of artificial eyelashes is that they tend to be a cheap product, usually $10 to $20 at your local beauty retailer. They are usually worn once, or at most three or four times. On the other hand, Auperes mink lashes can be worn up to 25 times for proper care, which often proves to be a higher price point. Combining high-quality materials and beautiful style, this is a wise investment in any lady’s makeup bag.

There are 4 different lengths, and more than one for each length. Our collection offers a variety of natural false eyelashes.

So what are mink eyelashes made of? They are made from real mink hairs, which makes them look lighter, softer, puffy and ultimately more natural, matching the similar qualities of human natural eyelashes. Because the quality of a material of mink eyelash is fine, weight is light, can use repeatedly!

Let’s start with the two most common questions:

how natural do mink lashes look?

Are these Mink Lashes Comfortable?

How natural mink lashes looks?

This is the advantage of mink lashes in comparing the two. Mink hair is naturally soft and delicate, giving a very light feeling in the wearing process of mink lashes. Its luster is lower, and it looks more beautiful and natural. Because eyelash lines are ultra-thin and tapered, they have a pretty curly look, and once used, they are almost indistinguishable from your natural eyelashes.

For Aupres mink strip lashes, we also use a very flexible cotton ribbon that is handmade, which makes them super comfortable and easy to use. Due to our unique production process and quality materials, our mink lashes can be worn many times!

How is the price for mink strip lashes?

As they say, you get what you pay for. Depending on the reason you need eyelashes, you may want to consider the price differences we will list below! I’m sure you can guess the price of mink lashes is a little higher now. The average price for a pair of mink lashes is around $20- $35. You can find them in makeup/beauty stores, department stores. But as lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendors, our mink strip lashes only 3.5-8 dollars one pair based China, how cheaper they are!  This is a higher price point because it is a more advanced product, but it can be seen as an investment because you can get multiple wear on each pair.

Who and Where are using the mink lashes? 

After considering the different quality and comfort points, as well as the price point, considering what you really need them for will definitely help you choose between the two!

You’re wearing  mink lashes for the first time:

If you’re curious about your first mink lashes, this is a great place to start! Just remember, artificial eyelashes need plastic straps, which are more picky

and harder to use, so be patient!

Mink eyelashes – weddings/special occasions

What better way to splurge on the best things than your big day?For weddings and other very special occasions, mink eyelashes are sure to make your look even better.You don’t want to feel uncomfortable on an occasion like this. You want the best, the most glamorous.

You are a makeup/beauty lover:

Mink lashes are your thing! They are the holy grail of false eyelashes, and you won’t find a better one on the market today. With a versatile collection and unique design, you can find a pair that matches any look you can dream of!


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How to control the quality of mink hair eyelash?

How To Control The Quality Of Mink Strip Lash?


Control the quality of the mink strip lashes key areas are in the production of mink strip lashes, in the process of production control. But the after mink lashes  produced, packing, delivery period will still have the wrong box, the condition of high quality batch does not exist, so this blog from the product production, do the necessary work before delivery, introduces how to control the quality of the mink lashes in this section!

Aupres lashes, an excellent mink lash manufacturer, eyelash wholesale vendors, focus on produce high-end mink lashes, so in addition to the production process control, but also the necessary checking before shipment, in order to prevent hair wrong goods, get rid of unqualified mink lashes out , sell the best mink strip lashes to our customers.

This is how we usually control the quality of the mink lashes.

The first step, check all eyelashes and packing list, to prevent the wrong eyelashes sent to the customer.

Second, spot check the quality of mink lashes, focusing on:

1. No chemical smell
2. while washing with water no mink hairs fall off, and test the mink lashes bands durable or not
3. Water will not turbid after washed the mink strip lashes
4. The white tissue paper not turn to black and no mink hairs
fall off when the mink strip lashes rubbed inside the paper
5. The mink strip lashes restore the original 3 dimensional effects
when it is blow dry.
Quality Control through every chain point, then we can supply
our clients best quality mink strip lashes.

The 3rd step, spot check the mink hair eyelash that the client customized, its length, curl degree, eyelash arranges density, whether reached the requirement of the clients.

The fourth step is to check whether the box can match the length of Mink lashes, and whether the mink lashes curler can match the eyelash curler.Triangle lashes tray are small, suitble for small lashes;Round lash tray also divides big tray and small tray, holds long eyelash and short eyelash respectively.

Fifth, check wether the mink lash is clean, whether there is wear and tear, wether mink eyelash is reused, customers every time out to put back the eyelash eyelash on, still have to close the box, so the eyelash is also very important, so need to check whether the eyelash and box is compact connection, ensure the eyelash between the box and can not have big pore, prevent the eyelash eyelash transit to move inside the box, damage eyelashes.