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How to serve our customer?

How to server our customer?

Why so many lash lovers start false eyelash line?

As one most popular lash vendor, we usually wholesale eyelash to middlemen, middlemen retail it all over the world. But with the development of net C to C style, many makeup lover get into the market, start their eyelashes  line business. They are braver, through hard work and continuously showing videos and photos on Instagram and YouTube.. get satisfied profits.They are newer, maybe never do business, they are not so  thoughtful, then some more strange requirement coming, here following is cut screen from Instagram,  to see how we serve our customer!

What are they cares first?

They are so love our 3D Siberian mink lash, so at first time usually to say:

Hi guys, your eyelashes are so pretty, i love them, what are your wholesale price?

Are you custom packages? I like this box style, but i don’t like the color, give more box pictures please!

Without get any answer, they pass much of pictures from Instagram which you published days before, at the time,

Its very busy to answer their questions, so i  have to slow down her rhythm, “Hello dear, i am LeeYang from China,can i have your name?”

Then they may answer you politely:”Hi, i am Nancy, what is your wholesale price?”



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How to apply false eyelash for a beginner?

     How To Apply False Eyelash For a Beginner?


 How To Apply False Eyelash For a Beginner?

As a luxury lash vendor, we wholesale our 3d mink lashes all over the world, most new eyelash user ask us, how to wear our 100% hand craft eyelashes?

Compare to others, false eyelash wearing and pick off very simple, short time used, and easy to change to different styles, this bring a greatly convenience to busy  modern female, especially for office lady,

Now we discuss a beginner, how to apply false eyelashes:

Tools needed

First of all, prepare eyelash tools, a mirror, a scissor, tweezers, a bottle of eyelash glue and an eyelash brush.

Measure length, Cut off edges

Take eyelash, face mirror, measure the length of your eyelashes with your eye.then you know how the length of eyelash you should remain, then use your scissor cutting down part of your eyelash from both side of the eyelash to suit your eye’s length.

Apply glue

Apply a small amount of glue to the root of your eyelashes. Swing eyelash,probably 30 seconds or so, wait for glue to solidify a bit and half dried.

Put on eyelashes press both corner

Pick up central part of false eyelashes ,get in touch with your middle upper eyelid near eyeline, this time ,eyelash is pasted on the middle eyelid near eyeline,

Next to pull eyelashes into inner corner side of your eye and press slightly to immobilize it, same action doing outside corner of your eye make it immobilization.

Now main work finished, next on let do some embellish work to make it more immobilize and look more beautiful.

Brush eyelash

From root of your eyelash to tip end, upper direction, brush your eyelash and false eyelash hairs slightly, let it mixed with each other, then your eyelashes looks longer, natural, of course, more beautiful.

This process not only mix hairs, but also give little support to the false eyelashes, you know although our eyelashes are very light and soft, they still have a certain weight, with

real eyelash support, it will not fall down.

Brush the outside of your eye, let the eyelash warping up little, let your eyes look big and bright and intelligent.

Attention please, use a moderate glue, don’t use strong, it will stick with skin very firm, and when you pick it off, it is pain and maybe hurt your skin,unless you take with it long time or swimming.




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Experience in factory visit

Visit Mink Lash Factory -best mink lash manufacturer

Nov.13th, Tuesday, Aupreslashes-famous lash vendor, general manager Gao, we 7 new stuff visited our eyelash factory,best mink lash manufacturer, and met our chief designer Oscar, a middle aged uncle, very famous for improved 18mm 3d mink lash, and also design and successful made 3d Siberia mink lash 25mm  7 styles, which  lead the heavy lashes direction in the past half year.We not only watched the producing process but also learned marketing knowledge from Oscar, you know Oscar is coming from marketing, back to factory and he knows every details of eyelashes,I am benefited a lot.

About the eyelash production process, my understanding is like this.

 Lay mink hairs onto drawing

Eyelash processing plant purchased already combed and processed mink tail hairs, packaging in small kegs. Workers lay them strictly according to the drawings, this is a very precise and complicate process, mink tail hair is very, very thin, and we see on the drawing, one layer is often putted the upper left direction four hairs, set five on the right direction or straight on upper and down a few hairs, almost of them lay like this, workers carefully pick up hairs from keg by tweezers, then passed to the left hand twist hairs open, ascertain how many hairs to be use, then right hand with tweezers catch the hairs and lay it on the drawing paper in different place and directions. The root side of hair put on the scotch tape, this is the usually action laying hairs, after that laying another drawing paper. cycling all the time.

This process is very simple to say, but it is very complicated to do. As you know, mink hair is very fine. If the worker does not have long time working experience and training, it is very difficult for him to hold several hairs at a time.

Skillful worker need longtime training and experiences

According to the Oscar’s introduction, the women are basically no longer do farm work, because once they done, finger skin will become rough, and not so sensitive, no feeling. For example, usually two seconds finish one twist open action, now four or five seconds finish this action, these waste lot of time to lay out the exact number. Oscar said the only experienced workers able to pick up hairs they need one time by tweezers, one hair more or less, but these worker very rare, even if well trained, so to enlarge production is difficult.

The laying hair part is the most important, also take much time, if this part efficiency raised, output also came up.

paste layers

The second part is paste,there are many layers for large eyelashes. The most complex style they make is 12 layers.

physical warping

The third part is warping, although mink hair with tending lightly, but not enough. This process is put eyelash on a wet waterproof paper, follow the paper, roll these around an middle-empty glass rod, rolled it into rod, steady it about 5 days, with slightly heat, then physically formed warping degree you need. This is a strong advantage compare to chemical methods, they use chemical tint to change the tending degree, this will harm eyes and skin, especially to the sensitive person.

We don’t use hair chemical tint, we chose the best glue to make eyelashes, it is safety, we do our best to design influence style, make the best eyelashes, and then sale highest price, just do it simple, Oscar said. So many the rich would pay a lot to buy expensive cosmetics,  the other cosmetic not more effects than eyelash do, how can they pay less money buy inferior eyelashes? They do not like pay a high price only because they never meet high end eyelashes, they are not stupid, right ?


The fourth step is inspecting and packaging, delivery, although we strictly control any part, but can not avoid defective products appears, about 20% defective eyelashes products was made, Oscar said, that’s why we sell it in a high price, perfect eyelashes is not so easy to make.

mink lash wholesale

Through visiting to the factory, we know that our eyelashes is the best quality all over the world, we are full of confidence, as we know, for example, ordinary bag only 30 dollars enough, but LV bag can sell 30000 dollars, why? Only do the best, now the world never short of the rich, only short of best products. So, although we are mink lash wholesale, we should not sell the best mink lash with a low price, we should  create our luxury 3D mink lashes brand, because we have best products, what we need to do is filling it attractive story and fashion element, this need time and longtime constantly efforts.


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What is good 3D mink eyelashes?

What Is Good 3D Mink Eyelashes?

As a luxury 3D Siberian mink lash factory, we have produced many perfect  mink lashes, and we wholesale it all over the world. During the time we get much reflects opinion from our clients complaints other products from other suppliers. Show much problem of eyelashes quality problem, so we publish this blog tell you what is good 3D mink lashes, hope it can give you some help. 

Type styles of false eyelashes

False eyelash on the market from the raw material can be divided into the mink eyelash, human hair eyelash, horse hair eyelash, protein fiber eyelash。All of these eyelashes, mink eyelash with bending, comes with a little oil, have burnish feeling, the mostly like real eyelashes, with make-up market expanding, mink lashes become more and more popular, the price is increasing higher, also appear shoddy, or even fake goods, so learn to judge real high-quality mink eyelash is very important, following five steps teach you how to know which is a good quality eyelash:


look at the hair, from the root to the tip, mink lash hair gradually becomes thin, the same thick is made by human hair;Look into the light, shiny, not too shade the light is good mink tail hair; See both size, low quality eyelash thick and thin, left and right asymmetry, after wearing left and right eye different visual effect; to see the  3D effects, though the eyelashes of poor quality are also multi-layer paste, because the designer  and processing workers were not skillful, there was no 3D effects.


Smell the package first, open the box, if get peculiar smell, you can be sure they used tint to make hair warping, this is harmful to the eyes and skin;burn up one hair,if there is no smell of animal hair, that is shoddy eyelashes.


Use a little bit strength, pull both ends, have bouncy, no broken, is good eyelash.


Get one transparent glass cup, full of water, put eyelash dipped in water, scrub a little while out the glass , swing in the water again, if no hair fall off, that is good eyelash, can reuse 30 times basically.

Blow dry

Wash eyelash, blower blow dry, swing, if the eyelash resumed original condition again, still good 3D effects, it is good eyelash.

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3D Siberia Mink Lashes Catalogs

3D Siberia Mink Lash Wholesale Catalogs

                                                                  25mm Heavy Lash wholesale 8.5usd/pair

                                                               18mm Heavy Lash wholesale 6.5usd/pair


                                                               Regular Light lash wholesale 5.5usd/pair

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How To Create Your Eyelashes business?

How To Create Your Eyelashes business?

  We are luxury 3D Siberian mink lash manufacturer, lash vendor, we wholesale our eyelash all over the world, now so many customers
through our website ask how to create eyelashes business, introducing as following.

Insist your idea/work hard

To start a new eyelash business and make it success is a very hard period,and full of difficulty, only you make up your mind, don’t care others, working hard every day, insist your idea for long time, you can enjoy happiness of success, if you today visit friend, tomorrow have a longtime journey, you will never get success.

 Chose a firstclass eyelash vendor

Besides,you should do the following very important works,First of all, you would like to chose a firstclass eyelash vendor, what can firstclass vendor do for you?

He can supply you the leading style lashes, every year he supply several new styles of eyelashes which is more popular and make more profits for you。

His eyelashes is quality guaranteed, not like ordinary eyelashes, frequently bring you complaints and even if claim for compensation from your customers, then much customers lost, you are all the time seeking new customers.

He can take a fast delivery to you, within three days, deliver the eyelashes to your address, then you can reduce your stores, reduce your capital amount occupied。

He quotes you reasonable price, he earn his reasonable profits and others support you, he know only you can earn money then he can sale more eyelashes, he know how to win-win。

He can supply you customized boxes you need, help you design your own logo and fixed it into your packaging,he can supply whole eyelashes relatives.

How to sell eyelashes?

Ascertained your vendor, you get steady eyelash supply, then you construct your business frame, including selling windows, like instagram,YouTube,facebook etc, this is very important, especially in the first time, instantly show eyelashes information to public, to attract buyers lights, get trail test order, then you can get follow-up order。

In that case you are nearly success, because best products can speak for themselves, eyelashes are continuously consumption item, with support of good eyelashes, you can steady old customers and enlarge new customers, get a good circulation。

Serve your customers

You must select one efficiency dispatching supplier, in a short time deliver eyelashes to your customers.

Make a reasonable price strategy, aim to high level consumer, for example, LV can sell a bag  30000 dollars, why  can’t we sell the best eyelashes  100 dollars? This world never short of the rich, only short of Luxury eyelashes brand!

Get a proper stores.

Interaction with your lash vendor

Interaction with your lash vendor, this is most important, because you know what your customers need, and then reflect it to your vendor, they have the ability to improve or redesign eyelash style to satisfy your customers, and continuously push new styles to the market, this will also bring you new customers, bring you profits.

All above is necessary, trust it, do it, insist do it, go to success!


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Let Your Eyes Bright

 Let Your Eyes Bright

When communicating with others, the first  they notice is your eyes, if you have a pair of big and watery eyes, the most sincere, naturally easy to get other people’s favor and trust! But if you are inborn hair is little, eyelash is not only short but also thin,soft and not thick, appear the eye is petty and have no spirits,.
How to do? Suggested you to use Augres Lashes. Aupreslashes are luxury 3D Siberian mink lash factory, has 10 years experiences on make 100% hand craft mink lashes. After wearing false eyelashes, your eyelashes became thick, and your eyes naturally looked divine, which made the whole person’s temperament different.
Beautiful, is so simple!Because we have Aupres lashes!

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How to get your own eyelash style?

How to get your own eyelash style?

No design team, products easy be imitate, difficult to hold your unique eyelash long and competitive!

If you are owner of an eyelash brand, you really want to have your own style, and want to be the only one,this is obviously certain.What could be more attractive than a unique style eyelash? But, you know, it’s difficult, it’s hard to make a good design, not everyone is an artist.Seldom suppliers will design eyelash styles for you, as most suppliers and factories do not have the ability to do so. Finally, even if one of the vendors designs the style for you, he says, “this is yours alone.” When the style succeeds, you’ll find  that nearly within a month everyone seems to be sell the same eyelashes. I’m not saying that your supplier doesn’t keep secrets for you, although sometimes it does. What’s more, most of the eyelash brands, though lacking in innovation, are excellent in imitation. Then how to get your own eyelash style?

If you can sell 200 pairs/month, Aupreslashes can design one unique styles for you!

So, is it really so hard to hold a unique eyelash style? I tell  you, no, at least not for you after read this article. Because you saw this article is from the most professional eyelash supplier -AugresLashes. It’s obvious that Augres Lashes was able to customize the style for you, as one 10 years experienced lash manufacturer,we had the most professional design team and excellent eyelash style chief designer OSCAR. Suppose that you really owned this exclusive style eyelash, you’re sure to sell 200 pairs a month, right? This is the clause from Augre Lahses, if you guarantee to order 200 pairs of customized styles per month, and Augres Lashes can guarantee that this customized style is exclusive to you within one year,then, AugresLashes will automatically continue the contract next year.

Your style is not easy be imitated!

I think next thing you worry about plagiarism, don’t worry,the eyelashes of AugresLashes were all hand-laid by the workers, which was not so easy to copy. I can tell you, even if we spread the eyelash design, no one will be able to understand our design. The eyelashes made by AugresLashes are quite professional. Finally, I want to tell you that if you can customized your design and keep it a secret, you are great. To show my respect,when you ordered 200 pairs of eyelashes in any style at AugresLashes, we will offer you protection for your own eyelash style unconditionally. It’s easy to copy eyelash styles, but remember that no one could copy the quality of AugresLashes. If you want to get your own exclusive eyelash style, please call Augres  who provid Augres Lashes’ exclusive customer service.