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lash packaging box (15)

4 thoughts on “lash packaging box (15)

  1. Hello i am interested in staring my own lash line. I have my lashes already and now i just need the packaging . If you can please email me back ASAP so i can make a purchase. Also i would like to know the pricing of it as well. Thank you

    1. i sent you email dear, we collected 6 eyelash packaging boxes.

  2. I would like these boxes for the start of my company

    1. Hello Meadow, this is very popular style, very beautiful custom eyelash packaging box,
      please advise whether you need putting your logo on it, that need moq with 60 pieces,
      and need 15 days producing time.
      if without logo, about 10 days for making it, price is different.
      Custom lash box, 2.5 dollars one pair, with out logo, 1.5 dollars one pair

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