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How much can you earn on eyelash business?

How much can you earn on eyelash business?

Who care this?

Recently many people visited our website, left comments inquiring eyelash styles, price, packing, shipping cost and shipping time, they asked so detailed information, that’s obviously means they want to start their eyelash business, but they are also puzzled how much they can earn every month.

In this case, we Aupreslashes, the famous lash manufacturer and credible lash vendor, here publish one article, give you some cost and price data, analyze how much you can earn on eyelash business.

What is your average eyelash cost?

First let us analyze your eyelash cost, for example, our basic 3D Siberian mink lash wholesale price are 5 dollars one pair.

Our eyelash are made of mink tail hairs, 100% hand craft, during the processing, we never add any chemicals to form its warping degree, we only use physical methods make warping, this technological process need 5 days to form perfect curve degree, we only make the best product, make luxury eyelashes, because we know, the best eyelashes, no matter how expensive, all way be hot sell out, because the world never short of the rich, only short of best products.

We treat our eyelashes as luxury eyelash, then it must matched with perfect box, and if you want create your famous brand, you should have added some your own culture marks on it, we call private label, let the noble eyelash owned your culture attribute, then the packing cost we plus 2 dollars, now the cost are 7 dollars one pair.

We deliver your eyelashes through DHL, UPS, FEDAX, TNT and EMS these famous express company, their local agent come to our factory or our sale department to pick the parcels. During the whole transportation, our eyelash parcel are carefully cared, no pressure, no crash, no wild load and unload, eyelash are not disturbed by damage or dust, usually 2-4 days you can received your eyelashes. This shipping fee is about 30 dollars, if you order 60 eyelashes, then the

Average cost on shipping fee is only 0.5 dollar, so now your cost as 7.5 dollars one pair.

What is your price?

Ok, that is our price, is your cost, plus labor cost and logistic cost, formed your cost, suggest you sale it with 19.99$, then your profits coming out, deduct your cost, every pair eyelash you should have 10 dollars profit.

How much can you earn on eyelash business?

In the beginning, you must be hard work, suppose one day you can sell 10 pieces then you can earn 3000$ one month, but after several months, you can find your customers are become more, do you know what is the reason?  Because of good quality of eyelash, eyelash are monthly consumption, our eyelash can use 25 times to 30 times if you proper cared, and if your customer choose our eyelash, they will not change another brand, then after one month they will order from you again, maybe not the same style. Then following you don’t need to sale eyelash, you only maintain relationship with your customers, they will automatic reorder from you, your customer team more and more strong, your profits certainly more and more, that is the magic of luxury eyelash.

Now you can guess how many dollars you can earn, we also put one or two popular styles every year, to attract different customers to you, your business will get a large development.

Why you choose Aupreslashes  to collab?

Nowadays in the market, seems every product is excess, but remember, only best products will never excess. Best products are limited resources, same meaning, you choose best eyelashes such as you choose Aupreslashes  to start your eyelash business, you are one step on the way to succeed.

Welcome to Aupreslashes  and get a long-term collaborate.






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