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How to calculate your order costs?

How To Calculate Your Order Costs ?

eyelash cost:

We have 3 kind of eyelashes for your pick, they are

25mm 3D heavy lashes, 7 styles, 8 dollars one pair

18mm 3D heavy lashes, 4 styles, 5 dollars one pair

Regular 3D mink lashes, 46 styles, 5 dollars one pair

Boxes/packaging costs:

boxes with your own logo, need hot stamp, hollow out etc. special

requirements,and factory need redesign and mold so on, so min order

as 60 boxes, box price 1-2.5 dollars difference rely on material and hot stamp required.

Some customers ask logo paper, print logo on stick paper, there are min

order, ordinary 15 dollars, we can print 500 pieces one time.

Shipping fee:

We deliver eyelashes to customer by airline, for quick delivery and  avoid damages on trip,

for example to America, this need about 25 dollars one parcel,  our experiences,  parcel within

60 boxes, not overweight, 25 dollars enough. But some place  less airlines, shipping fee 30 dollars.

Above mentioned are all costs need, very simple, you can calculate it before you give an order to

us, so you can control your budgets.


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