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How to create your own mink eyelash brand

How To Create Your Own Mink Eyelash Brand

   Now the enterprise management, the brand power is very strong, the same high-end eyelash products, famous brand products sell 39 dollars, many people buy, but the non-brand products can only sell 15 dollars, people buy is not very positive. So all enterprises try their best to establish their own quality brand. But for false eyelash dealer, how to create your own mink eyelash brand?

We introduce how to create yourself eyelash brand from the following respects, hope its be able to give you some help.

First Of All You Need To Find An Upscale Eyelash Vendor

  Here, I recommend ourself, AUPRES LASHES as your lash vendor. Our mink eyelashes were made of selected mink hair. The material was very good and the value was very high.Our eyelashes are very fashionable and can be reused many times. It costs between $8.50 and $11.50 to ship them to the United States, but its quality is comparable to that of famous brands. When you create your famous brand, you can sell it for $30.

Second Starting From Trail Sample Order

  Secondly, starting from the trial order, many American women start their eyelash business, starting from the trial order, gradually to 100 dollars a order, then a few hundred dollars a large order, and finally reach a company operating into the order scale, this is the early stage of the brand.

  Then, through custom eyelash packaging, the products she sells are endowed with a corporate culture and accepted by the mass consumers, which forms a unique brand and expands to a country, which is a national well-known brand.

  Why do consumers like to pay a high price for a branded product? As we all know, the style of the brand is fashionable, and the product quality of the brand is high quality and stable.This requires the creation of brand must be supported by high-quality products. No good products, never do brand.So we will explain from the following aspects, how to establish their own eyelash brand.

Thirdly, Establish Your Sales Channels

Thirdly, establish your sales channels,which can be divided into online channels and offline channels.

    On-line channel is through the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social networking platform, through the photos and video to expand your follower group, and let the followers to become your customers, it is very popular and effective practice. On the net, you makeup yourself, use your own experience, you are from an ugly duckling becoming  a beautiful swan, that’s pretty convincing, naturally people will buy your product.

   Offline sales are also spread through experience. Our mink lashes are comfortable to wear and of good quality, and people who have taken them buy them repeatedly. In addition, they will persuade her family members, colleagues and friends to buy them, so as to expand the user base.

   Excellent brand must use high grade product to prop up, do not have good product, be complained everyday, that your brand is spat on very quickly, become rubbish brand.

Fourth: Often Update The Product Model And Fashion Model

  Fourth: often update the product model and fashion model, so as to give old customers a better updated experience, but also to attract more consumers into your customer base, but also new products can not discount sales.

  From this aspect, how important is to find  a innovative lash vendor, we AUPRES LASHES launched  2018 18 mm, 25 mm new eyelash, after is very popular, launched in 2019 and 20 mm new eyelash, always go ahead of the market and lead the market, leading fashion, to find our good eyelash suppliers, you are more likely to create their own brand eyelashes.

Last, also be the most important bit, you must firm confidence, have confidence to oneself, have confidence to our eyelash, pass oneself hard effort, then you can achieves successful.



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