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how to get your mink lash band soften and flexible ?

  How To Get  Mink Lash Band Soften and Flexible ?


Much clients ask two questions, why some mink strip lashes band so stiff, especially 20mm mink strip lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes?  How to get mink lash band soft and flexible?  How to wash or clean the mink lashes?


Why Are Mink Lashes Band So Stiff And Thick?

This is a very simple thing for us, because we are lash manufacturer, a  wholesale lash vendors, we have 12 years experiences on mink lashes. All mink lashes we produced are with soft band and light weight, but this can not prevent us know why  some mink lashes stiff and thick, because we know every details how to make best mink lashes, we know the reason of it.

25mm mink strip lashes, compare to regular 3D mink lashes, they are at least use 3 times mink hairs, the band, which is made of soft cotton thread, and use glue to stick the mink hairs onto it, turns into  thick and heavy, that is normal situation. So only when we solve the this problem, then you can get soft and thinner lash band.

Some other lash factory, they use machine to lay the mink hairs, this must get some part of mink lash band with more hair root, and they use normal glue to stick it, and the glue also not

well distributed, the workers are not skillful, so the band are somewhere with little knots, band itself stiff, not flexible, and even may hurt your eyelid.

Aupres lashes,  leading lash manufacturer of 20mm mink strip lashes  and 25mm mink strip lashes, never meet this kind complaints from customers. Because we have well trained skillful workers, they select the hairs carefully by hand, and lay every layer by hand, and we use the best glue to stick the bread and hairs, so the results is our mink strip lashes with a lightweight and soft band.

How To Get The Mink Lash Band Soft And Flexible? 

When you bought a inferior quality 25mm mink strip lashes with hard thick band, do not worry,  now as i know why it si so stiff, then i know how to get it soft and flexible, but be careful, pick a lighter and your lashes,  use the lighter to roast around the band, make sure that you do not burn them,  just that you’re standing far away from it as possible and this will just mouth the band on your lashes and it’ll make it a lot more flexible.

As you can see now they are little bit more flexible and you can just pop them on to your lashes and your are good to go now,  if you don’t feel comfortable with applying some heat to the banner of your lashes, or you can do is just make them into a circle ,  you can just leave them on for a while this will help the lash be a little bit more flexible. You can also take a brush whatever an eye bursh whatever you have and just place the lashes around the actual brush and that will also help soften the bands that way, it’s not too thick and it doesn’t poke your eye.

Please remember, when you want to buy 20mm/25mm mink strip lashes, buy it from Aupreslasehs, only Aupres lashes can make perfect 25mm mink strip lashes.

How To Cleaning Your Mink Lashes?

The next tip i have for you guys is if you have some lashes that you love,  and that you just are not ready to part with,  i know that lashes can get dirty with eyeshadow fallout bitter, fallout dirty with glue , don’t throw them away, do not throw your lashes away.  You have to do is grab a little bit of micellar water, this is my faorite one.  it is my Garnier its amazing it takes off all my makeup for my skin,  all i do is i grab a little Q- -tip when it’s back and forth through the lashes, i also use that same q-tip and i just clean around the band eare make sure that you do this a few times.

Remember, our mink lashes are lightweight, so every time you only use very little very little very little glue on it,  this also make your mink strip lashes light, and easy to applying on and take off, do not use powerful glue to apply your mink lashes, unless you want to wearing it to swimming.

Also remember, if you want buy long lashes, Aupres lashes supply you 20mm mink strip lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes with all styles.


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