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How To Order Eyelash Sample Pack


Aupres Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer from China. We specialized in handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes , including 25mm Mink lashes,16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 22mm mink lashes. If you are looking for Lash Vendors , we are definitely your best choice!


22mm Eyelash Sample packaging, 8 pairs, 65$ free shipping to USA 






25mm Fluffy Styles Sample Pack 1

Following false lashes, 2 pairs each, total 8 pairs, 69$ free shipping to USA 





These eyelash sample packs are combined by  hot sell styles from every type mink lashes, you can take any sample pack you like, you can also make your self sample packs from these styles. Get quotation/placing orders from Uncle Yang through WhatsApp:+8615318782783

 Sample Pack 2, 53.5$ to USA

6 pairs Mink Lashes free shipping to USA, total costs 53.50$

25mm Lashes DL03/DL08 

22mm Lashes Dn06/Dn14 

16mm Lashes Dc22 Dc13







Sample Pack 3, 65$ to USA


8 pairs mink lashes, 22mm size, 65$ free shipping to USA 




Mixture Eyelash Sample Pack 4, $54 free shipping

6 pairs Mink Lashes free shipping to USA, total costs 54$

25mm lashes DL03/DL04,

20mm lashes DN02 dn12

15mm lashes DC09 dc112



Natural Eyelash Sample Pack 5, $49 for Everything


The sample pack were made of  6 natural styles  mink lashes combination, 49$ free shipping to USA

15mm Lashes Dc04/Dc09/Dc12/Dc41/Dc65/Dc102


     More 15mm mink lash click here

Wispy Style Sample Pack 6,  53.50$ For Everything 

Whispy styles combination, 6 pairs eyelashes with shipping costs to USA, total 53.50$

22mm Mink Strip Lashes Dn14/Dn04

20mm lashes Dm10/Dm12/Dm27

15mm lashes DC75

Sample pack 7 , 8 pairs 4 styles, $69 For Everything to USA

Sample pack 6 made of 20mm mink lashes, 4 styles each 2 pairs, total 69$ shipping free to USA.

20mm mink lashes Dm02/Dm16/Dm15/Dm27


  Click Here See More 20mm lashes


25mm Lashes Sample pack 8

 $64 For Everything to USA

25mm  Lashes 7 styles 64$ total including shipping costs 

25mm lashes DL13/DL08/DL05/DL04/DL07/DL03/


 More 25mm mink lashes  please click here

25mm lashes sample pack 9

58$ For 6 pairs lashes

These 25mm lashes more curly and fluffy than others, but same pairce, these 6 pairs lashes only 58$ shipping including to USA

Dy020 Dy016 Dy013 Dy012 Dy010 Dy003 6 different styles



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8 thoughts on “Eyelash Sample Packs

  1. Hello,
    I’m planning to open my own business and I’m looking for a vendor someone that can offer good deals. How much do you charged for your eyelashes 3D Siberian Mink Lashes?

    1. Hello dear Noemy, our 3D mink lashes only 4$ wholesale price, when you order more lashes, you can get some favorabe discount and cute give aways .
      thank you very much leave message on website, please contact Yang on Instagram @aupreslashes2019 or WhatsApp+8615318782783, Lets talk on line

  2. I’m trying to buy a sample pack…but there isn’t a link to do so please reply and let me know how to do this thank you

    1. Hi dear, i reply to you on your email, buy mink lashes sample pack, contact Yang on whatsapp+8615318782783 or Instagram official id: @aupreslashes2019

  3. I’m Trying To Order Lashes But It’s Telling some your WhatsApp is invalid how do i order lashes

    1. Hi dear, our WhatsApp is working from Newyork Time 8:00 pm till next day 10:00, very long time, please contact with Yang on WhatsApp +8615318782783 or Instagram official ID
      @aupreslashes2019, to purchasing mink strip lashes and also do custom lash packaging boxes

  4. Hey friendI know its been a long time,The lashes and boxes i bought from you guys did great! I tested them on myself and other people and got compliments left and right.It just inspired me to move forward with you guys and developing my company so i would like to order another batch possibly this weekend or early next week

    1. Hi dear Kaliyyah, thank you very much for you great comments. i believe that after this time promoting, you have gather a large amount eyelash
      customers, that’s foundation for you lash brands and will be great help to you in the future.
      We updated much mink lashes styles and also we improved much new custom lash packaging box, you can choose make more beautiful lash packaging
      boxes to support your lash business.
      Fire September is coming, store more lashes, believer you can get great profits from your lash brand business!

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