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How To Start Your Int’l Lash Line With 200 Dollars?

How To Start Your Int’l Lash Line With

200 Dollars?

Start your int’l lash line with 200 dollars? When you see this topic, maybe you are surprised with it, you think its crazy topic, right?

Wow how can it be? International business with only 200 dollars, is it a joke?

No, as a famous mink lash manufacturer, a wholesale lash vendor,  i tell you for sure, it is not a joke, its true, and i will use our exactly data tell you

how to do international luxury mink lashes business with only 200 dollars.

Why we discuss this topic? Following paragraph will told you the real reasons.

How much to start up (mink strip lashes line)estimated?

How much is shipping to US?

Can you create custom(mink lash) styles and what’s the pricing if so ?

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This one email messages sent from American,  by Ms Dayanee Hernandez, i am very glad to received this message, and i replied her in a short time,

hope my reply email message can help her.

Now more and more American ladies are try start up their lash lines, as a famous mink strip lashes manufacturer, a wholesale lashes vendor,  we received hundreds of

this massages every  day, considering this has a pervasive sense,  here i give some of my opinions to all, wish that would be  help you.

How to pick mink lashes within 200 dollars?


Hello dear Dayanee Hernadez


If you are starting your eyelashes business, 200 usds  enough.


We have

Dm series, 20 mm length 5.5 dollars one pair, 8 styles in all 


DH series,  25 mm length 8 dollars one pair, 8 styles

3D series 5 dollars one pair, nearly 80 styles


faux mink lashes 3.5 dollars, 30+ styles

How to distribute 200 dollars without 25 dollars shipping



Now let us calculate how to economic  use the 200 dollars.

Shipment to US 25 dollars which can carry 30 pieces of lash with package.

Then you can have 175 dollars for 30 pieces of lashes.

Suggest you pick 3D13/22/35/40/75/115/139/98, 3D08A/09B/13LL/17LL  12 styles each 2 pieces,  this worth 120usd

DH002/003/005/009 each one pairs, worth 32 usd.

DM02/03/04/05/06 each one pairs, worth 25.5 usd, then 120+32+25.5=177.5,  7.5 usd over budget,

never mind, for the first order clients, we usually give them a free charge lash as gift, then 7.5 usd  as a gift!!

Well, all these mink lashes are Aupres lashes best quality popular  styles, when you done payment by paypal to, you can 

get your lashes 3 days later, with this best quality mink lashes, you can earn at least 150 dollars. 

While you selling the lashes, you can get more good reflection on lashes, for example, some of your lash clients ask more lashes of DH003 or  DM06,

Then you can place another repeated order again, this time, no need my recommendation, you can choose the styles yourself, and which style more, which styles

less, it is very clear, then you are in a road to success!!

How much shipping to US?

I mentioned before paragraph, it is 25 usd basic, usually 25 usd can take 30 pieces of simple packaging eyelashes.

Shipping time 3-6 days.

Can you create custom styles and what’s the pricing if so ?

We can custom styles you need, only you can order 200 pairs one month from us,  we sign a secret contract between each other,

make this styles mink lash exclusively belongs to you.

Another way is each pair add one dollar on price,  we design drawings and train workers, open another line produce the eyelashes for you.

Other information you needed all in

Yang Gao

From Aupreslashes

Qingdao City China

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