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10 years focus on mink lashes design, lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendor

   Aupres Lashes Co Ltd is a famous 3D Siberian mink lash manufacturer,   combined by eyelash design, lash factory, lash vendor, and wholesale eyelash all over the world. 10 years focus on eyelash design, produce and wholesale,  Aupreslashes accumulated much experiences on produce perfect mink lashes, her products covers Mink lashes , Silk Lashes , Faux Mink Lashes etc, length from 14mm to 25mm, can satisfying all requirement from customer, but our advantage products is 3D Siberia Mink lashes 25mm produced in our own factory, 100% handmade, using Siberia mink tail hair(cruelty frees) , with soft、bright、light、easy  wear characteristic, very warmly welcomed by vast customers. We can also provide customized eyelashes Box, the packaging or boxes can be customized with customers logo, and we also can provide related other products made in China,  professional production and processing factory, has a complete and scientific quality management system.



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 Located At Qingdao China-World Famous Tourism Coastal City

Our trading company located  in beautiful coastal city – Qingdao, we have international airport and two very big sea port, international airport can quickly deliver the lashes you ordered.We sincerely invite you-our friends&business partner come to visit factory, you can see by yourself how the high end mink lashes made. You can be well treated by us, Shandongness, famous by honest and hospitable in whole China, enjoy delicious sea food, with world famous Qingdao fresh beer,  visit beautiful coast scenery, you are not only enjoy profit business, but also enjoy a wonderful tourism journey.


handmade mink lashes

  3D Siberia Mink Eyelashes ?


We has a strong design and producing team,produced many  premium products. Light eyelashes lovely, middle 18mm lashes dramatic and heavy 25mm lashes passionate, these series Mink Lashes created  Aupres brand。Now mascara has out!  Do you want to hold beauty trend ? Mink Lashes give you a real mess sense! Wear Mink Lashes you are beauty of the world! Following are part of our products pictures,there must have one style suit for you, more products and details see photo album


Packaging Boxes 

General we take simply package for customers only for safely delivery, its free. But if you want to create your eyelashes brand, your own logo and private label needed, exclusive box and logo needed.We  can provide every kind of packaging box for you, with different shapes and colour  and with your certain logo on it, of course, it is firm,elegant and clean, here are part boxes we had ever supplied with customized logo, only for your guidance.

3D Eyelashes Wearing Method

General eyelashes wearing methods

1.With the eyelash curler upside down under the lashes, as far as possible to clamp them open and down, rather than showing a horizontal line. Short eyelashes can be mini-type eyelash curler.

2.With a transparent mascara primer. Eyelash brush to take up, to the poor under the eyelashes a root brush to enhance the three-dimensional.

3.The first erection of the front end of eyelashes brush brushing the middle of the order, the inner corner of the eye, the outer corner of the three parts, and then cross the eyelashes brush all under the brush once.

4.To be brush off the Mink Lashes, and then use the eyelash brush in the corner of the outer corner of the outer corner and processing time, enhance the effect of downward eyelashes.

Wing eyelashes wearing methods

Intellectual temperament eyelashes wearing method

1.With the eyelash curler according to the central, the inner corner of the eye, the order of the outer eyelashes eyelashes, especially the outer corner of the eyelashes to try to go out Alice.

2.Do not to use transparent mascara primer, you can directly on the Mink Lashes, the same by the central, the inner corner of the outer corner of the eye on the Mink Lashes, the outer corner of the eye is also to extend as far as possible to brush.

3.The last eyelash brush to the front of the outer corner of the eyelashes gently pull out to create a horizontal eyelash effect.


Round eyelashes wearing method

With the eyelash curler according to the central, the inner corner of the eye, the outer corner of the eyelashes clip lashes, the eyelashes in the middle after the completion of more than one clip, is this part of the eyelashes more Alice than others.
2.With a transparent mascara base, according to the central, the inner corner of the eye, the order of the outer corner of the eyelashes from the roots to the lashes should be carefully and carefully all the brush, can not omit.

3.Vertical brush with the eyelashes according to the central, inner corner, outer corner of the eye brush on Mink Lashes, and then use the front of the Mink Lashes to lengthen the middle part of the eyelashes.

4.With the horizontal mascara brush under the eyelashes on the Mink Lashes, pay attention to try to brush open, enhance the three-dimensional sense, and the upper eyelashes corresponding to the middle part of the longer eyelashes, to create the effect of two-way eyelashes.

The innovative curling effect of Aupres Curl Fake Eyelashes remains effective against the heat, humidity and perspiration. Benefit from the unique “double pull effect” included in formula, immediately “wake up” eyelashes, significant pulling, root clear, lifelong must change shape, Aupres curly Mink Lashes unique arc for Asian females’ eye Volume and eyelash curl intimate design.

Thick, slender, curly charm – trigger the ultimate desire. Set of thick, slender, curling effect in one while giving the eyelashes black and shiny, light brush room to do a stunning amazing. The new magic formula for Asian females eyelash characteristics and climate development design, waterproof anti-halo, warm and water can be unloaded.

Patented our own patent, eyelashes root and tip are immediately three-dimensional spin, showing “conical” eyelashes, eyes like a cat’s eye like a deep God, showing the perfect shape of eyelashes, glamorous charm explosive. Reproduce the amazing eye-opening effect, making the curling and thick eyelashes can have both. The combination of short bristles creates the perfect silhouette of eyelashes.

The new launch of a flagship in 2018, curly, slender effect of Mink Lashes. Make the most of the makeup artist’s professional skills in the fashion show, wrap every eyelash in all directions with long lasting effect. With eyelash brush with the use of its placed at the bottom of the eyelashes, eyelash brush with rotating brush head can be from the root to the tip of the eyelash body, automatically wrapped in each eyelash.

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