22mm 4D Mink Lashes  

22mm 4D Mink Lashes  

22mm mink strip lashes, newly launched by Aupres lashes, 7 styles DN series


DN02 22mm mink  lashes $4/pair

Eyelash Vendors  Wholesale Mink Lashes

DN03 22mm mink  lashes $4/pair

Lash Vendors  Mink Lashes Wholesale

DN04 22mm mink lashes $4/pair

Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes 

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DN05 22mm mink lashes  $4/pair

+Mink Lash Vendors  Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

DN06 22mm mink  lashes  $4/pair

Mink Lashes Vendors  Lash Vendors Wholesale

DN09 22mm mink lashes  $4/pair             

Eyelash Manufacturer  Mink Lashes Vendor  

DN014 22mm mink  lashes $4/pair

3D Mink Strip Lashes  Wholesale Lash Vendor


DN16 22mm mink lashes  $4/pair

Mink Lashes Vendors Lash Vendors Wholesale

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