16mm Natural Styles Mink  Lashes 

16mm Natural Styles Mink  Lashes 

AUPRES Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer based China. We specialized in handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes , including 25mm Mink lashes,16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 22mm mink lashes. If you are looking for Lash Vendors , we are definitely your best choice!

16mm classic regular mink lashes has 23 different lash styles, covers length from 14mm to 17mm length, they are made of shorter mink fur hairs , mostly are natural looking, here is catalog!

The  16mm Mink Lashes  covers the length from 14mm to 17mm, it is very suitable for daily work or class. The effect of wearing is very natural, and the interest eyelashes will provide different styles of 16mm eyelashes. You can choose your favorite eyelash style from them and start your lash line!

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