25mm mink strip lashes VS long eyelash extension

25mm Mink Strip Lashes VS Long Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension is a very mature technology, and it is also the favorite makeup of rich women. It can last for half a month to one month.

The traditional eyelash planting is based on nature concept. The eyelashes are selected according to their face color, eye shape and eyelash curvature. They match the face shape very carefully. When  the eyelashes are planted, they are slightly encrypted, lengthened, and the beauty effect is amazing, showing the natural beauty.

Nowadays, long eyelashes are popular, with exaggerated deep makeup, which is very eye-catching. Both the extension and the false eyelashes have the effect of lengthening the eyelashes.

In August 2018, Aupres lashes, a famous lash manufacturer and wholesale lash vendors, successfully launched the 25mm mink strip lashes, immediately it caused a trend of super long eyelashes make up. Beauty salons and beauty artists are required to make long eyelashes extension, but the effect is not good compare to Aupres lashes’ 25mm mink strip lashes. First, they can not make the hairs perked up degree like mink lashes, second, 2 weeks later after planting, eyelashes extension are fall off with the eyelash, left big vacant, and clients only can use mascara  to amend it perfect, this will cost much time and effort.  Then, beauty salons and beauty artists buy 25mm mink strip lashes from Aupres lashes on the request of their long eyelash enthusiasts clients.

Now we analyze the advantages of eyelashes extension and 25mm eyelashes from various aspects, and provide them for  your reference.

 Price Of Eyelash Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

The price of 25mm mink strip lashes from Aupres  lashes is the wholesale price with excellent custom eyelash packaging, cost to US only $11.5, with markets price $25-40, the eyelash extension is $80 one time for lift on only, if same time lift on and lift out, one set service about $120.

Wear Times Lash Time Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Aupres lashes’ 25mm mink strip lashes, after simple training, applying on eyelashes and taking off eyelashes time five minutes a day, it can use 25 times with proper care;  eyelash extension,no need to care within two weeks, very convenient; after two weeks, you need to use a  brush to comfy with mascara. It takes 5 minutes per day. After four weeks, the real eyelashes are basically updated, then extension disappeared. The overall usage time is the same as the time with high quality Aupres 25mm mink strip lashes.

 Care And Maintenance Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Eyelash extension, planting eyelashes for 90 minutes,  must avoid to get in touch with water or moisture within 24 hours after planting eyelashes, allowing the glue to dry out to keep it in use; after 2 weeks, as the eyelashes naturally update, the extended eyelashes also fall, forming The pores of the eyelashes need to be combed with eyelashes every day. Use mascara to close the adjacent eyelashes to make up the pores caused by the falling of the eyelashes. The pores of the large eyelashes are large, and the combing must be done with care. This time lasts for 2-3 weeks, the process is not complicated, waste not too much time;

Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes can be reused for 25 times. Each 6 time you use it, you need to clean it. The cleaning time is 15 minutes. It mainly cleans the glue on the lash band. If anyone likes to use mascara, you need to clean the mascara at the root of the hair.

 Using Occasions Eyelash Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Eyelash extension, can not touch oily cosmetics and tap water with high chlorine content, oily cosmetics will decompose glue, let the extended eyelashes fall off; if the city water supply use chlorine for disinfection, then chlorine water also can hurt your eyelash extension, it will lead to eyelashes extension fall off, you can’t swim in the pool, you can’t dive, and the friction will make the eyelashes fall off. Once you make your eyelash extension, you can’t change the eyelash style within a month, unless you spend money to remove it and do  the other styles of eyelash extension.

25mm mink strip lashes, can be picked up at any time and enter different occasions. This is very convenient; if you are socially needed or tired of one styles,  okay change another style, only five minutes, you can pick it at any time, regardless of location.

Beauty Style Eyelash Extension Vs 25mm Mink Strip Lashes

Eyelash extension, once the eyelashes are planted, it is necessary to keep this style unchanged within a month. If you make a short eyelashes extension, you can apply mink strip lashes to change your eyelashes style, but when you make a long eyelashes extension, you can not change any more, which is very rigid.

Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes can be removed at any time for other styles of eyelashes, which is a big advantage over eyelash extension.


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