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3D mink lashes 3D22C VS 25mm mink strip lashes DH003

16mm 3D mink lashes 3D22C

 V S

25mm mink strip lashes DH003

Aupres lashes are lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendors, Best Mink Lash Supplier from China,Wholesale

False Eyelashes Supplier. We create many many hot sale popular mink lash styles, today let us do a compare between

16mm mink lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes most polular styles:  3D22C  VS DH003, first let see the picture:

First let us see what they are alike:

  1. Made of mink hairs
  2. Wearable at least 25 times
  3. Most popular
  4. Very alike, just like father and son, same fashion style

Then we see what differents:

1. Length 16mm vs 25mm

2. Perking degree: 3D22C perking up at the end of hair tip, DH003 start tending from middle of hairs

3.  Output of skillful worker:  3D22C  40 pairs/day,  DH003 8 pairs/day

4. Custom eyelash packaging: 3D22C, trio lash tray with smaller box; DH003, square lash tray with big box

5. Fashion element: 3D22C natural styles; DH003 dramatic styles but with natural looking.

6.  Mink hair Layers: 3D22C double layers so they have 3 dimentional effects, DH003 many layers, so they are looks thicker,

fluffy and full of dramatic effects.

Auspres lashes  are Wholesale False Eyelashes Supplier, we provide to our customer the best mink lashes, we use the best

mink hairs, we pure handcraft to make mink lashes, we never use chemical material to make tending of mink hairs. So are

trusted by most of the clients,  and much repeat buyers.

We also provide Eyelash Custom Packaging Box, Mink Lash Packaging Box, to match our best mink lashes. welcome every

lash lover come and take sample order.

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