4 Tips  Teach You How To Judge The Quality Of Eyelashes?

4 Tips  Teach You How To Judge The Quality Of Eyelashes?

    Low-quality eyelashes will make you lose money and time in the eyelash business. Due to consideration of  cost issues and management issues of different Eyelash Vendors, this kind of thing cannot be prohibited at all, so it is very necessary to learn to choose good eyelashes.

  As a reliable wholesale Mink Lash Vendors, Aupres Lashes here give you 4 tips    Teach You How To Judge The Quality Of Eyelashes!

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1. Touch

Touch the lash band,  the eyelash band must be soft and lightweight, so that it does not wear the eyelids and is particularly comfortable to wear.

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2. Smell

  there must be no pungent odor. If the supplier uses inferior glue, it will emit a pungent smell, which is harmful to the eyes and skin. No matter how cheap such eyelashes are, no matter how beautiful they are, don’t buy these lashes 

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3. Look:

Look Tip eyelashes:
From the lash band  to the end of the eyelashes, it is a process of gradual thinning. Good quality mink lashes, their tip of the end is most thinner, which are the same as your baby eyelashes. Only junk eyelashes same thinner from the end of lash band to another end of lash tip of lash hairs.

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Look Eyelash hair
The eyelash hair must have a curly degree and have its own shape style, so that it can be wear without using mascara, and the eyelashes are easy and clean to wear!
There are two left and right eyelashes in a pair. Carefully observe whether the left and right eyelashes are symmetrical. For example, if they have the same number of eyelashes, the distance between the eyelashes and the length are the same

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4. Rub:

Rub the eyelashes gently to see if the hair is falling off, the ones with falling hair are junk eyelashes

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When you learn all these tips, you can choose your best quality mink lashes, you can never loss any money, believe you can get your lash business very well.

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