Amazing Blink Blink Matte Arcylic Custom Eyelash Box

Amazing Blink Blink Matte Arcylic Custom Eyelash Box

Aupres Wholesale Lash Vendors has launched a new Eyelash Packaging Box styles, a matte EyeLash Box made of acrylic material. Compared with the matte paper packaging box, this box is brighter. When your logo is printed, it shines and is very outstanding. Aupre  Wholesale Eyelash Vendors has launched 3 different color boxes, which we will show in turn.

EyeLash Box

The black box is the most popular. After the logo is printed, it is more conspicuous! The white logo, rose gold, and light pink are the most popular colors matching the box background image. These three colors are the most popular. This box not only looks beautiful, it is light, soft and slippery when touched by hand, which is another reason for her popularity.

Eyelash Packaging Box

Pink is the mainstream color that eyelash customers appreciate. Pink Custom Eyelash Packaging Box  also very popular, and the butterfly logo printed on it is the second mainstream variety in sales.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

The white Custom Eyelash Packaging Usa is compatible with all logo designs and can print all the beautiful logo patterns you can imagine. You can give us your proud DIY Eyelash Packaging sketches, and our designers will help you perfect your logo and help you create your own eyelash brand.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Usa

Aupres Lash Vendors   policy and procedures is: 30$ deposit first, we start do demos for you 2.our designer does demos, show you how logo design works 3.if you are not satisfy with it, our designer can do some improvement according to your requirement till you satisfy. 4. pay the balance of quotation, after all payment 5.we start producing boxes for you, this will last 3 days

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