Amazing Us Dollar Custom Lash Packaging Box

Amazing Us Dollar Custom Lash Packaging Box

Since the first Us Dollars Lash Packaging Box launched, Aupre Lash Vendors have updated 6 different Dollar Lash Packaing Boxes till now, all Dollar Lash Box have became popular trending, helped the Eyelash Vendors expanded their lash sales, make more money on mink lashes.

First one is side draw magnatic Dollar box, this box back side printed Dollar partern, inner box was rose gold glitter material, front side is clear vover, lashes inside can be showed very clear, much popular!

Second one both front and back of box are prited by one hundred dollar bundle pattern, you can epand your imeganition, how much dollars it will be, really hack to your mind

The third Dollar box was printed on front and back of box with full cover Dollars, this box was first edition of dollar box, it was much atractive on launching, no one can imagine Us dollar print on lash boxes before

The forth lash box was pink Dollar Box, pink is popular color for the girls, and pink money is more popular than the orginal Dollar color on the Custom Eyelash Packaging boxes!

The fifth one is pink Custom Lash Packaging Box, this box also has pink glitter inner box, all pink color, most trending now among all Dollar boxes!

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