Are Aupres 3D Mink  Lashes Reusable?

Are Aupres 3D Mink  Lashes Reusable?

We all started somewhere on our lash journey and more likely than not, that was at a Halloween mega store trying to complete a last minute costume, or ambitious in the CVS makeup aisle. Either way, the results probably weren’t all that glamorous, but you fell in love regardless. But we never decreasing loving with eyelashes, Are the lashes from Aupres Lash Vendors resuable?


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Nothing is better than finding a pair mink lashes that completely elevates your look and you never want to take them off. Unfortunately with a lot of other brands, you can rarely get more than single use out of your lashes. Luckily, we changed that trend. Our lashes are hand made which ensures the lifespan as well as over all durability of each pair. They range from 25 up to 35 uses with proper care!

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With our lashes being luxurious and super GLAM, You might want some tips on how to properly care for your strip lashes!

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Tip #1: Store them carefully in original packaging. Or if you have a lashes case, put them there at the end of the night. They key is to properly store them and curve them to help retain their shape.

Tip #2: Do not excessively apply mascara to your Aupres Lashes . Putting mascara on after your lashes is a neat trick to blend your existing lashes with ours so that it all looks seamless. But try to keep it to one coat each use, too many coats will lose the integrity of your Aupres Lashes and make them more susceptible to wear and tear.

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Tip #3: Carefully remove glue after each use. With steady hands, remove glue from the lash band with your fingers or tweezers. A buildup of glue will cause the band to lose its shape.

Hopefully with these tips you can make your favorite Aupres Lashes last you all month! Let us know on social media how long you’ve gotten your lashes to last!

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