Aupres Hair Body Wave Bundle Hairs

Aupres Hair Body Wave Bundle Hairs

What is body wave hair?
Body wave hair is defined by its soft, loose curl pattern. The beauty of body wave extensions, is how easy and versatile they are. And while body waves are especially great for anyone wanting an easy, everyday look with minimal styling time—that doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to style it whenever you want to. If your body wave hair is made of human hair, you can easily blow it out for a sleeker, straighter look or run a curling wand through it for a tighter, more defined style.

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Even if your hair isn’t ‘done,’ you’ll still have some nice shape and wave in your hair—and whether you wash it, curl it, or do anything to it, body wave hair still keeps its form,” Body wave hair—like all hair extensions—come in a variety of forms, including clip-ins and sew-ins, and can be made with synthetic hair or human hair

How do you install body wave hair?

That’s totally up to you and your preferences. Clip-ins are great for anyone in need of a temporary style (think: weddings, birthdays, special events), and since they’re re-usable, you can hang on to them and wear ’em whenever you like. But clients in need of something more permanent should consider getting sew-in body wave extensions, says Boothe, which can last up to eight weeks.

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With sew-ins, your stylist first braids your natural hair into cornrows and then attaches the extensions onto your braids with a needle and thread—the process definitely takes longer than clip-in extensions (think: three to six hours) but the result is usually super natural-looking. Another plus with sew-ins? They’re a protective style, which means they’re great for giving your natural hair a break from heat styling, excessive brushing, and product buildup. At the end of the day though, only you know what body wave extensions are going to be best

How do you wash body wave hair?

If you’re working with clip-in extensions, there’s no need to wash your body wave hair regularly (since the hair isn’t attached directly to your scalp, there’s way less room for oil and buildup). When you feel like your extensions do need a wash, use a tiny dollop of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, rinse well, and gently pat dry.

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Sew-in body wave hair should be washed every two weeks or so, says Boothe. If you have the time, it’s not a bad idea to head back to your salon for a professional wash, but if you’d rather do it at home, you’ll need a super-gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. the most important thing is to make sure your body wave hair completely dries. Suggests using a blow dryer on your scalp, since leaving any damp spots can actually lead to irritation and mildew (yes, really—you could start growing mold).

If you’re looking for a cute hair-extension style with loads of versatility, you can’t really go wrong with body wave hair. Start by figuring out what type of extensions you want (remember: clip-in or sew-in) and then book an appointment with a pro who can walk you through your best options for installation, maintenance, and more.

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