Aupres Lashes Water Proof  Eyelashes Glue

Aupres Lashes Water Proof  Eyelashes Glue


Lash Glue Charactor:

Super Strong Hold
False Eyelash Glue Waterproof
Safe on Skin
Suitable for Sensitive Eyes Lash
Adhesive 0.176oz Black

Easy to use, does not stick to skin. Gently remove your favorite false eyelashes and gently wipe the eyelash glue with makeup remover. It comes off easily when removing.

Formulated for extra longlasting holding power,dries clear and guaranteed to last all day long! You can rest assured the eyelash glue is super waterproof and won’t put you in an awkward situation. Use this lash glue for a no-mess application to keep your falsies fresh, natural yet glamorous-looking.

Brush lash glue on false lash and wait. When you see the eyelash glue becomes clear, the eyelash is ready to apply to your lash line. Captivate everyone’s attention in less than a minute. The stickness may vary from temperature and the softness of the band. Lower temperature and hard band may decrease the stickness of the glue.

Latex free formula, it is safe for the skin and even suitable for sensitive eyes.
[NOTE]:We have been focusing on improving product quality and service standards.

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