4 How to get the right eyelashes

There are various types of eyelashes on the market today.Excluding offline physical stores, a random search of keywords (eyelash) on Amazon’s website shows 8,000 results.


Choosing the right  eyelash style that suits you seems to have become a difficult problem for beginners in beauty, because you don’t know whether the eyelash style  is really suitable for you, or whether it can achieve the effect you expect.

As a supplier with 10 years of eyelash business experience, I would like to share here how to choose  right eyelashes.

1. According to the hair quality

Generally, eyelashes are the most intuitive and visible part. The material, curvature and even softness of the hair are all factors that determine whether false eyelashes are natural and comfortable to wear.


Do not like heavy makeup, daily work

False eyelashes of real hair type are generally made from natural hair, such as mink hair and rabbit hair. The hair quality of this kind of false eyelashes is very similar to our own eyelashes. It feels soft and naturally curled, and even has a little oily luster. After wearing it, it looks like it was born.

Want to highlight eye makeup, sensitive eyes

Man-made fiber (faux mink), the texture of this eyelash material is relatively hard, too neat, the curvature is consistent and the luster is high, but it is not as natural as the real hair material.

2. Choose according to the shape

For the makeup effect you want, the shape of the false eyelashes you choose will also vary.

If you want to pursue a sexy and glamorous look, the bold and elongated eyelashes will make the eyes look more vibrant and charming. This version is designed to lengthen the eyeliner and turn the eyes into long, upturned fox/cat eyes.


Suggested crowd: The extended false eyelashes at the end of the eyes are most suitable for girls with long and large eyes and wide double eyelids. The sexy effect is great.

False eyelashes with long middle and short sides are most suitable for people with cute styles. open eye false eyelashes can visually enlarge the upper and lower width of the eyes, creating lovely and charming round eyes.

The middle-length false eyelashes style is more suitable for people with rounded eyes and wide distance between the upper and lower eyes

3.Eyelash extension

False eyelashes of this type have a very small root, and the number of eyelashes may be at least one, and there may be 6-10 more. They look like small grass seedlings, are soft and have no support, and can only be used to modify the eyes.

Suggested crowd: These clustered false eyelashes often play an auxiliary effect and are suitable for any eye shape. They can fill in the pores of the eyelashes and allow the real and false eyelashes to merge to achieve a supernatural effect.

4.Segmented eyelashes

A section may only have a few sections of false eyelashes, which are relatively sparse as a whole, and the gaps between the hair bundles are scattered. It is as natural as our real eyelashes. Generally, there will be a choice of size and length, and the flexibility is relatively strong.

diy lashes
Suggested crowd: suitable for people with sparse eyelashes, you can match false eyelashes with different lengths and curling degrees according to the length and curling degree of the real eyelashes at the head, end of the eye, and various parts of the eye.

Lilly Lashes the same lashes are HERE!

AupresLashes The latest product recommendation

Lilly Lashes same style eyelashes wholesale

Lilly Lashes is actually a fake eyelashes brand founded by reality TV star Lillyghalichi. It is the royal false eyelashes of big stars such as Kim Kardashian, KylieJenner, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and so on!


The reason why Lilly Lashes‘s reputation can be “star queen” and “false eyelashes industry leader” is because each of its eyelashes is as delicate as real eyelashes.


There are also many styles of false eyelashes, there are more natural artificial eyelashes styles, and there are mink lashes styles that celebrities love most. You can choose according to your own makeup!



Star must BUY models

Lilly Lashes #MIAMI

Reference price: $29.99


This eyelash is the favorite of the famous Kardashian family! It is very suitable for false eyelashes with exaggerated  makeup, 360 degrees of super slender long and thick without dead ends, and instantly big eyes!

Lilly Lashes #LUXE
Reference price: $19.99
This one is more suitable for Asian girls, and the crossed style is very suitable for lighter makeup, and it will be super cute when you put it on!

Do You Know Difference Between Strip Lashes Cluster Lashes and Lash Extensions?

Do You Know Difference Between Strip Lashes  Cluster Lashes and Lash Extensions?

Aupres Lashes is a great  Mink Lash Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USA.  We are proud of our 25mm Lashes, they are the leadship and so popular, easy to sell in the United States!They are the First choice for Small Business for all beautiful ladies. Following we introduce some comcept for the lash business beginners, hope it can help you!

Strip Lashes
Strip lashes are a pre-made band of lashes that are applied with a removable adhesive.

These are worn for a special occasion or during the day but are not to be slept in. Strip lashes are meant to be an enhancement that can get applied every day, but also must be removed every day.

They can range in volume and length depending on the desired look and material they are made with.

Cluster Lashes
Cluster lashes are little sections of a strip lash or a group of lashes that are glued together in a cluster with a thick base.

These can give you more of a natural look compared to strip lashes but are still very heavy to the eyes. These also should not be worn for more than a day and should not be slept in.

Be cautious: some salons will advertise they do lash extensions but will glue cluster lashes to their clients using unsafe adhesives. At Aupres Lashes, we have our clients’ health and best interest in mind. Only the best professional-grade lashes and adhesives are provide!

Lash Extensions
Lash extensions are where a professional adheres one extension or a bouquet of extensions to one natural lash.
Technician uses two sets of tweezers, one set will isolate one natural lash, and the other will grab an extension or a bouquet. Then at a precise angle, the extension will be dipped into the adhesive and applied to that one natural lash. At no point during this service will the client feel anything or be in pain. Lash extension sets are completely customizable and created at the moment.


How To Do Winged Eyeliner for Every Eye Shape

How To Do Winged Eyeliner For Your Eyes Fast?

Through longtime research and experimentation, Aupres Lashes updated  the bottled glue into the shape and packaging of an Eyelash Glue Pen. When drawing eyeliner, the liquid of the glue pen drawn is black and sticky. Except for the black line drawn on the eyeliner It has the effect of beautiful makeup and can also fix mink eyelashes, which brings you great convenience! Following will discuss how to do Winged Eyeliner for every eye shape with this magic Lash Glue Pen!
You can get Free sample from Our Amazon Shop before you take book order! Contact with WhatsApp +8615318782783 for the payment refund of this lash glue pen.

Despite what many an eye makeup tutorial says, there’s no one way to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner. Since everyone’s eyes are uniquely beautiful, your ideal winged eyeliner method and eyeliner products should be, too.

So how do you determine the best way to nail your cat eye? We’ve rounded up the best tips to apply winged eyeliner for every eye shape, so you can determine the best eyeliner product method for you (without needing a makeup artist’s steady hand). Plus, we’ve thrown in a few super-simple and surprisingly easy universal hacks for all eye shapes you can use in a pinch.

Cat-eyes and winged tips are meant to be fierce and unique as the person who wears them, so above all, you have fun while figuring out which winged eyeliner look fits you best!


How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Upturned Eyes

An upturned eye shape is defined by the slight upturn at the outer corner of your lash line. The key to mastering your perfect winged eyeliner for this eye shape is to create an extra-graphic wing to draw attention to your eyes’ natural feline flick.

For this eye look, try a gel liner (such as this user-friendly gel pencil from SMASHBOX) or a liquid liner to draw the outline of a scalene triangle (remember those from high school geometry?) on the outer corner of your eye, along your upper lash line. Then, extend one leg of the triangle down to your bottom lash line, filling in the resulting blank space with your liner to create your wing.

Finally, take your eyeliner game to the next level by lining your upper lash line all the way into the inner corner of your eye. But you don’t have to stop there: extend the liner down to your tearduct, creating a tiny point for the ultimate feline cat-eye.

Feel free to play around with different colored eyeliner on your upper and lower lash lines, too, for a fun twist on this bold eye look.


How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes

The ideal winged eyeliner for downturned eyes should lengthen and lift up your lash line. To do this, look straight ahead and identify where the center of your eyelid is (it’s usually around where your pupil rests when looking straight). Begin lining your line starting from the center of your lash line, moving outward towards the outer corner of your eye, with your eyes still open.

Then, extend the line upward to the outer edge of your brow (the further you extend, the bolder the look). Fill in the tapered wing to your desired thickness. While you can certainly line your bottom lash line and the inner corner of your eye to emphasize your eye’s downturned shape, leaving these areas without eyeliner with create an elongated and lifted winged eyeliner look.


Hack #1: For an on-point wing that’s practically impossible to smudge, use a pencil eyeliner like the MAC COSMETICS Pro Longwear Eye Liner. And of course, you can always use either a liquid concealer or a pencil concealer (whichever is easiest) to clean up any smudges and sharpen the lines on your eye look.


How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Monolid Eyes

If you have a small lid space, sometimes called a monolid, you can easily enhance the strong lines of your eye shape by lining your upper lash line with short, feathery strokes.

To build your winged eye look, being at the inner corner of your eye and work your way to the outer corner while keeping your eyes open. Once you reach the end of your upper lash line, taper the line outwards (towards the end of your eyebrow) and fill it in to form a sharp wing.

To finish off your eye look, start a new line at the outer edge of the lower lash line and connect it to the wing on your top lash line, filling in the shape as much as you like. We recommend a felt tip liquid eyeliner for this look, such as this MORPHE Felt-Tip Liquid Liner, to create dimension-building strokes. Top with a few swipes of mascara and a swipe of eyeshadow for an effortless winged eyeliner smoky eye.


How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Round Eyes

Want to give your round eyes an extra-accentuating boost? Make your eyes pop by drawing a line close against your upper lash line, from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye, angling slightly upward at the end of your lash line.

For a natural winged eyeliner look, you’ll want to keep the wing tip short, stopping it right about where your natural crease ends. This will be just the right amount of feline flare to give you a stunning cat-eye look. Choose from a liquid liner, gel eyeliner, or eyeliner pencil, depending on your desired look, and you can even bring your liner into your waterline for an extra boost of boldness.


Hack #2: For a smudge-free, straight line, use the “connect-the-dots” method discussed in our guide here. It’s a super fun and easy way to make applying eyeliner a breeze.


How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Almond Eyes

If you have an almond eye shape, there are a variety of different methods you can take for building your winged eyeliner look.

One method is the classic “outside-in” liner technique (discussed in detail in our guide here). Simply start by drawing a straight line from the upper outer corner of your eye to the center of your upper lash line, angling down as you go. Draw another line just underneath the wing on your outer corner to form a winged tip. Fill in the rest of the line across your eyelid, keeping your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible.

Another option is the “inside out” trick (discussed here). To use this technique, begin your eyeliner at the center of your upper lash line, extending it out and up toward your eyebrow as you go. Then, angle another line from the point of your wing down and across your lashline, until it connects to create your winged tip.


Hack #3: For an ultra-precise line, use a piece of paper or tape to create a border on the outer corner of your eye. If you do decide to use tape, though, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t too sticky to avoid harming to your eyelids or pulling your eye area’s sensitive skin. When in doubt, place it on the back of your hand, and lift and remove it a few times to dull the stickiness first.

How To Get Private Label Eyelash Packaging?

How To Get Private Label Eyelash Packaging?

Aupres Lashes is a Lash Vendors of high-quality mink eyelashes and a manufacturer of Customize Packaging Box, offer over 200 styles different color and shape and theme of luxury customized eyelash boxes with perfect quality! Can meet any requirement from customers.Beautifully printed, diverse styles Lash Boxes has already won customer recognition. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, the company’s integrity, The strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

We Have Our Own Factory:
Eliminate middlemen, cooperate directly with manufacturers, product quality is reliable

Excellent Equipment:
Excellent equipment to meet demanding printing needs

Design Team:
Our own design team, so you don’t have to spend expensive money to find the help of a design company

Production Team:
We have many years of production experience and can easily respond to the different needs of the industry

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

Excellent Materials:
Using domestic and foreign high-quality materials, the interior and surface of the product are bright, and the product quality is reliable

Accurate Color Registration:
Introduce high-quality equipment and domestic high-quality inks to make the products shiny and eye-catching

Smooth Surface:
The die-cutting is smooth, the incision is smooth, the inner and outer colors are consistent, the shape is beautiful and generous, and no gaps are left.

Eyelash Packaging

What do you care ?

1. Do You Customize The Sample Packaging Box?
If you can accept that there is no mark, we can send you a sample of 1 box for inspection. We do not provide samples of the Eyelash Packaging Box with the mark because the production cost is too high.

2. What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For A Customized Luxury Eyelash Packaging Box?
A minimum order quantity of 30 pieces with your logo or brand name is a great policy, no Eyelash Box Vendors can offer such a low MOQ worldwide.

3. How To Design A Logo?
We have a professional design team that can design the logo you want for free.

Eyelash Packaging Box

4. What Is The Price?

Please contact me on WhatsApp: +8615318782783 to get your own Luxury Eyelash Packaging Box and make your perfect brand dream come true.

5. How Much Is The Freight?
It is based on the weight of the cargo.

6. How To Place An Order?
WHATSAPP: +8613174095132 Contact Abby to get the logo and order, we will give you a quote and send you a Paypal invoice with order details.

7. I Don’t Like Your Samples.
I have my own design of Eyelash Box style and LOGO. How to customize? We can customize your exclusive Wholesale Eyelash Packaging box, with your logo MOQ for 100 pieces. 15 days custom time.

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

8. What Is Our Payment Method?
Dear, if you are sure you want to buy and need to pay, don’t worry, we have a variety of payment methods, you can directly use paypal to pay or use Western Union, of course, if you are worried about our inaccurate delivery or other after-sales issues , You can choose our Alibaba credit protection order. This will protect your rights and buy our eyelashes.

9. How Long Is Our Delivery Time?
If you are an individual buyer, order the boxes in small quantities, we will prepare the products you need within 3 days and ship them to you. The shipping time will send the box to you within 3-5 days.

If the wholesaler needs to customize a large number of boxes, our delivery will complete the production of the boxes within 5-7 days, and the boxes will be sent out on the day of completion, and the delivery time will be within 3-5 days.

Where Can Find Best Eyelash Adhesives & Removers?

Where Can Find Best Eyelash Adhesives & Removers?


As a professional Eyelash Vendors, you want to provide your clients with high-quality, long-lasting eyelashes. In addition to the quality of the lashes themselves, you also need to consider which adhesives and removers are right for your needs and the needs of your clients. For the best eyelash adhesives and removers, check out what the experts at Aupres Lashes have to say.

Best Lash Adhesives

When it comes to the best lash adhesives, you want products that are fume-free, quick-drying, and long-lasting. You also want to ensure that the glues you’re using are appropriate for your client’s preferred lash style. If you’re applying strip lashes, the Aupres Lash Glue Pen is the right choice.

All of the adhesives are fume-free and quick dry in under 15 seconds! Once the glue completely dries, your clients can get back to all their normal activities as usual. Whether applying makeup or washing their face, their lashes won’t budge an inch. If you want customer satisfaction, Aupres Lashs has the best adhesives and removers on the market.

Pro Tip

The best lash adhesives in the world will only work well if your lashes are prep. To make sure your adhesive really sticks, apply a glue primer at the beginning of your session to remove all oils, makeup, and residue from the client’s lashes and eye area.

Best Eyelash Adhesive Removers

You generally have two options when it comes to the best adhesive removers: gel and cream. Neither formula causes damage to the natural lash, so your choice can be based on personal preference. Many prefer the cream remover because it’s thicker and won’t accidentally seep into the client’s eyes.

The gel is applied directly to the base of the lashes, while the cream can be applied throughout the lashes with a microbrush. Whether you choose the gel or the cream as your eyelash adhesive remover, you only need to wait five minutes before unwear your strip lashes.

Because these products are so powerful, gently brushing the lashes with an eyelash wand is all that’s needed to remove the lash extensions. If you’re experiencing any difficulty with your current adhesive remover, it may be time to switch to one of the best adhesive removers from Yegi Beauty!

Shopping with Aupres Lashes

Our goal is to transform you with high-quality, effective products that make your job easier and your clients happier. Discover targeted products for your every need when you explore our selection.

How To Make Money By Creating Lash Brand?

How To Make Money By Creating Lash Brand?

Aupres Lashes is the Best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer since 2008.We have years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom eyelashes, private label and Private Label Eyelash Boxes and DIY Eyelash Packaging for you.We have supported many customers created their lash brand to make money, following will introduce how to start lash business to make money!

First you should have high quality mink lashes to support your business, this is the basic, get in touch with Aupres Lashes, you have get support from the top class Eyelash Vendors, your mink lashes can be wholesale from Aupres Lashes will be top class, you can start your lash business wihtout any doubt.

Second you need to find customers as much as possible, this is easy too, many influence social media are best platform, like Instagram, Youtube and facebook ect! You can get many customers from these social media free charge or by advertizing. Same way, you can also sell your mink lashes on Shopfy, Amazon and Esty.
Ok, if you want to make more money, you need to start the Third step, create your private label and establish your own and unique lash brand, this can help you get your loyal customers and get their repeated orders, also you can sell your mink lashes in a higher price , because you need customize your Custom Lash Packaging Boxes with your private label.

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

Aupres Lash Vendor can supply you Mink Lashes and Custom Packaging, Lash Box can increase your business value, we have professional design team can help our customes to design their logo for Free. and our Custom Lash Packaging minimum order quantity only 30 pcs , it makes more easier to Start Off Lash Bussiness .

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale


If you dont want to spend to much for your first trial order, we also provide Lash Sample order, you can test the lashes out, we also have some Sample Pack Order deal for your choices, if your customes like them , just contact your Lash Vendor to restocks and do Lash Packaging order.

Custom Lash Packaging


With a Custom Eyelash Packaging, you can sell with a good price, you make profit, you have more money to buy more lashes next time, Lash Vendor will reduce price based on your order quantity, the more you order, the unit price is more valuable. you will be a Lash Boss, and your Lash Line will be better, you will be rich.

How To Make Up Your Eyes With Mink Eyelashes?

How To Make Up Your Eyes With Mink Eyelashes?

Beautiful is endless, mink lashes is the best and easy way to improve your beautiful in the shortest time, how to take a suitable mink lashes and make up your eyes with mink eyelashes is always a popular topic.

Many eyelash brands in different categories attract almost everyone who decides to improve their beautiful appearance. As a beginner, mink eyelashes are sold online, and you may get an interest to know the details about this eyelash at this time. Generally speaking, mink is a wild animal. Their fur will be used for false eyelashes, eyebrow fillings and eyelash extension.

Mink Lash Vendors

Explore the latest collection of eyelashes
Women born with charming eyelashes and thick eyebrows can easily get the appearance they want, so mink eyelashes will play the greatest role at this time to help them become more beautiful. But you must choose the Mink Eyelash style suitable for your makeup or eye type, which will make your makeup more perfect!

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

It is not only women with eyelash lengthening plans who can consider and repeatedly check important matters, but also those wearing mink eyelashes should pay more attention to:

The cost
The shape of the lash
True and false mink
Eyelash wear process
Correct storage of eyelashes

Mink Eyelash Vendors

How to use mink lashes
The proper placement of mink eyelashes on the eye line is crucial. It supports overlapping parts that fall outside the entire eye. And you need to know how to use mink eyelash glue to choose eyelashes. You have to gently apply some glue to your eyelash band and wait for half a minute. This time is required for acquiring the acceptable sticking capacity.

Why Choose Eyelash To Start Your Business?

Why Choose Eyelash To Start Your Business?

Eyelash business has great pros to start business, following paragraph tell you why you should choose eyelash to start your busines.

Low start-up costs for false lash business.
False eyelashes are a fast-consuming consumer product. Whether you are male or female, people who like to wear makeup will buy several pairs of different lashes styles.
You don’t need to rent an office. You can be starting a lash business at home.
It can combine with other products to increase the value of the product.

Wolesale Mink Lashes

How to get profit from lash business?
1. Social Media Platform
Using social media to promote your brand is Super good. Also, you can take makeup videos, then post them on your YouTube channel. Take wear lashes photos by yourself is unique. You can post on Instagram, share your daily routine on Tiktok. By the way, you can answer professional questions about how to wear lashes on Quora & Reddit.

The social media platform is an excellent place to start your own lash business. You need to follow the rules of each social media platform.

Good social media content will make your account better and better! Here are some social media expressions:

Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Youtube Channel

2. Marketing Strategy
A good marketing campaign can double your sales. A bad one may lead to brand defeat. So, when you turn on your eyelash business, turn on your marketing campaign.
Social marketing focuses on creating helpful content for users. You can create makeup tutorials for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, or you can write helpful articles for your website.

You can invest ads from Google, Instagram, Pinterest to drive customers to your website to buy

When a client comes to your website, you can ask them to register their email address and enjoy a 20% discount on their first purchase by registering their email address.

Key Opinion Leader MARKETING
Key Opinion Leader is very professional in a specific field. Their fans will buy products according to the Key Opinion Leader’s advice. When you find a makeup Key Opinion Leader, you can pay them to make unboxing videos to show your lashes. Let them help to promote your lashes brand.

When you have a good idea, you need to plan your concept and practice it. Marketing is a long-term thing and when you don’t have a lot of money, use social media to help you.
Provide Value-added products
When you want to expand your product line, you can sell together with the below products. It will support your increased customer unit price and profits. Here I list some simple ideas:
some simple ideas for you

High-end wigs
Fashion Sunglasses
Fashion clothes

Now it’s your turn.
I hope you enjoyed this Super fantastic guide on how to starting an eyelash business. Now I want to hear from you, what advice would you like to try from this guide today?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Why Our Sample Packs 10 Pair Mink Lashes?

Why Our Sample Packs 10 Pair Mink Lashes?

Aupres Eyelash Vendors offer mink lash sample packs, most of them are 10 pairs each pack, many clients want to know the reason, this blog will tell you the reason of shipping fee, eyelash styles sellection test and some more thought.

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Shipping consideration:
In fact, when a customer orders Mink Eyelash and prepares to pay for them, we also need to calculate another charge, that is, freight. However, the freight is proportional to the weight of eyelashes. The price is stipulated in this range. Some customers will ask us to order 3 or 2 pairs of mink lashes, or even 1 pair of mink lashes.I know dear customers, you want to buy samples first and want to know me the quality of our eyelashes, but, my friend, do you know? You ordered a pair of freight and ordered 10 pairs of freight is the same, are 25 $,
When you get 10 pairs, the costs of each pairs just under retail price.

Sellect 6 styles from the 10 pairs
Aupres Wholesale Lash Vendors know, for personal small business, 6 different styles is the best. Most customer fix 6 lash styles and created their lash brand. We have so many styles, you buy back to test several eyelash styles, maybe you will find surprise, maybe you like the style inside? So this is why our eyelashes moq10 pairs, we are all in order to provide you with better service and product quality, so please trust us, please let Aupres Lashes be your best Eyelash Vendors.

Eyelash Vendors

Be confidence to Aupres Lashes
I am very confident about our eyelashes. Although there are many different prices in the market, the materials we choose are made through strict screening. It is natural for customers to buy them back and wear them. I am confident for customers who buy mink lashes from me. I’m sure their business will do well. Our Mink Eyelashes are very beautiful, even perfect. Maybe you don’t believe what I said, but when you buy our eyelashes and wear them, you will feel very comfortable. Our mink eyelashes are very soft.

Mink Eyelash Vendors


Custom Lash Box Available
Aupres lashes can not only provide you with high-quality Mink Eyelashes, but also help you custom your own personal Eyelash Packaging, help you create a personal eyelashes brand, so if you are just starting your eyelashes business, it is very important to choose eyelashes, we have a variety of styles and different lengths of eyelashes for you to choose, so 10 pairs of eyelashes samples, in addition to saving shipping costs, the best. The point is that you can test different styles of mink eyelashes, so that you have more choices, and you will have a better understanding of which styles customers like.