Brazilian Hairs Vs Malaysian Hairs Vs Indian Hairs

Brazilian Hairs Vs Malaysian Hairs Vs Indian Hairs

Aupres Wholesale Hair Vendors supply various texture Virgin hair wigs, from Body Wave to Straight hair and Curly hairs, with length size from 10 inch to 40 inch, belongs to top class Virgin Hair Vendors, We supply Brazilian Hairs, Malaysian Hairs and Indian Hairs with different affordable price, these hairs have their own characters, when you read following articles carefully, you can know which kind of hairs fit for you, also its great help for you to promote your hair wig business!

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Brazilian Hairs
It suits hair types that are from African descent.
It’s further the most versatile with a great density. This makes it frizz resistant.
It’s soft and durable yet thick and full.
You can color the hair and re-use it if you maintain it well. The hair rocks any style, wavy, curly or straight.
It comes in various colors for you to choose from. Since it has a full body you may only need a few bundles.
It further has a natural shine with medium to low luster.

Wholesale Hair Vendors Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Hair

Malaysian Hairs
If you are looking for sleek hair with excessive shine this is yours to rock.
The shine reduces with a few washes then it takes on its natural sheen.
It’s softer and silkier than other hair types.
It holds your curls perfectly and it’s often dark brown in color.
It never changes its construction even in humid environments. Frizz is unheard of.
It has a medium to a high luster.

Virgin Hair Vendors  Virgin Straight Malaysian Hair 

Indian Hairs
This hair you would describe as versatile and light.
It’s tangles free and yet easy to style.
The hair then maintains an effortless bounce. The hair ranges from straight to wavy look.
You can easily style the hair to straight or curls.
It’s known to hold curls well but not like the Malaysian one because it begins to loosen sooner.
It blends well with all hair types and It never sheds easily.
Use anti-frizz products as it easily starts to frizz.

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale Black Indian Virgin Straight Hair


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