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How Fast Shipping For Eyelash Orders?

How Fast Shipping For Eyelash Orders?

When clients place eyelash order, they are very exciting to get their order asap, they are worry how long time can they get their order. Here Aupres Eyelash Vendors will give you a definetly explaination how long you can get your order once you have done payment. Aupre Lashes factory established in 2008,We are professional great quality of Lash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging vendor from CHINA,We specialized in Wholesale Mink Lashes : 3D Mink Lashes, including 25mm Mink lashes,16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 22mm mink lashes. Aupres Lashes is now a well-known wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor in the USA and the world.

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

4 working days without custom lash box

We have enough eyelash and lash box stock. We have hundreds of eyelashes, and whenever the inventory is less than 5,000 pairs, we will replenish the inventory. When we get your payment, our sale girl will arrange shipping within 24 hours, then our factory will package and ship out in the shortest time.Because many orders need to be issued every day. The most important thing is that we have our own factory, so we don’t worry about inventory at all. I also hope that my beautiful customers do not worry. We will provide you with the best quality, best-selling style, best service, most cost-effective price, fastest delivery speed, and use fast shipping to ensure that you receive your package as soon as possible and start your Eyelashes business, thereby making more money

mink eyelash vendors

8 days for orders with custom lash box
If your order contains eyelashes and custom lash boxes, we need 3 working days produce your Custom Lash Box, another 5 days shipping time, our long term cooperate is Fedex, the provide the most fast shipping service, therefor your order will ship out quickly.

We have huge service team, all order can ship out quickly

A customer of mine told me that she ordered eyelash samples from other Lashes Vendors, but they postponed the delivery time and said that the order was too few and that a large order had to be arranged first. This makes her very angry!

For eyelash-only orders, we will arrange your order on the day you place the order, and then we will send you the tracking number the next day. We have huge service team, big order or small order, we can ship out as fixed schedule.Therefore, you don’t have to worry that due to the small number of orders, we will ignore you. Business is important, but respect is also important. In order to better maintain fairness and justice, we will arrange orders according to the order of payment, no matter how large or small your quantity is, of course we have many orders, the sooner you pay, the sooner we arrange your order

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Why Is False Eyelashes The First Choice For Women Small Business ?

Why Is False Eyelashes The First Choice For Women Small Business ?

I am a women private home entrepreneur, i want to start my own business, but i have small investment, i don’t have office, i don’t have warehouse, what business can i start with?

This is a question that many American women consider, how to find a product that can be operated by themselves, with small investment, easy to sell, and profitable, you are lucky to read this blog, i find this product for you, thats false eyelashes.

Aupres Lashes is a great Mink Lash Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USA. We are proud of our 25mm Lashes, they are the leadship and so popular, easy to sell in the United States!First choice for Small Business for all beautiful ladies.

Aupres Eyelash Vendors focus on 3D Mink Lashes fashion study, design and producing since the year 2008,main market is Unite States, has supplied millions of beautiful mink lashes to the Unite States, helped thouands of Lash Vendors USA created their lash line.Believe you will be the next lucky one!

If you are student or home mother, the best solution is to control your budget of 150$, first to enjoy wholesale price, take 30 pairs lashes and 30 pieces beautiful paper card packaging, much cost effective, because from the beginning, you don’t need to cost more on your private label, just save any penny to start your business and enlarge it.

When you are formiliar with every moment of the business and you have get some regular customers, you need create your private label, you can invest 225$, enjoy wholesale price on eyelashes and Custom Lash Packaging Boxes, the beautiful Custom Lash Box is great help to promote your lash business.

We have professional sales lady, they will help you from take choice of different lash styles, help you custom lash box, guide you on payment, and finally they will ship out your order directly to your home, all the process very smooth and simple, when you read this blog, you can try at once.

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What Kinds Of Lash Bands Suitable For Your Double Eyelids?

What Kinds Of Lash Bands Suitable For Your Double Eyelids?

There are a lot of kinds false eyelashes in the market, of course there are many different lash band, such as hard lash band there are transparent lash band and woven band, and also there are soft lash band, such as thread cotton lash band, this is because of the demand of eyelids. lets go on introduce these three lash band and see what eyelids like it!

1. Cotton thread:

The band is a black cotton thread, which can act as an outer liner without reflection. It is very soft and the ends of it are not easy to tilt. It is suitable for double eyelids with moderate stealth degree, and it can act as eyeliner. Because it is very soft, it will not stick to the eyelids after being put and will not be easy to tilt. In other words, it is very ductile. The hardness is between the transparent lash band and the woven band. The glue is strong because of the texture. However, the disadvantage of it is that due to the deformation after usage. No matter for more durable mink eyelashes or more affordable synthetic eyelashes, they all can be made with black cotton thread.

2. Transparent lash band:

It is suitable for double eyelid and single eyelid. It has better effects in makeup with high transparency. It is easy to cut off a bundle of posts which can maintain the original radian after usage. It is very invisible so it can achieve very good results, either in whole or in a single cluster. The defect is because of the weaving, eyelash prone to stick together and the ends of eyelashes are easy to fall off and tilt.

3. Woven band:

Compared with the line band and cotton stalk, it is not very comfortable. But for girls of single and inside double-fold eyelid, it is a good choice because of the better effects due to its hardness. However, it is easy to fall off after a long soak in the water, and the ends of eyelashes are easy to be unglued which requires people to fill with glue from time to time. Besides, the stalks are not average in hardness with thick and thin lashes.

Aupres Lashes profession Wholesale Black Cotton Mink Lashes, which is durable and comfotable. 25mm mink lashes, 20mm eyelashes and 16mm lashes are all handmade with black cotton band.

Mink lashes are best choice for small business, we have professional sales, to guide you order the lashes you want, we have professional designer help you custom lash boxes, you can start at any time and stop with not more than 300$ investment and only one person can do well.

If you are interested transparent band and woven band mink lashes, we also can produce for you, but this need one week preorder, we dont have these in stocks. if you are going to startyour eyelash business or work with us, u can contact me

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Why Aupres Mink Eyelashes The  First Choice For Small Business?

Why Aupres Mink Eyelashes The  First Choice For Small Business?

Do you want to be more beautiful but only spend 50 cents extra every day? Aupres Eyelash Vendors‘ best quality Mink Lashes offers an easier solution for you! Your natural beauty and perfect makeup will make your charm shine! Aupres Lash Vendors supply over 200 different premium mink eyelashes, . It may be one of the most popular eyelashes because it looks natural and attractive compared with other types of false eyelashes. It is the first choice for Small Business!

Aupres brand 3D Mink Eyelashes are a little expensive, but its over 20 days reusable time makes it less than 50 cents costs every days, then it sounds much cheaper,many women like it. Women are always curious about products that make them look more beautiful and ready to buy anytime. However, they also want to ensure that the beauty products they choose do not have any adverse effects. Mink eyelashes don’t need dyeing or chemicals, which is why women like it.

Smooth and comfortable:
Many women no longer use eyelashes because they feel uncomfortable after use. Mink eyelashes have no such problem. These are smooth and famous for providing better charm to your eyes. Mink eyelashes are lighter than other types of eyelashes. This feature allows you to use and maintain them longer.

It looks natural:
If natural eyelashes look as attractive as long eyelashes, no one will try long eyelashes. Unfortunately, not every woman can grow charming eyelashes naturally, which is why they try natural mink eyelashes.

Suitable for any event:
Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or going out to enjoy time, mink eyelashes are suitable for any occasion. These are flexible and you can apply them to every event. You can find several different styles, suitable for all kinds of makeup.

Best Choice products for small business
High quality, confortable feeling,affordable wholesale price, natural looking styles, all this pros makes Aupres Lashes the best choice for small business, hope you are the next lucky cooperator!

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How Custom Lash Box Help Promote Your Lash Business?

How Custom Lash Box Help Promote Your Lash Business?

Due to the huge demand in the 3D eyelash market, Customized Eyelash Packaging is becoming more and more popular in the market. People want to have beautiful eyelash packaging. In order to prevent the eyelashes from being wrinkled or damaged, it is very important to put the eyelashes in the packaging box. Facing an increasingly competitive market, how can you better promote your products?

Lash Vendors

1. Because customized packaging is more attractive to consumers

People like beautiful products, and having a beautiful package attracts the attention of beauties and increases their desire to consume. Unique and beautiful customized packaging can attract customers to understand your product

Eyelash Vendors

2. You can print your own social account on the customized package, let your customers become your promoters

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

3. The exquisite and durable customized packaging box can also be used as storage instead of being thrown away, which will help customers remember you and become your repeat customers

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

4. Customize different packaging boxes according to different holidays, create a festive atmosphere, attract consumers’ attention, and can also be used as small gifts for each other during the holidays

5. Where can you find Eyelash Vendors to custom Private Label Lash Box?

Aupres Lashes also equipped with own Custom Lash Boxes  Factory, suplly Custom Eyelash Packaging Box for customers as well!

More than 200 different box styles for your choice, we have helped more than 10,000 Eyelash Distributors USA created their Private Label lash boxes, you are the next lucky guy!


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How Important Is To Order Custom Packaging Boxes?

How Important Is To Order Custom Packaging Boxes?

Aupres Lashes is a professional Mink Lash Vendors, we supply Custom Lash Box as well. We have many customers inquiring about our products every day.We supply Custom Lash Packaging Boxes to the customer after they order mink lashes.Are we aiming to make more money? of course not!

Custom Eyelash Packaging

First of all, we are a supplier with our own box production factory, so our box minimum quantity is very low, only 30 pieces. It is great for those who are just starting their own eyelash business.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Second, we provide free design. We know that many customers don’t make custom boxes because they don’t have their own logo. Therefore, our company has a professional design team that can provide you with free designs. You only need to know your brand name, and we can perfect the design that belongs only to you. Private logo, and will be designed to your satisfaction.

Eyelash Packaging Box

Third, develop your own brand better. The eyelash box not only protects the eyelashes, the customized logo eyelash box can also help you promote your eyelash brand, so as to get more customers. In addition, we can print your social information on the eyelash box. When your customers want to buy back, they can quickly find you or recommend you to others to help you get more customers.

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

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Lash Glue Liner Quick Easy Mess Free Apply Lash Glue

Lash Glue Liner Quick Easy Mess Free Apply Lash Glue

A quick way to apply lash glue by Lash glue pen felt-tip! Apply it to your upper lash line, place your lashes onto your lash line, and you’re all done!

A clean way to apply lash glue by lash glue pen, felt-tip pen design, the glue ink is well controlled, it can apply to your lash line smoothly and evenly, no mess, no smudge, very clear and easy

to do, once you know how to draw eyeline, you can apply lash glue same way! It is much friendly to beginners, you don’t worry about applying lash glue even if you are first time to wear your lashes.

– Black eyeliner
– Eyelash adhesive
– Fast drying
– Waterproof                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Long lasting

Tips For Usage:
– Shake the Lash Glue Liner few times, mix the glue ink well before use
– Put cap back on Lash Glue Liner after use (it can dry out if you do not put the cap on after use)
– Use micellar water to remove Eyeliner Adhesive

Aqua, Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol

Product Origin
This Lash Glue Liner is made out from South Korea, famous on beauty care, quite good quality, latex free and harmless to skin,

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Why Clear Lash Glue Pen So Popular ?

Why Clear Lash Glue Pen(Lash Glueliner) So Popular ?

We need lash glue support when we wear eyelashes, to apply the lash glue on lash band is a skill work, this has prevent many lady from wearing lashes, only because they get mess and smudge when they apply lash glue to lash band, but now everything changed, because we launch the Lash Glue Pen!

Lash Glue Pen has unique felt-tip, the lash glue ink flood out slowly and evenly from the tip of lash glue pen, this makes possible directly apply the lash glue on eyeline, then put the mink lashes onto your eyeline before the glue get dry instead of apply the lash glue onto lashband, this definatly change the way to wear eyelashes.

Lash Glue Pen makes it very easy and simple to wear eyelashes. Every one know how to draw eyeline, then she can apply lash glue by using the felt-tip of Lash Glue Pen the same way, because of the felt-tip design, the glue ink is well controlled, the perfect result is mess free and smudge free, this will great help for the people who are afraid apply lash glue on lash band.

The lash glue is orginal South Korea, very good quality, strong hold and long lasting, waterproof, can stick any kind of false lashes, also can fit for any ocassion, best choice for beginners.

The Lash Glue Pen can help you draw wing out on the out cornor of you eye, the thick glue ink can make it quickly finish drawing it than eyeliner, same costs you are now own one bottle lash glue and one eyeliner pen, much costs effective, it’s the best gift choice too, buy it now, don’t miss!

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Will Lash GlueLiner Replace Regular Lash Glue Finally?

Will Lash GlueLiner Replace Regular Lash Glue Finally?

It’s time to get rid of your current lash glue & eyeliner to try Lash GlueLiner Pen! Do you know Aupres Lash Glueliner ? it is also call lash glue eyeliner Pen, it can works as a lash adhesive and eyeliner! With our Eyeliner Glue Pen you get 2 products in 1! Our Lash Glueliner has a jet black felt-tip, this unique design makes it a quick and easy to apply the lash glue on your eyeline and much simple to put your lash on your eyes .

Applying lash glue and wear eyelash is a simple 3 step process! Please see the following 3 pictures, you can understand how it works!

Step 1: Shake the Lash Glueliner make the liquid lash glue well mix, so the glue ink can output smoothly

Step 2. All you have to do is apply the lash glue on your eyeline with the unique felt-tip, apply 2 times right and left to ensure the eyeline is tacky with lash glue


Step 3:Place your lashes right on top of your lash line, touch the lash band to your eyeline from the middle of lash band, press all part of your lash band to your eyeline, then your lashes will automatically stick!


You don’t have to worry about your GlueLiner smearing because it is waterproof, dries fast, and is perfect for all day wear. Once the day comes to an end and its time to take your lashes off, our liner will not leave any clumpy glue residue!

In addition, this kind of lash glue is vegan, latex free, sulfate free, and paragon free! What more could you possibly want?! If you are going swimming on the first date the Eyeliner Glue Pen will be PERFECT for you to use since it is waterproof and your lashes won’t fall off! No Magnets. No Messy Glue. EASY TO APPLY.

Compare to the eyelash glue, the Lash Glueliner pen 1. easy to carry 2. High-end and fashion 3. 13ml capacity, 3 times reusable than lash glue but same price, it very cost-effective

Go purchase our Lash Glueliner you will see that your makeup routine will become much faster, easier, and less of a hassle! We can’t wait to see your makeup looks wearing our new Eyeliner Glue Pen!

Also Aupres Lashes can make logo design on the eyeliner glue pen, to help you do brand lash line all the time!

A Pro Tip to keep in mind: For best results, store the eyeliner tip upside down,after use, please screw on the cap as soon as possible for optimal ink flow.

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Aupres Lashes Fake Eyelashes

Aupres Lashes Fake Eyelashes

Aupres Lashes is a professional False Eyelashes Vendors  with mature experience. We are founded to create superior quality false eyelash that are reusable, beautiful, and comfortable. We offer 3D Mink Lashes, Lite Mink Lashes, Premium Synthetic Lashes, 3D Classic Faux Mink Lashes, Blossom Volume Lashes and Application Tools for our customers. We consult with industry experts, listen, and react to our customer’s advice, making effort to design more beautiful eyelashes. Our mission is to bring confidence to all of the women who pursue beauty, we hope our products can accompany with our customers to spend all the memorable time of their life. Following False Eyelash Kid are faux mink lashes, which was much welcome on Amazon.


【HIGH QUANTITY EYELASH】Aupres lashes is made of synthetic. The lashes are very soft,lightweight and comfortable to wear.
【NATURAL LOOK EFFECT】This eyelash is definitely not too thick or too thin for you,it will give your eyes natural look effect. Makes your eyes bigger than usual.
【THE LASHES IS SUITABLE FOR SPECIAL USE 】Suitable for party or professional application like wedding, event, photo shoot, night out use.
【CAN BE WEAR FOR A LONG TIME】The lashes is very soft so you can wear it wholeday and even more day.

How to Apply Faux eyelashes?

Remove the false eyelashes, and trim it to fit your eye length.
Use both hands to adjust the false eyelashes to fit your eye curve.
Carefully apply the glue to the main stem of the false eyelashes.
Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry until the glue is almost transparent. This is the ideal time to apply lashes to eyelids.
Close the eyes as appropriate and ensure a proper fit by blinking.
See the perfect and shining eyes.You will unexpected surprises.