Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box 

Do You Want To Create Your Own Private Label?

Beautiful Eyelash Packaging Box can show the high-end eyelashes. When you show it on social media, the packaging can attract consumers’ attention more than eyelashes. Therefore, eyelash practitioners want to Customize their own unique eyelash packaging.Smoothly develop your own branded eyelash business

Custom Lash Box


Custom Lash Box Catalogs

Slide Drawer Lash Box

Slide Drawer Lash Box

Slide Drawer Lash Box

  • Magnetic Rectangle Lash Box!

Square Lash Box 

Diamond Lash Box


 How To Make Your Brand Outstanding From Other Competiting Brands

Aupres  Lashes has over 200 styles Eyelash Packaging Box with different colors and different shape for your choice, there must be one box fit for your logo design, 

we introduce differet box styles details on the following paragraph!

  • Magnetic Rectangle Lash Box!


Eyelash Packaging

  • Slider Drawer  Lash Box


Custom Lash Boxes


  • Diamond Lash Box

Custom False Eyelash Packaging Box

  • Acylic Lash Box


  • Top Open Lash Box


Custom Eyelash Packaging Box on

  • Square Lash Box

Private Label LashesBox

How Can Know Your Logo Design Looks Before Bulk Producing?

Some clients worry about logo design, they said “I can’t pay the money without seeing my box design, if you have made out boxes i don’t satify, how i do with my payment?

Dont worry, we get a good solution for you, protect your safety payment  !

Aupres Lashes’ policy and procedures is: 30$ deposit first, we start do demos for you
2.our designer does demos, show you how logo design works
3.if you are not satisfy with it, our designer can do some improvement according to your requirement till you satisfy.
4. pay the balance of quotation, after all payment
5.we start producing boxes for you, this will last 3 days

Wholesale Custom Black Eyelash Lashes Boxes

Are you ready to order lash boxes?  contact with  Whatsapp+8615318782783 for details 

How To Design A Professional Eyelash Packaging Box?

With well over 10 years in Lash Packaging Boxes design experience we can help you get your own brand product customized.We can design you want logo or brand name with box and let you check before start produce.

  • Make A Lash Logo

make sure use your lashes logo and brand name on the first side of your box, and that will seems so professional.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box 

  • Choose Eyelash Packaging Box Model To Match Logo

You may see too many lashes boxes styles from the lashes box catalog, choose one you like, and tell your lashes vendor, and they will design for you .


Wholesale Custom  Eyelash Packaging Box

  • Make Sure The Logo Color

Your box should match the color of your logo design.


Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging 

  • Add Social Information

Add your Instagram ID, your Youtube ID, your Website on the box,  your customer can get in touch with you at any time, your updating data also will be well known by your customers.

  Custom  Eyelash Packaging  

Where Can Custom Eyelash Packaging Box?

The best way to find the eyelash boxes is that you can ask for your lashes vendor for you can order the lashes boxes together, why ?

 Lash Woods Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

  • They Can Add Lashes Into The Box For You

  1. If you order lashes and packages separately, you have to do this by yourself.
  2. If you make bulk orders , that will cost too much time and energy for you .
  3. As you know , time is money , if you order the eyelash box together with your lashes, that will save money.


Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Gold Foil Logo

  • Can Save Shipping Cost

  1. if you ship the lashes and custom packaging box together, that will save your shipping cost.
  2. Usually , your lashes vendor will put the lashes into the box for you ,and that will save volume, so that the shipping cost will be cheaper than the ship them with different vendor.

Wholesale Custom All Pink Eyelash Pull Out Packaging Box

What’s The Price Of Customing Eyelash Packages Box?

30 piece Custom Lash Box 105$ shipping included, if you order more Custom Lash Boxes, you can get more cash discount, and the price will decrease a lot, contact with WhatsApp without hesitation. 100 boxes 280$ shipping included, 500 boxes 1300$ shipping inlcuded.

How Long Will It Take To Produce The Custom Eyelash Packaging?

3 Working days to be needed to produce your custom lash boxes, if your lash box need special customize, then 15 working days needed.

 Custom Eyelash Packaging Box


 Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box


What Is The Advantage Of Aupres Lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging?

If u are looking for a Professional Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Vendor, don’t miss Aupres Lashes,Aupres Lashes supply best customer service and best quality products

Pink Butterfly Clear Lash Case 

  • Lower MOQ,   30 pcs only

Every vendor and factory of custom eyelash packaging boxes will have quantity requirements for custom eyelash packaging boxes. The minimum order quantity of most factories is 50pcs or 100pcs. But Aupres Lashes is an exception, the minimum order quantity is only 30pcs

Custom Glitter Diamond Eyelash Packaging Box Cartoon Logo

  •  FREE and  Quickly Design

1.Aupres Lashes has a professional designer team,If u have ur own logo,plz send to the people u talk with,once u confirm order,designer will make rendering for u FREE OF Charge,then factory will produce it accroding rendering.

Colorful Butterflies Acylic Eyelash Packaging Box

2.If u don’t have ur own logo,It doesn’t matter,u can tell the people u talk about ur idea,designer will design for u according ur idea,the can design for u;If u don’t like design,designer will modify for u FREE until u like it.

Holographic Eyelash Liner Glue Pen Packaging Box

  • Fast Producing Time

Most factories need 15 to 20 working days to customize the box, and Aupres Lashes’s box customization time only takes 3 to 5working days, or even faster. After the box is made, it will be shipped within three working days

Wholesale Pink Pull Out Eyelash Packaging Box

  • Save Time

If u order lashes and custom packaging box together from Aupres Lashes,u have made a best choice. Aupres Lashes will put lashes in the packages,then ship it together,u don’t need to spend time putting lashes,and produce time is too short