Did You Ever Make These Mistakes When Wearing Wigs?

Did You Ever Make These Mistakes When Wearing Wigs?

Have you ever made any errors when using wigs? Aupres Wholesale Hair Vendors conclude some common mistakes which the beginers offen make. Beginners are bound to make mistakes. However, to continue making mistakes and not learning from those is definitely not the trait of wise people, learn more and avoid the mistake from the following:

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Mistake 1: not braiding the hair under the wig
The key to ensuring a sense of security after wearing the wig starts with how to prepare the hair underneath. Before putting the wig on the head, the hair should be braided. Some people usually don’t put braid foundation under the braid cap. They just put the hair back in the ponytail or hair curtain, and then put a wig on the hair. You should avoid this kind of mistake, because if your hair is not completely flat under the wig, it will look bumpy. This is the last thing you want.

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Mistake 2: Cannot wash your hair regularly
Wigs should be taken care of like natural hair. Take care of your wig, it will serve you for a long time. It is always recommended to wash the wig every 10 times to avoid the accumulation of grease and dirt. When washing your hair, please tangle it first, then gently wash your hair with cold running water, and remember to also apply conditioner and rinse. After that, let the wig dry completely.


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Mistake 3: Don’t care for the wig
Wigs are not like hats, you can wear hats casually. They also do not produce oil like your natural hair. Therefore, if you want to maintain its vitality, it needs to be oiled, combed and shaped. If you ignore the wigs, they not only look ugly, but also get tangled easily, which shortens their lifespan.

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Mistake 3: Don’t care for the wig Improperly Combing and Washing Your Wig

Extreme care should be taken when combing the wig. Never comb wet hair because your hair can get tangles. When styling, take extra care around the knots by not pulling on them.

It’s recommended to use a wide-toothed comb or a wig brush to detangle your wig. Don’t wash the wig with extremely hot water since it will lead to shedding and dryness. Furthermore, excess heat from a blow dryer can also damage the wig hair, hence remember to set your blow dryer at a low heat temperature.



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