Do You Know Why Your Eyelash Business Slow Down?

Do You Know Why Your Eyelash Business Slow Down?

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Recently, some customers reflected to me, Why is my eyelash business going very slowly recently. What should I do?

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2020 is a challenge year for all industries, including Eyelash Indurstry. Various difficulties and challenges have emerged one after another. Affected by the new coronavirus, people get less incomes, not enough money to spend, in all walks of life are under pressure, and the eyelash industry is also under pressure. But, dear people in the 3D mink wholesale market, please rest assured, the difficulties are always temporary, please don’t give up.

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Some customers ask: Is it because I sell too expensive? I want to say my dear, it is not for this reason, you know people never mind to spend a few more Dollars on the great quality mink lashes. Most families have limited funds due to the impact of the new coronavirus. What you have to do is not to give up. You must ensure the quality of the product. When your customers want to re-order, the first thing they think of is you.

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You need to keep doing the following:
1: Keep updating your social networking sites to promote your products
2: Ensure product quality and sufficient inventory
3: Make good use of every holiday, such as Christmas is coming soon, everyone will give each other gifts, you can make some eyelash wraps on the theme of Christmas to attract your customers

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