Essential Props To Paste MINK Eyelashes

After seeing the charm of LADYGAGA big eyes,are you ready to try?

In fact, the method of wearing false mink eyelashes is really not difficult today, Editor will teach you the simplest four steps, with little tips, you can make a pair of small false mink eyelashes to help you immediately have the magic of taking pictures of the soul and enhance your popularity!

1.Cut false mink eyelashes into a short, short period of time. The middle section can be a little wider, so affixed to the middle of the arc will be very natural, It does not suddenly have the feeling of bifurcation

2.Only tweezers, clip a handful of false mink eyelashes, in turn, sticky glue in the roots of eyelashes.

private label packaging mink lashes 
private label packaging mink lashes

Essential Props To Paste Eyelashes:

1.Clip: that is, aids, aids have a variety of single false mink eyelashes absolutely indispensable, the use of clip help, false mink eyelashes posted more smoothly, quickly.

2.Small scissors: just bought back the entire row of false mink eyelashes must be trimmed to meet the length of the eye-shaped, exquisite small scissors can be precise pruning, super convenient Oh!

3.Eyelash glue: To choose the moderate viscosity, and now there is a black eyelash glue, do not have to worry after sticking on the eyelids will have a white residue, very natural.

real sable fur eyelashes private label factory 
real sable fur eyelashes private label factory

MIIS False Eyelash Glue

The world’s best-selling false eyelash glue. The only false eyelash glue that meets the medical surgical criteria. MIIS False Eyelash Glue is a MIIS Queen’s merchandise, and MIIS false mink eyelashes and body stick diamonds use false mink eyelashes.

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