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Aupres Lashes are famous lash vendor, lash manufacturer, we produce and wholesale all kinds of eyelash all over the world.

Price:For 5ml bottle, 2.5 $ for with logo, 2$ no logo.And our shipping costs 30$


Zero Latex, Formaldehyde Free, Waterproof Eyelash Glue 

wholesale eyelash glue 

waterproof  lash glue 

Zero Latex eyelash glue 

 formaldehyde free lash glue


Lash Glue Pen 

Lash Glue Pen is newly updated pen shape lash glue, it has felt-tip, which lash glue ink can apply to eyelid directly, before the lash glue dry, press the eyelashes on, this makes eye make up super easy and simple, no more combersome again, thats why it is much popular now. 

Lash Glue For False Lashes Clear


Lash Glue For False Lashes Clear

Lash Glue Pen Catalog

Tips on using Lash Glue Pen:

  1. shake the lash glue pen 10 times before each use, to mix the lash glue ink well, so it can apply smoothly and evenly
  2. apply lash glue on the eyelid, at the end root of babe eyelashes, for the popuse stick eyelash band
  3. fully press down eyelashes on the lash glue, make the lash band well placed on the lash glue
  4. ajust the eyelashes on the right place

This black lash glue pen has thin felt tip, so it can well draw eyeline instead of eyeline pencil, especially when you want to draw winged out, it can do in a very short time, this save you much time on early moring make up, you can save more time doing other things in the busy morning time!I

May be you are afraid, do the  glue of the eyelash glue pen still strong and waterproof ?  Don’t worry, we did an experiment. After applying the eyelashes on our hands, rinse them with water. The eyelashes are very firm! This is cerfitied strong and waterproof, you can sale it confidence! Aupres pen lash glue also quickly dry, long lasting and mess free, very clean and super easy!

Yoomia lash glue pen super friendly to beginners, friendly traveling, and very lower price, when you bulk order, it only 4.5$ to door price, it is really very smart gifts idea, best gift choice for mom, grandma, daughter and girl friend.

Do you like this eyeliner glue pen? Do your think your customers  will like it?  If your are sure, why don’t you hurry to place an big  order? Only when  you can solve the problem for the customer, you will be trusted and relied on by the customer, and you will make a lot of money! Only when you cooperate with Aupres Lashes, you can get much oppotunity to get your customers trust and beilive! Aupres Lashes,  always your best  Mink Lash Vendors!

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