FAQ On Customizing Eyelash Box Solution

FAQ On Customizing Eyelash Box Solution

1. The cheapest eyelash package with private label
Clear Case + Glitter paper+ Logo sticker formed a very cute private label eyelash packaging solution.

Lash Cases wholesale eyelash private label

2. What is the MOQ of the Eyelash Box?
If you do not want logo,there are no moq for the clear lash case,if you want with logo,MOQ only 30 pieces.Our produce time only need two days after you confirmed design.

Custom Mink Lash boxes Eyelash Packaging boxes Wholesale

3.How long take until shipping?
Our production time only need 3-5 working days after you confirmed design.

Lash Wood box Custom eyelash Packaging

4.How many eyelash boxes styles do you have?
We have more than 123 styles of luxury packaging boxes, please check our packaging catalogs pictures.

Celephone lash packaging box customized my own eyelash box

5. Do you custom sample packaging boxes?
If you can accept box without logo,we can send box sample to you check,we do not supply eyelash packaging box sample with logo, because of so high produce costs.hope you can understand.

wholesale lash cases custom drawer eyelash packaging

6. What is MOQ to customize the luxury eyelash packaging box?
30 pieces minimun order quantity printed with your logo or brand name, that is a GREAT POLICY, no box vendor can supply so low moq ALL OVER the WORLD.

Diy Lash Packaging boxes Wholesale Custom Mink Lash boxes

7. What is the Eyelash Packaging price?
This depends on logo design styles and amount of boxes, details please contact my WhatsApp: +8615318782783 to get your Own Luxury Eyelash Packaging boxes,Make your perfect Brand dream come True.

Lash brand packaging eyelash packaging vendor wholesale

8. How long does it take to customize the eyelash packaging box?
3-5 working days after you confirmed design, we will finished produce of your order.

Packaging lashes marble box private label eyelashes

9. How long does it take to ship to the US?
3-5 days to USA by Fedex express company.

Holographic Eyelash Packaging box wholesale lashes packaging in nyc

10.What is the shipping price?
Basic shipping 30$, It is base on the amount of box and weight of boxes.

eyelash packaging wholesaler usa customized lash marble box

11.How to place an order ?
WhatsApp: +8615318782783

Contact Yang for logo and order, will give you a quotation and sent you Paypal invoice with order detail.

Custom eyelash packaging wholesale lash wood boxes

12. How to done payment?
First choice paypal, our paypal account: gaosensen@163.com

Custom eyelash packaging vendor wholesale holographic lash box

13. I don’t like your sample. I have own design eyelash box style and LOGO. How to customize it?
We can custom your exclusive eyelash packaging boxes,with your logo MOQ is 100 pieces. the custom time is 10-15 DAYS.

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