Fluffy & Dramatic 25mm Lashes The Bigger The Better

Fluffy & Dramatic 25mm Lashes The Bigger The Better

Since 2018, long eyelashes accounted for 70% of imported eyelashes in the United States. An old proverb: “The bigger the better”, its really a good interpretation for this matter. Is the mink lashes the bigger the better? This of course has a limit. According to research by Aupres Lashes, a famous  Wholesale Eyelash Vendors, that any eyelashes longer than 25mm, no matter how good the eyelash manufacturing technology, can only be made into a brush to support the weight of the eyelashes. There is the flexibility of eyelashes, this flexibility limited the lashes to  25mm length size. Since Aupres Lashes first launched 25mm eyelashes in August 2018, it has been popular all over the world. Then  why is the bigger the better?

Mink Lash Vendors Usa

Mink eyelashes were always praised by natural styles. When someone wants to say that a style of mink eyelashes is very good, they usually say: “Wow, such a good false eyelashes look like they are not worn! It is so natural , Even your boyfriend can’t notice that you have put on your eyelashes!”.But now it changes, we would love to say: Omg, i love your dramatic lashes, you are always be focused with this fluffy lashes!

Lash Wholesale Vendors

Aupres Eyelashes is an experienced eyelash manufacturer, the best Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors in China. The 25mm mink belt eyelashes they designed and launched are very popular, which proves the diversity of beauty. When we set our bold smoky makeup, a pair of fictional characters that stand out are the perfect finishing touch. Whether you prefer a flared, feather-like look, a winged effect or an extra-long curly design; here, we have a range of stunning eyelash styles to choose from, suitable for a vivid look.

6D 25mm Lashes 

If you like the appearance of multi-layered eyelashes with many textures, then Aupres Lashes  provides you with 25mm style mink eyelashes, which is hard to beat. This eye-opening style combines dense and fine eyelash lines to create a full and delicate makeup. It also increases the length of the center of the strap to make the eyes more beautiful and curl the makeup effortlessly.

25mm Mink Strip Lashes 

Aupres Mascara is a private-label supplier of eyelashes, and her best-selling style Dy008 is widely acclaimed for its dramatic flared appearance. This unique design is very suitable for providing a cat-eye effect, and gradually increases the length toward each outer edge, while the thick eyelashes form a V-shaped pattern, thus presenting a unique and vivid appearance.

25mm Mink Lashes 

Aupres eyelashes, the best 3D Mink Lashes Vendor, because of their high-quality mink and silk eyelash styles, their styles are very suitable to provide a luxurious touch to your makeup. The Dx10 is one of our latest additions and consists of super curly slender eyelash bundles that are layered together to achieve extremely high volume and incredible clarity. The slender ends enhance your eyes, adding an impressive length and giving a plump and fluffy effect.

25mm Lashes  

Dy002 provides heavy volume and impressive length

Dy002 is one of the most dramatic false eyelashes in the entire Doll Beauty series. It provides large volume and impressive length for optimal strength. The layering of high-quality eyelashes gives a soft, shiny appearance and texture effect, which can achieve ultimate clarity.

25mm Eyelashes 

Dy016 is your first choice for unparalleled dramatic effects

Coveted by A-class celebrities and loved for its ultra-dramatic design; Dy016 style Aupres false eyelashes are your first choice for unparalleled dramatic effects. The flared eyelash clusters are thick and fluffy, curled outwards to enhance the effect of the eyes, adding a very long length to the entire circle, prominent appearance.

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