Have You Encountered This Kind Of Scam In Your Eyelash Business?

Have You Encountered This Kind Of Scam In Your Eyelash Business?

Many of our clients have complained that they are scamed, they received different and low quality Eyelash styles when they Wholesale Mink Lashes from Eyelash Vendors, some lashes are much low quality compare to the sample order, some eyelashes are made of very hard hairs, some are very bad smells and so on, following are some explanation how this occured, and tell you how to avoid this again.

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Some unscrupulous Lash Vendors will provide quality samples to trick you into buying more. But when you buy in large quantity, they would offer you lashes with poor quality. What’s worse, it is not uncommon in the market. Many vendors may do this to save cost and make more profit. But as a reliable lashes vendors, we solemnly promise you that you will never have this problem if you cooperate with us.

Eyelash Vendors

Sometimes,clients would order in large quantity after confirming the style of lashes from Mink Eyelash Vendors. However, when they get the products, they would be very disappointed to find that the style of lashes they receive is different from the one they want. Have you had this problem ? Why ?

In order to save costs, some Mink Lash Vendors would resort to cheaper labours. So they would have their production in North korea instead of China because the labour cost is much lower there. However, without strict supervision and control of quality, these inexperienced workers would produce defective goods which cannot meet the required standard.

However, we can spare you such worries if you choose us. As a famous Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Usa, our lash factory equipped with professional workers, strict supervision and quality control, every pair of eyelashes we make is just like a perfect artwork.

Lash Vendors

Some Clients may feel happy to receive goods which looks quite good on the surface. However, if they take a closer look at, feel or smell these lashes, they will find many problems such as lash dissymmetry, unacceptable hardness, lack of lash tip or even pungent chemical odor.

In order to save costs, some Mink Lash Vendors would use inferior glue, resulting in too hard eyelash stem. Too hard eyelashes would stab users’ eyes. Beside, pungent chemical odors results from the use of chemicals which can easily create 3D effect with little cost. However, these chemicals would do harm to your health. Think what will happen if your skin contact with those chemicals every day.

   Mink Eyelash Vendors

Delivery of goods may be delayed. The agreed delivery date may be one month, but actually it takes 3 months or even longer. We know that sometimes time is even more precious than money. Chances are high that the delay would harm the interest of customers.

Besides, these semi-finished products also need further processing. So the cycle is very long. But if you choose us, we can free you of this problem because we will deliver goods on time or in advance. With professional and experienced workers in China,we can ensure the quality of goods as well as the efficinecy of production.

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