How Aupres Hairs Make High Quality Bundle Hairs?

How Aupres Hairs Make High Quality Bundle Hairs?

Aupres Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors are the most professional Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer.because of the best extension experiences available due to their long lifespan and wide range of usage.Aupres is the Best Wholesale Hair Vendors ,we not only the Best Virgin Hair at real factory price, but also we can supply helpful advice for your hair business, leading you into a new business. Following paragraph tell you how Aupres Wholesale Hair Vendors supply you best quality Hair Bundles!

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1. Natural Human Hair shaved from girls directly
Hairs of the highest quality are sourced from different areas. Natural hair is usually shaved from women’s heads and tied as a single piece in different lengths. Hairs in different lengths and sizes are assorted, segregated and sold at different prices. Aupres hair material is sourced mostly from Indian temples, the Chinese countryside and Southeast Asian countries.

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2. Washing and Clean the Hair
The arranged hair is soaked in a solution of conditioners and detergents to remove the dirt, oil and other dust particles. Usually the hair is soaked in oil to give it more weight when being sold. The soaked hair is then washed in water several times until it is clean and sent for drying.

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3.Drying and Disinfection
Sunlight is essential for proper drying. The washed hair is sun dried for several hours to make sure the hair becomes soft. It is preferred not to use the heater for drying as it gives an unusual odor to the hair.Though sun drying accounts for almost 10 – 15% of weight loss after washing, it is easier to identify the texture of the hair after proper drying.

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4. Hackling the human hairs in a proper way
Hackling is a process by which the hair is arranged evenly according to size. All short hair removed from the pieces is arranged for further processing. Only trained professionals can do this job. Extreme care is taken in this process to avoid mixing up the heads and ends of the hair. The top and end of the hair should be arranged in the same direction;

5. Trimming and Sorting
This follows hackling. Trimming and sorting are carried out to ensure the hairs match in lengths, colors, and textures.

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6.Quality Control
Hair from Aupres Hair has passed strict inspection.The quality control includes wefts sewing,length and weight measurement,washing and dying test etc. This is to ensure customers’100% satisfaction.

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