How Can Aupres Lashes Be Reused 35 Times?

How Can Aupres Lashes Be Reused 35 Times?

Eyelashes can be reused, and two aspects play a decisive role. First thing is the eyelash band. It must be ensured that it will not break, crack, or fold after long-term use. The other is the Mink fur hairs, which ensures that the curvature of the eyelashes can be maintained after long-term use, will not deform after washing, and can restore the original shape in time! Let’s talk about why Aupres Lashes can be reused 35 times!


Aupres Lashes band is densely woven cotton thread, very light, and the quality of the glue used for styling is very good. The handmade mink fur hairs are placed very evenly between the mink fur hairs each other. The eyelash band made in this way have the same thickness, soft and tough. , Small weight, very comfortable to wear!
This kind of craft is very simple to say, but it is very difficult to do. It requires a lot of mature skilled workers to do it well!

15mm lashes DC65

Aupres Lashes Vendors are made of very good mink tail hair. The eyelashes are shiny. After a patented process and physical processing, the mink hair becomes curved and can automatically restore the curved eyelashes. The eyelashes produced by this process are much stronger than chemical treatments, so they can be used multiple times and can automatically return to their original shape after washing.

Aupres Lashes promised to use 20 times. If you can clean it every 6 times, take care of your eyelashes when you put on and remove them, and use less mascara, then Aupres Lashes can be reused 35 times! This date is the feedback from  our customer !

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