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How Do I Take Care My False Lashes Guarantee 25+times Wears?

How Do I Take Care My False Lashes Guarantee 25+ times Wears?

Aupres Mink Eyelash Vendors make handcraft best quality 3D Mink Lashes which can reusable 25+ times, even 30 times more, but still need to take care it to make sure the lashes can be keep well looks with many times wearing, following are some simple care tips:


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1. Store your lashes in the case when not in use. Keep them away from dust and moisture.


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2. Do not wash your lashes with soap. If you need to clean makeup off your lashes, use a q-tip with oil-free makeup remover. Dab and twirl the affected areas. You can also re-curl your lashes if needed.


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3. Every 6 wearing, removing the adhesive from the lash band also remove the mascara from the mink lash furs.


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4. Be gentle when removing your lashes from the case, your eyes and when cleaning.


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5. Do not apply mascara directly to your false lashes. Apply mascara to your natural lashes before application only.


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6. Every mink lashes has its own unique styles, the mink furs has great curly degrees, when you try your false lashes on, remember do not use more mascara to build another curly shape again, only very little mascara to stick it with your baby lashes.


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