How Does One Eyelash Client Turns into Four Clients?

How Does One Eyelash Client Turns into Four Clients?

A nice-looking 3D Mink Lashes   like the sun in the sky, attracting the eyes of the lady who love eyelashes  at any time. Aupres Lashes producing beautiful mink lashes for 10 years, our mink lashes always warmly welcome by girls and beautiful ladies from USA.

Eyelash Vendors

Also these pretty ladies are so kind, they always showing their beautiful eyelashes to their neibours, theirs friends and staffmates, therefore, it is possible that one of your clients very easy turns into 4 clients when you meet a kind hearted and love to share client !

Lash Vendors

Wendy Duenez is my client, she ordered 50 pairs lashes and 50 custom lash packaging boxes from me last week, she is very professional on mink lashes and  logo designs, she sells them very quick, and the second week, she recommand Aupres Lashes to her friends,  who love our mink lashes and beautiful boxes !

Amber Worthy is Marie Jones’ friend, Marie Jones is my vip customers, a very kind hearted lady.


Maya is introduced by Jullene-who is a milltery girl solider,  Jullene ordered one shipment from Aupres Lashes, but due to  difficulty on shipping to militery base, she stopped her business. So she introduced her best friends Maya to do the business.

Mink lash business is a very good job, and also very easy get enough clients when you made good quality mink lashes, till now, Aupres Lashes has help millions ladies created their lash line and make a lot of money. Welcome to Collab to Aupres Lashes!

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