How Many Mink Fur Hairs Make 1 pairs Mink Eyelash

How Many Mink Fur Hairs Make 1 pairs Mink Eyelash?

This topic seems boring, but it contains a lot of secrets. Discussing the quality of eyelashes through the amount of mink hair will help you choose mink lash vendors, choose high-quality eyelashes, and develop eyelash promotion.

Why different style different quantity.

Different mink lash styles do have different mink furs to make a different structure, all the 3D Mink Lashes are made up of different cluster of mink hair. Each cluster of the Eyelashes have certain quantity of mink hair to match the perfect style. This is the key way to distinguish the Luxury Lashes and bad lashes . so if you make a bulk order , when you receive the sample , after testing the appearance, just tear the Mink Eyelash apart and count it , note the number of eyelashes per cluster for comparison.

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why different style have different quantity of hair?

Because the designer control the Eyelash structure by controlling the amount of the mink fur hair. So each Lashes is made of different Numbers in fact. The bigger the amount of the mink fur hair have , the denser the style will be. you can also design your own lashes style ,and we can help you How To Design 3D Mink Lashes Step by Step.

You can name your own style name , and that would be pretty cool for you. So if you want to design your own style just contact with us Whatsapp+8615318782783.

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Is the more hair the more the better?

Not exactly. Usually the amount of the mink hair between 300 to 2400, Natural Style Mink Eyelash need less quantity. Dramatic Mink Eyelash and the Fluffy Lashes need more Mink Fur.

If your mink lashes exceed this range , that would be too weight for you eye to bear it. And can easily cause your eye strain. That wouldn’t be a good thing for you also not a good thing to the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor and Manufacturer, that will waste too many raw material.

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Do your wholesale lash vendors know the exact quantity hair of the lashes? When you want to know if your lash vendor a lash factory, you can ask this question!

This is a easy way to distinguish your Mink Eyelash vendors, if your Mink Lashes vendors don’t know the exact data, maybe they are only a trading company . Also , some 3D Mink Lashes Factory Wholesale Vendors don’t have the exact data too , because they copy Aupres Lashes . Aupres Lashes have the exact data about the hair of eyelash.

we are a professional research and development eyelash institutions . All the Mink Lashes 3D we design by our own famous designer Oscar. Who is the best designer in the world , Emma Lashes is the leader of the 3D Mink Eyelash industry. We have a lot of design data, sales data, marketing data, consumer data and production data in order to meet the need of our partners and consumers.

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How to use the right amount of hair to create more beautiful eyelashes?

we do believe each number have its own connotation and charm . Different amount of the mink hair with different direction create different effect.

One means single and sample, two means partner, three means solidarity. And more digital energy welcome add whatsapp008613465813039 to get detail information ,and if you want to made your own style lashes and create your own brand just feel free contact us. we are doing precise data research on customized top grade luxury lashes.
When you apply our Luxury Lashes on , you will feel the the lightweight with comfortable and gorgeous feelings. Charming structure makes unique style, many kinds of Luxury 3D Mink Lashes will lead you to the beauty world. And when you wear our Luxury Eyelashes you will be the brightest star in the crowded. If you want to be the superstar welcome join us whatsapp+8615318782783

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