How Many Style Mink Lashes Do You Need For Your Lash Business?

How Many Style Mink Lashes Do You Need For Your Lash Business?

I want to start an eyelash business, how many suitable eyelashes should I prepare? This problem has puzzled many fresh eyelash entrepreneurs. If there are fewer eyelash styles, then customers have less room to choose. If more eyelash styles are prepared, more funds are needed to prepare inventory! Well-known wholesale eyelash dealers tell you that 8 eyelashes are a better choice.

Suggest you take 8 different length size mink lashes
When you inquire with Aupres Lashes, you will find that they have a lot of eyelash styles. At that time, there were only four lengths, namely 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 25mm. Choose two styles from this catalog, choose a fluffy, curly style, and a natural, straight lash style. This is 8 lashes.

You can change other styles when your lash line well works
Aupres lashes supply more than 200 styles lashes in stock. All the lashes are tested by the market and customer.There are much ofluffy and curly mink lashes, you can take 2 styles each time promote them while promote natural style mink lashes. When you know eyelashes well and have enough customers, you can change other styles, there are much styles for your choice!

Mink Lashes Vendor

How can I test your Lashes quality?
You can contact us to get three free luxury mink lashes sample to test the quality. And this is the easy way to test the quality.Not each Mink Lashes Vendor can send your three free luxury mink lashes to test the lashes, but we can do this, we just pay for the cost of the mink lashes for you ,and we want more and more girls buy and use the real mink fur lashes,and supply the real top-grade luxury mink lashes to their customers.And once our luxury mink lashes meet your local market, your customer will love them very much. And you will win your local market in a short time ,and then you can Buy Bulk Mink Lashes Order after the testing.
Lashes Packaging Factory

Lashes Packaging Factory

custom eyelash packaging

Fourth , Custom lash Packaging
This lashes packaging is the most professional eyelash boxes.If you want to build your lashes brand,and enhance your lashes business line, you should do this custom lash boxes.This will cost a little bit expensive than the other lash packaging and will take about 10 business days to finish the work.
We have to design first,and make sure all the information will be the correct one and professional one.And then,we send the design photo to the Lashes Boxes Factory to produce for you .But this is the most professional way to produce your lashes packaging.
So even if this cost a little bit expensive than the other ways, many girls still want to design and produce a new style lashes packaging to show their ideas and personality.Anyway, you should make the decision according to your budget.You will meet different issues in different stage. Just face them and solve them in your own way, instead of the comparing, hesitating,crying, just do it.

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