How Much Does False Lashes Cost?

How Much Does False Lashes Cost?

When you are about to start your lash line, you need to make sure what lash styles to start with?  How much does the false lashes costs for different  grades of eyelashes? Also how to know you’ve got  high guality mink lashes when you spend a high price?  This blog we discuss the cost for different lash styles, i am sure you can get much help if you are going to start your lash business! 


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Lowest Quality Mink Lashes 

First of all, we talk about the lowest quality mink lashes, they are wholesale price 0.9$, Minimum order quantity 100 pairs, shipping speed about 30 days!  lets check the following lash picture, see why it cheaper and how to promote lash business with this lash styles! 

See the Lash Band, very thinner line, oboviously this lashes only little part of mink furs touch the lash band and stick on to the lash band,  the lash band can not support the lash itself, only result is it can only use 2-3 times, then it the lash band loosing, mink furs fall of from the band, whole mink lashes turns into  become a pile of hair.



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These lashes are made by machine, the mink furs No Curly Degree, (make a good curly degree is most complex and cost part to producing mink lahses) no own styles, not stable, it need much mascara to support the lash shape, when the mascara full of mink furs, the false lash became very heavy, anoying very much. 


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Compare this high quality mink lashes, you can check the mink furs tip, they are same rough from the mink fur root to the mink fur tip, This seems against common sense, because the hair is always thin at one end, don’t worry, because these mink furs are Scraps, the sharp tips part of the mink furs were sell with high price for high quality mink lashes!

These low price mink lashes not more than 1.5$ including shipping costs to USA, they are popular few years ago, retail price about 3-4 dollars, but now these lashes are rarely seen, because now Americian girls are rich enough for high quality mink lashes, also these lashes always lose customers, no body repeat to buy them, so these lashes are given up by  Eyelash Vendors USA .

High End Quality Mink Lashes 

Second we talk on high end quality mink lashes, these lashes Eyelash Vendors Wholesale price  5-6$,  with custom lash boxes packaging, about 7.8$ can reach to USA.  Their retail price 15$ -18$ depends upon packaging boxes shape and material.



Wholesale Mink Lashes


These high quality mink lashes has a very good lash band,  all mink furs are well sticked on to the lash band, the lash band can easily support the mink lashes on your eye!  It has its own stable styles, you can wear many times without change the shape of mink lashes, the curly degree of the mink furs still works very well, you don’t need any mascara to make your own lash shape, only put little lash glue on the lash band when you apply the mink lashes on! Following picture shows that this beautiful lady has wearing 22 times, but the mink lashes still has its like the state when it was just made out!


It was much worth for a pair high end  mink lashes only 18$ with packaging,  8$ wholesale price, 18$ retail price, huge profits space for the lash vendors USA.  When your customers want to buy high quality mink lashes, i guarantee she will buy from you once she bought a pair mink lashes from you! 


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Middle Class Mink Lashes 

Third, regarding to middle range mink lashes, these lashes market is the most competitive, these lashes are about 12 times reusable, their lash  quality , lash fashion element,  and material used  not so good, also these lash factory not  innovation, only copying other people’s eyelash styles from the market. Naturally, their eyelashes have no characteristics and no soul. When the customer buy this kind of lashes, they rarely buy this lashes from you again, because it is hard to remember this common lashes.

These lashes wholesale price not more than 3.5$, retail price about 8$ without custom lash box packaging! 


Mink Eyelash Vendors

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