How To  Bulk Order Mink Lashes With Custom Lash Boxes?

How To  Bulk Order Mink Lashes With Custom Lash Boxes?

Take Sample First!

No matter who recommended you the wholse Wholesale Lash Vendors, you must take sample order first!  Sample Mink Eyelashes can be chosen from website and or from catalogs provided by your Eyelash Vendors, you can test the eyelash quality, experiences the feeling of Wholesale Mink Lashes, when you make sure the you find a very good Lash Vendors, and the mink lashes can make money for you, you can place bulk orders!



Determine Your Eyelash Variety And Packaging Model

Determin your eyelash variety from the sample lashes, choose your love mink lash box model, make a confirm quotation from your lash vendors, also according to your investment budgets, make sure how many pairs lashes and boxes to order! 




Clear Your Logo Design To Your Lash Vendors

You should carefully consider your Custom Lash Packaging Box logo, and then think more for matchment with your logo and lash box model,  the designer of your Eyelash Vendors will put your logo on the box according to your graphics and brand, and then send the demos to you,  then revise it according  to your  changing idea until you are satisfied. The designers from Wholesale Lash Vendors are very business, maybe she can spent only 20 minites for you every time, if canot finish, then will go to next day! if you don’t have whole idea of your logo, maybe will last very long time to make your logo ready, will waste long time for you!

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