How To Choose Celebrity Lashes To Create Your Own Brand?

How To Choose Celebrity Lashes To Create Your Own Brand?

When you read this blog, you have already begun to figure out how to create your own eyelash brand from nothing. You are very soo  lucky you can get help from Eyelash Vendors. This blog shows you an easy way!

Celebrity Lashes

Smart Eyelash Vendors like to use well-known celebrity eyelash brands to start their own Eyelash Business. For example, use the well-known eyelash styles of LIly Lashes, purchase similar styles from Lash Vendors, and then build their own brand!

Mink Eyelashes,

Aupres Lashes here gives you a very good solution with six natural style eyelashes, which are  100% Mink Eyelashes, handmade,  Cruelty Free Lashes, excellent quality,  copy to the same lash styles from well known Lily Lashes lash styles. I firmly believe that you try to wear it, and compare with LILY lashes, you will found that our eyelashes are of better quality.

We take a screenshot of Aupres lashes,  will mark out order number so that you can make it clear when you place an order. Put it on the right. The brand of lily lashes is on the left of the blog. Let’s compare it a little bit. You can judge if they are very similar?

Eyelash Vendors


Lash Vendors

You have ordered these eyelashes. When you introduce the eyelashes, can you say that the root lashes are lily lashes “Miami”, or introduce this as the star model “MAIMI”, so that customers feel familiar when they buy the product. Is the price much cheaper than LILY LASHES? Spend less and buy the same style and quality eyelashes. Are you very happy in your heart?
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