How To Choose The Right Hairstyle According To Hair Density?

How To Choose The Right Hairstyle According To Hair Density?

On the price list provide by the Wholesale Hair Vendors, there is a very important index called Hair Density, such as Hair Desity 130%, 150% or 180%. How to choose the right hair texture according to the density? Aupres Hair, the Best Wholesale Hair Bundles Vendors tell you on the following professional knowledge paragraph!

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1. First of all, What is hair density?

The density of Human Virgin Hair Wholesale is defined as the thickness of human virgin hair on a lace wig, which means the volume of Brazilian Hair Wholesale on each wig cap. There are different percentages representing different levels of hair density, high hair density means more hairs, and means fuller or fluffier.

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2. How to choose the best density wig?

When the optimal density is reached, every Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair is perfect. It depends on the look you want to achieve. If you want to get higher fullness, thick hair will make your face shape smaller, you can choose a higher density, such as 150% or higher. Otherwise you need choose the lower desity hairs, 130%! If you want to choose the best density, you need to consider the following points when determining the best wig density:

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Depending on the style you are after, more or less density may be required. Generally, the Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer believe that Body Wave Hair and Straigh Hair need higher density to look fuller, Curly Hairs, Deep Wave Hairs/Loose Wave Hairs and Water Wave Hairs has curly appearance and they make the wig more fluffy, so it will be lighter, less dense and still It looks fuller.


Your natural hair density
When you want to blend Brazilian Hair Wholesale with natural hair, you must consider the density of the hair, which is usually essential. You should choose a wig that matches the density of your hair, which will bring a natural effect.

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The texture of the wig you like
For different human hair wig texture, its thickness will be different.Curly hair wigs from Human Virgin Hair Wholesale look fuller than straight hair wigs. Short straight hair is fuller than long straight hair. The natural black human wig looks better than the 613 golden human wig and other colored human hair, and the wig is fuller.

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Personal preferences
Another factor that determines which density to choose is personal preference. Maybe some women prefer thicker Remy wigs, while others prefer thinner and affordable wigs. Everyone will choose a 100% human wig according to their own preferences.

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If you are looking for natural human wigs to add beauty, Aupres Hair can provide a variety of textures, such as body hair, straight hair, curly hair, curly hair and other types of wigs with a density of 130%, 150% and 180%. Wigs can be selected separately.


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