How To Custom Eyelash Packaging Box From Aupres Lashes?

How To Custom Eyelash Packaging Box From Aupres Lashes?

1. Choose the right box model.
When you Custom Lash Cases, you should have a mind idea for the eyelash box shape, box color to match your logo design! You can take choice from the Lash Box Catalogs provide from the saleman or you can directly take choice from the web page 《Custom Eyelash Packaging Box》. Aupres Lash Vendors prepared over 100 Lash Box models with different color and shape pattern, there must be one box fit for you color theme and logo design.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

2.Send your brand name and logo design
Send your logo to the sales executive who serves you. At the same time, tell them your unique requirements, such as the proportion of the logo on the surface of the box, font stytle abd letter size, etc. accurately. If you can’t explain clearly, you can draw a draft picture to illustrate, so that the sales can convey your request to the designer, your customized box will be complete and beautiful.


Custom Eyelash Packaging Usa

3.Pay a 50$ deposit
In order to avoid scam for free logo designs, Aupres Lashes request a 30-50$ deposit before make demos for your logo design, you know the designer’s salary is very high, their time is precious, and the boss will make his every minute create value! After you pay a deposit of $50, the salesman will inform the designer to do the demos for you. The designers has rich experience and will definitely be able to meet your customization requirements.

Eyelash Packaging

4. Confirm on the template of logo design
The designer will design your logo into a demos, and then send to you to confirms it. Don’t worry, the Custom Eyelash Packaging Box in the future will be the same as the mockup you confirmed, and even more beautiful. Only get your confirmation, we keep going to next producing step.

Eyelash Packaging Box

5. Pay the balance, start producing box
After confirming the design, you can pay the balance amount, and we start to customize the box for you, this box usually takes 5 days to finish producing for you.

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