How To Custom Eyelash Packaging From Aupres lashes?



How To Custom Eyelash Packaging From Aupres lashes?

Auspres lashes, are famous experienced lash manufacturer, credible lashes vendor, wholesale mink strip lashes for many years, and also are a custom eyelash packaging supplier, wholesale series shape color and size lash boxes,lash cases.

Recent few month,much new lash line beginner are asking how to custom their custom eyelash packaging, but they can not clearly express their idea, like box shape, box color, glitter color, glitter size, where to print their logo, how fonts to use for their quote or contents etc.

So, here we introduce the box construction and made five position of the box,  respectively are A/B/C/D/E, these position are enough space to put on logo pictures and or address like email, website, Instagram id etc. tell you how to custom eyelash packaging from Aupres Lashes.

If you learned these little tricks,  i believe you can save at least three hours when you communicate with us, and you instruction will be clearly understand by our stuffs. More box model see box album

                   Out side respectively divided by A(Front), B(Back Belt), C(Back Cover)

A/B/C Overall View

D(Inner side of front), E(Inner side of belt)

Custom Packaging Instructions For First Order Client

Before custom packaging begins, please make sure you know and agree to this treaty.

l. Eyelash custom packaging is usually divided into:  A side, B side, C side, D side, E side. Please select the box model you want to create in the catalog and the layout you want to this treaty.

2. If you want to add custom content, please provide clear and complete information. If you request a custom package based on the data without providing clear material, you will  be responsible tor the consequences.

3.We can make once custom package simulation chart for you free of charge before payment. Please be assured that we will start production after you conform the design and production.

4. Eyelash custom packaging minimum order quantity is 60.Orders with a custom packaging quantity below 1000 require l0 working days to complete production after confirming production. рlѳаѕе wаіt, patiently.





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