How To Customize Butterfly Eyelashes Packaging Box?

How To Customize Butterfly Eyelashes Packaging Box?

Aupres Lash Vendors is a very well-known Eeyelash Vendors,  both Eyelashes and Eyelash Backaging are great. The employees have rich sales and communication experience. You can easily buy eyelashes and eyelash packaging. This blog mainly shows the very popular butterfly eyelash packaging recently. , And how to Custom  Eyelash Packaging Box.

Eyelash Backaging

The earliest popular style of Butterfly Eyelash Packaging Box was printed on a transparent acrylic box. The lifelike butterfly printed on a transparent acrylic box is very vivid, lifelike and beautiful. The lockdown of the city caused by the epidemic makes women willing to become butterflies and fly around freely. This is the main reason for the popularity of Butterfly Packaging Boxes, and this Eyelash Packaging Box will continue to be popular. Customize this eyelash packaging box, your eyelashes are very popular.


Butterfly Eyelash Packaging Box

The butterfly logo design has evolved from pink to various colors, purple, green, and red. The logo pattern has also evolved from the butterfly + eyelash brand, and now has a mission portrait, which is becoming more and more abundant. The Eyelash Box is also very beautiful from acrylic to paper box.


Eyelash Packaging Box

You only need to provide your brand information, your social information, your avatar, the designer will quickly provide you with a demo, let you confirm, if there is a problem, you can modify it at any time until you are satisfied with your LOGO design. before  arrange production.


Butterfly Packaging Boxes

The box minimum order quantity is only 30 pieces, and the production time is 5 days. It is especially suitable for start-up eyelash suppliers. You can get your order quickly and start your eyelash business quickly with a relatively low investment.

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