How To Customize Eyelashes Packing Box From Aupreslashes

How To Customize Eyelashes Packing Box From Aupreslashes?


When you custom lash packaging boxes, because the logo is difficult to handle, it took almost  one week to negotiate an eyelash order for $ 200 eyelashes. Is n’t it funny? Does it happen often?

When ordering mink eyelashes and custom lash packaging, the most critical link is to customize the eyelash packaging box, mainly because of language understanding and delivery, and sometimes because of the packaging box, an order can only be negotiated in one week. This is really funny. This chapter teaches you how to quickly customize the eyelash packaging box from AupresLashes, shortening the time between you and the sales manager.

First choose the box

Aupres Lashes has 6 kinds of boxes to choose from

Single pair of rectangular eyelash packaging box

Single pair of square eyelash packaging boxes

Single pair of diamond eyelash packaging

Single pair pull-out eyelashes packaging box

3 pairs of rectangular eyelash packaging boxes

Single pair paper card box eyelash packaging box

Second choice color

Aupres Lashes provides a variety of basic colors you can imagine. You should fully consider the color of your logo theme, and then see if the surface color and the inner color of the box match your logo. This is very important. Common colors:
White and gray marbling color eyelashes are sold the most, because it can carry logos of various colors, beautiful logos are easier to display, very clear and beautiful!

A variety of pink eyelash packaging boxes are very popular. Every girl likes pink, the degree of liking is different, and the pink background color does not interfere with the normal operation of the logo. It is very popular.

Sexy purple is the third most popular packaging box, especially a recent Lashwood packaging puzzle, which pushes this box to the peak of popularity.

Other eyelash boxes of various colors should be matched according to your unique logo color. Pay special attention. If you are not sure, you can ask AupresLashes the sales director who serves you. He can help you refer because they have their own designers. .
One thing to pay special attention to, the color of the logo must not be the same as the color of the box, it is like a drop of water falling into the sea, and finally you ca n’t find your logo, only the color of the box! !


The third is to choose the font

Aupres Lashes is a Chinese eyelash supplier. They are very new to the special fonts of the English alphabet and have never seen them. If your eyelash brand needs a variety of special fonts, you need to download the special fonts yourself and make them into the mode you need. It’s very time-saving. If you only use grass, they may not find the grass font you like in three days. Besides, they are very busy. If you can’t do it, just put it aside and wait until she is free. In this case, you and the sales executive serving you are very miserable.

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